24 Best SaaS Tools for Startups and SMBs for 2023

Published: | By Mia Johnson

A limited budget is one of the biggest challenges facing startups and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). SaaS tools offer maximum benefits without spending a large amount of money, and that’s a win-win for the small business owner.

We can't imagine what would happen with limits to on-premise applications. Thanks to the entire SaaS industry, we could all continue doing our regular business despite the global uncertainty around us.

The SaaS industry has done exceptionally well in the last two years, and there is a SaaS tool for every business activity. The SaaS tools available on the market are unique and packed with powerful features. Finding a tool that does everything you need may seem overly complicated to a non-technical person. 

We have curated the best SaaS tools for startups & small businesses. This article will give you a better idea of what SaaS tools to try in 2023.

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24 Best SaaS Tools for Startups and SMBs for 2023


1. ContactOut


ContactOut simplifies customer outreach for sales and marketing teams. You can easily find someone's email address with the email finder tool. The straightforward email marketing tool makes it easy to stay in touch with contacts and keep them coming back for more.  Whether ContactOut has everything, you need. Sign up today and start growing your business

Key Features

  • The Chrome extension allows you to save not just one but multiple leads on top of LinkedIn profiles.
  • You can use the Search portal to find people by name, company, or job title.
  • By utilizing the Data Enrichment tool, get complete access to profile details, job titles, and contact information in only a few clicks.
  • It provides the ability to schedule and track your email outreach.


2. Videvo




Videvo is a video effects marketplace that provides affordable stock footage for creative professionals, filmmakers, and videographers. The founders created the platform with a straightforward mission: to make stock footage more affordable and, in so doing, empower creators worldwide.

Videvo's founders are a group of video editors who were frustrated with the market's lack of affordable and high-quality footage. So they decided to do something about it by launching their stock footage site, selling clips at prices far lower than the industry standard - with no membership fees or commissions.

Videvo is a popular choice for creatives who want to save money without sacrificing quality.

Key Features

  • More than 500K stock videos, motion graphics, templates, music, and sound effects.
  • There are 309,600 videos, 18K of which are free.
  • Premium video licensing is under a royalty-free license.
  • 11K+ motion graphics.
  • Video plans cost $4.99 to $24.99/month.


3. Markettailor


Markettailor helps B2B marketers to create personalized website experiences for their existing websites without code. The tool identifies anonymous companies on your website and shows them the most relevant version based on industry, revenue size, and many more segmentation rules. 

Marketers can quickly swap text, images, links, and call-to-actions using a visual editor. Each personalization is automatically A/B tested to report the effectiveness of personalized content to each customer segment.

Markettailor specializes in B2B website personalization and gathers its data from the open-source web to provide marketers with the most up-to-date and relevant data for personalization. For identifying companies, Markettailor uses several data from the best data providers, including Clearbit, Kickfire, and Zoominfo.

Key Features

  • Visual editor to make personalization quickly
  • A/B tested personalizations
  • Full traffic breakdown view to reveal underperforming segments
  • Conversion tracking via a built-in tool (visual editor) and integrations such as Segment and Google Analytics
  • Additional company data for richer personalizations collected in-house


4. LeadsBridge


illustration workplace puzzle pieces

LeadsBridge is an iPaaS solution that enhances business data orchestration for companies to strengthen their omnichannel strategy.

With LeadsBridge, you can bridge the gap between advertising platforms and sales funnels and deliver tailored integrations based on your business needs.

LeadsBridge integrates the marketing technology stack with Facebook, Instagram, Google, and LinkedIn ads to streamline advertising activities.

More than 370 out-of-the-box integrations are available right now, allowing you to synchronize data seamlessly between your advertising platform and your software.

Key Features

  • Lead Sync
  • Audience Targeting
  • Online to Offline Tracking
  • Platform to Platform
  • eCommerce Synchronization
  • Tailor-Made integration


5. eClincher


An intuitive yet powerful solution to manage all your accounts, brand awareness, reach, reputation and growth online. EClincher is a leading social media management platform, 100% guaranteed to deliver the best ROI. This software helps you understand your social media performance with in-depth analysis, highlighting the content that performs best. 

With smart inbox and workflow approval, you can improve communications with your team and fanbase. eclincher is an official partner of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Business, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, Google Analytics, and many more integrations.

