website optimization

    9 Things to Do Before Creating a Business Website

    You've started planning your new website, but where should you begin? We've put together a list of things you should do to ensure the success of your newly launched website. Read along to find out!

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    How Holiday Sales Can Help Small Businesses Increase Conversion Rates

    Holiday discounts are a fantastic way to maximize your holiday sales. However, markets are now more saturated than ever, and it is challenging to establish yourself when other, more prominent brands are already on the run. 

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    Organic vs Paid Ads: What Is More Important and When To Implement

    Organic marketing and paid advertising are two terms that classify most digital marketing strategies.

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    Top 9 eCommerce Trends for 2023

    E-commerce has become more than a buzzword: the world has experienced a true eCommerce revolution in recent years.

    And if history is any judge, the next 3 - 5 years will prove that it will remain an industry standard from here on out.


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    8 Holiday Digital Marketing Tips

    The holidays are officially here, so retailers everywhere are launching holiday marketing campaigns. Practical Ecommerce predicts a slowing in holiday spending, so getting your digital marketing campaigns prepared will be critical for...

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    6 E-commerce Marketing Channels You Could Be Using

    Choosing the best eCommerce marketing channels for your business can seem challenging. Different marketers talk about their favorite channels being the best. It can all get very confusing. 

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    9 Website Design Ideas to Boost Your Online Holiday Sales

    ‘Tis the season to spend; as we all know, the holiday rush means all our family members and friends are trying to find that perfect present. Preferably – online.

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    How to Refresh & Optimize Your Website or App for Christmas 2022

    Christmas is just a few weeks away, and if you want to be ready for new site visitors and keep your current customers, it's time to audit your website. Internet users are accustomed to shiny new things, especially this time of year, so give...

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    How eCommerce Owners Can Make Holiday Shopping Easier for Customers

    The holiday season is just around the corner. For eCommerce business owners, that could mean your busiest time of year is coming up. Within the last decade, eCommerce has completely changed the way people do their holiday shopping. 

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    8 Common Cybersecurity Challenges Your Workplace Might Face

    According to a report by Statista, three out of every four American companies were at risk of a cyber-attack in 2023.

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    Best SaaS Tools for Startups and SMBs for 2023

    A limited budget is one of the biggest challenges facing startups and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). SaaS marketing tools offer maximum benefits without spending much money, which is a win-win for the small business owner.

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    eCommerce Trends Coming in the Holiday Shopping Season

    With the holiday shopping season right around the corner, online stores and in-person retailers are prepping for a significant shift in purchasing trends. This year comes with many changes in how holiday shopping occurs, from early bird...

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    Top 10 Business Software Needs for A Small Business Owner in 2024

    Small business competition can be fierce, especially when reduced spending and aggressive competitors are the norm.

    As technology continues to innovate at a faster and faster rate, business leaders like you have to find innovative ways to...

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    How Do eCommerce Websites Generate Leads?

    Generating leads is essential for any eCommerce website. Without leads, you cannot convert website visitors into customers.  

    In this article, we will discuss what lead generation is and some common lead generation strategies that eCommerce...

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    E-Commerce Site Navigation: How To Organize & Optimize for UX

    Running into websites with UI from the early 2000s might cause some of us internal design pain, but this issue is specifically damaging to e-commerce websites. Old trends in UX can cause customers frustration and lead to users leaving the...

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