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    Average Conversion Rate for E-commerce

    Conversion rate is an important key performance indicator (KPI) to pay attention to as a business that is building a website for e-commerce or has an existing site. It’s the metric that tells you how effective your strategies in web design,...

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    Building a Website for eCommerce

    Building a website for e-commerce used to involve jumping through hoops of fire. It wasn’t a task any average person could handle; you’d need a team of IT professionals to do it.

    However, nowadays, anyone can create a well-designed,...

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    How to Disable Comments on WordPress

    In our post on whether comments help Google ranking, we concluded that they are not directly helpful in improving your website's SEO.

    If you're looking to disable comments on your WordPress website, you're in the right place.

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    Do Comments Help Google Ranking?

    If you want to improve your website’s traffic, you might wonder whether comments are essential for SEO.

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    Are Comments Important for SEO? Learn What the Data Says

    It's no secret that comments are essential for blog posts. They offer a way for readers to interact with the content, ask questions, and provide feedback. But what about SEO? Does enabling comments on websites help boost their search engine...

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    How to Display a PDF in HTML

    In the past, you could only add a PDF document to your HTML web page by hyperlinking it.

    Today, emerging web widgets and plugins have made it relatively easy for you to embed a PDF file into a web page.

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    6 Tips to Help You Build a Winning Website for Your Small Business

    Small business owners will be glad to learn that it’s never been easier or cheaper to build a business website. Not just any website but one that will connect your brand to existing and potential customers while creating brand awareness.

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    How Do You Display Documents on a Website?

    As an entrepreneur planning to develop a website for your business, there are several critical elements of the site you need to think about before you start the development process.

    Although your web developers will handle the technical bit...

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    How Do I Embed a PDF File In a Webpage?

    Modern web development technologies have allowed web developers and admins to display documents on a website.

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    What Should Be Included on a Contact Us Page?

    A website’s Contact Us page can be more than just a digital business card. It’s another avenue for the brand to advertise its services, connect with potential partners and customers, and convert leads. But this extra value can only be achieved...

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    What is Social SEO, and Why Is It Important for Your Brand?

    Digital marketing has evolved in the past few years in response to Google’s algorithm updates in certain aspects and the steady rise of the 'content is king' era. Previously, the standard SEO strategy focused on singular keywords. Today, SEO...

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    How Do I Optimize a Contact Us Page?

    Failing to optimize a Contact Us page is a common mistake people make when building a website. It’s often dismissed as a simple directory or another way for customers to reach the company. And while it does serve as a contact channel, a...

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    Contact Us Page Tips

    The Contact Us page of a website is usually an afterthought, often reduced to a static landing page that doesn’t really do anything, which further feeds into the page’s bad reputation. Since site owners don’t pay attention to it, the messages...

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    What Is A Conversion Rate In Marketing?

    If you’ve just started a new online business or you're looking to increase your marketing to customers, then as you jump into learning about digital marketing, you'll often encounter the term "conversion rate."

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    What Are The Steps Of The Conversion Process?

    So you’ve started a business, and you are ready to watch the money roll in from the leads you’ve collected. But how do you transform a pile of names into profit? 

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