Key Features

  • Get instant access to brand mentions across social, news, blogs, forums, reviews, and more.
  • Uncover trends and conversations of any keywords, hashtags, and phrases across the web
  • Cross-network social publishing, editing, and filtering
  • Complete post customization per channel while composing a new post
  • Unify your social channels, live, into one single feed
  • Recycle your best-performing evergreen content


6. GetAccept


GetAccept is the G2 category-leading digital sales room platform, empowering revenue teams to increase win rates by engaging and understanding buyers from an opportunity to a signed deal. With all their stakeholders, Sellers and buyers can collaborate in real-time and access content relevant to the deal cycle. 

The platform improves sales efficiency through deal and pipeline insights, custom sales content, and seamless integrations. You can include personalized videos, pre-recorded company presentations, or case studies. Consolidating these marketing materials gives your company an edge over the messy competition.

Key Features

  • Live chat and video recording to engage your prospects and customers
  • Document tracking and analytics to keep track of your sales deals in real time
  • CPQ to generate error-free quotes, save time, and look professional
  • Proposal templates to keep the deal moving forward with the right content
  • Automatic reminders to save time by not having to chase customers manually
  • Electronic signature to effortlessly sign your contracts anywhere, anytime


7. Autoklose



Autoklose is a sales engagement tool that combines email automation with B2B data. It assists you in targeting the correct prospects by employing an extensive database full of clean, verified B2B leads. 

It allows you to automate email campaigns in four simple stages, tailor your outreach, develop and validate email lists, and track response rates.

Key Features

  • Email campaign management
  • Sales intelligence and B2B contact data
  • Email verification with AutoVerify
  • Email sequence templates
  • Email tracking and real-time reporting


8. VoilaNorbert



VoilaNorbert helps you find any corporate email addresses, manage your leads and gain a lot of time spent on creating an email list. It allows you to find leads, email addresses, and contact information on any website simply by clicking a button. All your leads can then be exported, added to customized lists, and/or contacted directly from Norbert with advanced tracking tools to know if they opened or clicked on your emails.

VoilaNorbert lets you find any corporate email address but also has a feature for verifying addresses in bulk.

Key Features

  • Email verification
  • Email enrichment
  • Prospecting- finding corporate email addresses
  • Send emails directly from the "Contacts" tab


9. SimplyBook



Cloud-based scheduling software SimplyBook.me is designed for service businesses in a wide range of industries. It provides a booking site so users can accept online bookings, collect client feedback to optimize revenue and service performance, and send appointment reminders by email and SMS.

Users can use the tool to send out promotions, set up recurring services, link service providers, and customize booking site options. SimplyBook.me can customize booking systems by embedding the booking system in an iFrame or embedding a booking button on a website.

Key Features

  • Take online bookings 24/7 with a beautiful booking website or widget.
  • The SimplyBook.me POS allows you to accept payments on-site or online upon booking.
  • Remind clients of appointments via email or SMS to reduce no-shows.
  • Display Google reviews on your booking website
  • Issue gift cards and & coupons to your customers
  • Drag & drop the email editor to customize all your emails


10. Refrens



Refrens is the ideal invoice generator since it allows you to make an endless number of invoices for an unlimited number of clients without spending a single penny. With just one click, you may generate a delivery challan, payment receipt, debit note, and credit note.

Refrens can also change the invoice's fields and columns at any time, and you can transmit the document by email, WhatsApp, or by immediately saving it as a PDF and sending it.

Key Features

  • Free Unlimited Invoice
  • Permission control
  • Quick Easy Invoice
  • Customization of Columns
  • Email & Track Invoices
  • Recurring Invoices
  • Custom Formula 
  • Invoice Templates
  • Insightful Reports
  • Client Management
  • Ready Data


11. SocialBee



SocialBee is a social media management tool that allows you to schedule your posts in a calendar-like view easily and customize them for each social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business, and TikTok).

Key Features

  • Setting a posting schedule in a content calendar.
  • Organizing your posts into different categories and then automatically posting them on all your socials at once
  • Customizing your posts for each social media platform
  • Reporting & analytics to analyze the performance of your accounts (and the feature to export them)
  • Recycling evergreen posts or expiring time-sensitive content
  • Content curation through RSS Feeds
  • Canva integration inside SocialBee’s post editor
  • Real-time preview of your upcoming posts
  • URL shorteners to track your links
  • Having multiple workspaces and team collaboration features


12. Referral Rock



ReferralRock put referral marketing on autopilot - more referrals, lower cost to acquire customers. It is built for marketers looking to grow their referral programs with less admin work. Make it easy for your customers to discover, join, and share. 

Fully customizable portal, multiple embed options, one-click sharing, and flexible rewards. Track and manage impact as you scale, plus expert support from onboarding specialists. Integrate with the systems you're already using.

Key Features

  • Bonus Management - Helps set up bonus schemes and plans in line with corporate and regulatory guidelines and calculates bonus payouts.
  • Campaign Management - Create a collection of marketing actions to complete specific goals.
  • Lead Engagement - Communicate with potential customers by distributing promotional/informational materials via social media, email, or other channels
  • Multi-Channel Marketing - Coordinate marketing efforts across channels (email, landing pages, social media, etc.)
  • Contact Management - Store and find contact information such as names, addresses, and social media accounts.
  • Employee Referral Management - Manage and track employee referrals for open job positions.
  • For Customer Referrals - For customer referral programs/referral marketing products
  • For Employee Referrals -Products that allow employees to make referrals for open job positions
  • Third-Party Integrations - Improve the business processes by accessing more features and applications by combining third-party integrations.
  • Rewards Management - Strategize and implement rewards for returning customers.
  • ROI Tracking - Monitor conversion rates and analyze the effectiveness and profitability of marketing efforts


13. AutoDS - Automated Dropshipping



AutoDS is the leading all-in-one dropshipping tool that helps sellers automate their dropshipping business, allowing them to dedicate their precious time to the things they love in life.

Dropshipping with AutoDS saves you time. Quickly find and import trending products, and monitor pricing & stock 24/7. Automatically process orders and more.

Key Features

  • Our Suppliers: Sell products from a hand-picked selection of dropshipping suppliers.
  • Intelligent Pricing and Stock Updates: Scans your products 24/7 for updates and automatically edits this information in your store.
  • Product Imports: One-click bulk import from 500M+ products and 20+ supported suppliers.
  • Automate Orders and Tracking Updates: Got an order? AutoDS automatically fulfills the order and updates your customer with tracking information.
  • Product Research System: Instantly compare 8M+ trending products from global suppliers and add them to your store in one click.
  • Fulfilled by AutoDS: Automate orders, tracking updates, and returns without needing a buyer account.


14. Bulkly



Bulk.ly will eliminate the process of spending hours each week copying and pasting your evergreen updates to social media. Set them up once, and have your posts rotated automatically for you with Bulkly.

There are various ways to add content to Bulkly. Among them are CSV uploads, importing from Buffer, using RSS feeds, and more.

The most significant time save offered the ability to automatically create multiple social media updates from a single blog post URL. Simply paste in your blog link, and Bulkly will recommend dozens of updates for you to use.

Key Features

  • Schedule & recycle social media updates in bulk
  • Create dozens of status updates from a single URL - automatically
  • Works with Buffer, Hootsuite, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter
  • Randomize the order updates
  • Avoid sending the same post too soon
  • Schedule your updates to drip to your social media accounts multiple times per hour, day, or week
  • Create schedules that start and stop on specific dates
  • Organize your updates into groups with unique schedules and settings


15. Sotrender


Sotrender, a social media analytics tool, helps marketers of all kinds monitor the effectiveness of a company's Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter profiles. 

Having reach, demographics, and engagement data available under one roof will make it significantly easier to see if the company’s marketing strategy is successful and how you can improve it. Also, getting access to competitors’ performance key metrics enables one to craft the strategy and content even further. 

The differences between Sotrender and Facebook or Instagram Insights are visible at first sight. It’s not only about the user experience but also about unique metrics, additional data, and how you visualize them. 

Key Features

  • Comprehensive analytics of organic social media communication 
  • Content strategy analysis 
  • 1-minute white-label reporting 
  • Instagram and Facebook ad analysis 
  • Automatic comment sentiment analysis
  • Competitive benchmarking (paid and organic)


16. Empuls


Xoxoday Empuls, an all-in-one solution for holistic employee engagement, helps organizations improve workplace culture and bring their digital workplace to life. HR leaders use Empuls to connect employees with the organization's shared purpose, eliminate information silos, provide a voice to every employee, and build a culture of appreciation throughout the organization.

Empuls is a DIY, user-friendly platform for HR to get started with their people initiatives in under 24 hours. Organizations can use Empuls as a standalone tool or integrate it with existing work applications, such as HRIS, Slack, MS Teams, or G-Suite, to drive engagement in the flow of work. 

Empuls has everything covered with its rich features to drive continuous engagement, from a social intranet to surveys, engagement scores, contests, water cooler conversations, one-on-one feedback, peer and social recognition, and a wide variety of rewards. Thanks to its intuitive UI, HR, People Leaders, and Employees can get started with Empuls quickly, thanks to its intuitive UI.

Empuls boasts over 1000+ clients and 500,000+ employees from small to mid-size businesses.

Key Features:

  • Employee pulse & eNPS surveys: Comes packed with built-in surveys, employee NPS, and qualitative feedback to know what your employees think and feel from time to time. Further, it helps HR and managers take action to strengthen their people-first culture.
  • Build a culture of Peer-to-peer recognition: Enables your employees to experience moments of praise or appreciation through peer-to-peer and social recognition, which helps the team stay motivated and upbeat every day.
  • Built-in gamification to drive adoption: Helps you leverage milestones, badges, leader boards, goals, and awards to gamify the experience and increase engagement holistically.
  • Rewards automation: Automate and configure reward workflows so you never miss important days and events like employees’ birthdays, work anniversaries, and completing company milestones.
  • Social intranet platform: It allows employees to create groups to engage in meaningful conversations, manage tasks, documents, and issues and enable transparent communication. HR professionals use Empuls as a social Intranet to disburse rewards and collect feedback.


17. Xoxoday




Xoxoday Plum is a digital reward, incentives, and payouts platform featuring a global catalog of e-gift cards, prepaid cards, experiential multi-currency rewards, and gift options spanning 100+ countries. 

Its fully integrated reward solution lets you automate reward programs across use cases—from survey research to marketing campaigns, employee engagement, customer loyalty, channel incentives, and gig worker payouts. With Plum, you can send rewards globally, securely, and instantly.

Plum offers reward distribution modes like sending bulk vouchers via emails, generation of bulk voucher codes, distribution through APIs, and physical rewards delivery. 

Key Features:

  • A comprehensive global-rich catalog featuring 4000+ brands and 21000+ e-gift choices across 100+ countries
  • A robust payout infrastructure that will help scale your business. The platform supports prepaid reward cards from Visa, Mastercard, and Rupay. 
  • The setup process is easy and takes only 60 minutes. The platform also has seamless integrations that enable you to connect with your existing apps to reward or send digital gifts from the workflow. 
  • It enables you to run more innovative rewards, incentives, and loyalty programs. Developer friendly. No complex codes or developer support is required.
  • Multi-currency reward options are available across 100+ countries. It enables you to transfer payments in no time.


18. Compass


Compass is a sales incentive management software that lets you manage and automate sales incentive programs, from launching incentive plans to calculating and disbursing incentives. It enables businesses to motivate sales reps with real-time visibility into performance, commission information, and on-time payouts.

Xoxoday Compass is the most user-friendly gamification software to accelerate sales engines.

Key Features:

  • Save time by eliminating the hassles of using lengthy spreadsheets or managing complex sales commissions. No coding is required.
  • Define sales targets and automate incentive calculations and disbursals based on one-time or recurring achievements without errors or delays.
  • Ignite the sales team's competitive spirit by letting them see how they fare against their peers through leaderboards, level maps, live scores, and earnings.
  • Plan better across teams and organizations with robust, real-time insights, forecasts, and predictive analytics. 


19. CloudTalk



CloudTalk is a VoIP phone system built for modern companies. It enables enterprises to streamline communications with teams and customers using a virtual cloud-based call center system. Over 2000 businesses - including DHL, Mercedes, and Glovo - rely on CloudTalk for its superior call quality and unparalleled range of features. 

Thanks to CloudTalk, agents can manage inbound and outbound calls, extract interaction history and provide as personalized customer support as possible. 

Make things easier for your sales and customer support teams with 70+ advanced calling features like Interactive voice response (IVR), call recording, power dialer, and many more.

Key Features:

  • Power dialer
  • IVR
  • ACD
  • Call recording
  • Call masking
  • Smart dialer
  • Toll-free number
  • Auto dialer
  • International phone number


20. QuillBot



QuillBot is an AI EdTech writing platform that provides over 60 million users free online writing and research tools to help them research and communicate ideas effectively. We are ready to support you, whether it's through emails, essays, social media posts, or blogs. 

The platform includes productivity-enhancing tools such as Paraphraser, Grammar Checker, Summarizer, and Citation Generator, also used by leading colleges and writing centers worldwide.

Key Features:

  • Paraphraser - Refine, enhance, or simply reword your written work
  • Grammar Checker - Polish your work by addressing punctuation, spelling, and word misuse
  • Plagiarism Checker - Ensure proper authorship & citations
  • Summarizer - Summarize news, articles, long emails, or even your writing
  • Co-writer - All-in-one writing space that combines online research capabilities, note-taking, and AI-assisted autocomplete to give you a seamless writing and research experience without ever having to leave the page
  • Citation Generator - Get perfect APA, MLA, and Chicago-style citations in one click


21. Veed



VEED has thousands of content creators worldwide making videos for social media and beyond. There’s no software to download, and you don’t need any prior video editing experience. 

This video editor works right in your browser. Whether you’re adding subtitles to a YouTube video, a progress bar to an Instagram Story, or cropping some footage to fit a Twitter post, you can do it all with VEED. 

VEED is a fantastic piece of software that allows you to add subtitles to your videos automatically, translate them, transcribe audio files, add visual effects, and create content that increases views, likes, and followers!

Key Features:

  • Create videos with a single click. 
  • Add subtitles, transcribe audio, and more.
  • Use filters & effects to make your videos pop. 
  • No more need for freelancers or professional videographers - we put the power in your hands.


22. Recruiterflow



Recruiterflow is ATS and CRM software for staffing and recruiting agencies. Recruiterflow's innovative recruiting automation, ease of use, and simplicity make it unique. 

With G Suite and office365 integration, you can two-way sync emails with clients and candidates. It provides drag-and-drop workflows, email and text message options, API connections, and ATS functionalities. Furthermore, you can find advanced features such as candidate portals, company blocking, automatic email tracking, job board posting, built-in report analytics, and more.

Recruiterflow provides a comprehensive solution for automating hiring pipelines, automating various process stages, and boosting speed and productivity. It is used by more than 1,000 recruiting and staffing companies worldwide.

Key Features:

  • Applicant tracking
  • Assessment management
  • Background screening
  • Candidate management
  • Candidate tracking
  • Careers page
  • CRM
  • Customizable nranding
  • Email marketing
  • Interview management
  • Interview scheduling
  • Job posting
  • Job requisition
  • Lead management


23. Linkody



Linkody is a comprehensive tool that helps you to analyze,  manage, and track your link-building campaigns quickly. 

Key Features:

  • keep track of new or lost backlinks
  • gain insight into your competitor's backlink structure
  • identify and list bad backlinks so you can conduct a disavow action
  • manage all your domains and links in one place. 

Additionally, you can create custom reports on your backlinks, anchor texts, and keywords and compare your profile with your competitors. Being fully integrated with metrics from Moz, Ahrefs, Spam Score, and Google Indexing Status, you can quickly assess backlinks' value and keep track of your link-building activities 24/7.

Additional Features:

  • Backlink Analysis
  • Google Index Status
  • Disavow Tool & CSV Exports
  • Instant Link Location
  • E-Mail Notifications
  • 24/7 Backlink Monitoring


24. DocHipo



DocHipo is a cloud-based tool that simplifies and fast-tracks the document design process. Its ready-made templates, drag-and-drop editor, and intuitive interface make it easy to create stunning designs within minutes. You can easily design various documents, such as posters, flyers, logos, book covers, social media posts, web banners, advertisement post graphics, etc., without prior graphic design experience.

You’ll get the creative flexibility to tailor the message, add pictures and powerful graphics from DocHipo’s library and own it without any watermark. Whether you’re a content creator, marketer, or small business owner looking to ace your offline or online marketing collateral designs, you can sign up for DocHipo and create a memorable brand.

Key Features:

  • A vast collection of professionally designed templates across industries, occasions, and use-cases
  • Rich design assets like illustrations, stickers, animations, icons, etc. to make your design memorable
  • Ability to remove the background from any picture with just one click within the DocHipo editor
  • The smart resize feature lets you resize a document into multiple other dimensions in just a click.
  • Ability to download designs in multiple file formats such as JPG, PNG, PNG (Transparent), PDF, MP4, and GIF
  • You can save your design directly to Mailchimp.


Key Takeaways


We've covered all of the best 24 SaaS tools for startups and SMBs in 2023, and I hope you've found this comprehensive list useful. SaaS tools exist to help business owners better understand their data, save valuable time, and improve sales and conversions, among many other things. 

Oh, and don't forget to host your applications in the cloud by using desktop as a service solution. You can access your business files and data anywhere, by any location.

Whether you use one, or all of these tools in 2023, the world of technology is there for you and your small business when you need them to be. I encourage you to give some of them a try and just see how much good they can do for you.

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