How You Can Easily Create a Landing Page for Websites

Published: | By Ludjon Roshi

Do you ever think about why a good landing page is vital for your website?

The landing page is more than a page where you land after following a link. The website landing page has a significant role. It converts website visitors into customers or users.

It can be specifically designed for your goal to encourage visitors to take action.

A landing page can be created for a campaign, product promotion, or marketing purpose. It is a conversion-optimized website page leading to one action only.

In simple words, a landing page helps you to achieve your business or marketing goals.

Almost all websites have some purpose like purchase, app download, or email subscription. A landing page is designed to convert your visitors into conversions.

Now it is all about how visitors find your website landing page. They might be directed to your page naturally through Google search results or paid promotions like Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads or PPC.

A good landing page plays an essential role in achieving your goals. It would be best to define clearly what you want before creating a landing page. It will help you to create a high converting landing page.

Let’s move on to explore the steps to create the best landing page website suggested by landing page experts.

Steps to Follow to Create a Responsive Landing Page for Websites:

A website landing page is specifically designed for marketing purposes.

You can create a landing page using the same platform to maintain or build your website. A landing page is a single goal optimized and linked with ads, making them different from other regular website pages.

When creating a website landing page, keep the original goal of page creation in mind. It will help you add simple, relevant copy images and a call to action (CTA) button. Follow this step-by-step guide to create a high-conversion landing page.

1. Define your landing page’s goal

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You can use a landing page for multiple purposes.

The first step of creating a landing page is to define the goal of creating a page. You can look at the ad to which it will be linking. Keep in mind the intent of the ad and your page should be the same.

Clearly define your goal before page creation. 

Do you want email subscribers? 

Want to promote your service or product? 

Are you looking for customer information? 

No matter your original goal, your landing page should be single-goal optimized.

2. Choose your platform

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A landing page platform is a place where you create your landing page. It can be created in two main ways, low-code development or landing page builders

You can choose to code a page if you are an advanced programmer.

You can use website page builders to create a landing page if you are a beginner. Without knowing how to code with website builders, you can create a beautiful responsive landing page.

You can choose from the following landing page builders to easily create a responsive landing page.


AWeber is a popular email marketing software. You can use AWeber's tool to optimize your landing pages. It is an easy-to-use drag and drop page builder with A/B testing, built-in forms, and integrations.


It is popular on budget landing page builders starting at $27 per month. Leadpages is a drag and drop page builder integrated with all major marketing platforms. 

It is a perfect on-budget choice for small businesses or service providers.


It is a landing page builder specifically for beginners and starts from a $50 per month subscription. 

HubSpot has a large number of marketing tools. It is worth signing up for if you want a full-service marketing platform.


It is a popular name in the world of landing page builders. It provides up-to-date page-building advancements starting from $80. 

Unbounce provides smart AI tools (smart copy and building features) plus a simple drag and drop builder to create a perfect landing page.

There are lots of landing page builders with many other features that they offer which you might want to check. Other than these options we’ve just looked at, Zyro, which is another interesting option.

3. Craft a compelling call to action

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According to your goal, create a compelling call to action button. It is the last call to your visitors to take action (become customers). CTA should be to the point, straightforward and powerful.

You can create a compelling CTA by considering the primary goal of the ad.

Talk about what value your service or product will give them after doing what your CTA says. Market your product in a way that highlights benefits or values that your customers will get when they use your service or product.

4. Choose your landing page functionalities

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Your landing page design should be ad-relevant and eye-catching to attract visitors' attention immediately. Many companies hire professional designers to create custom designs for their pages.

A plethora of page builders are available on the web that offer custom designs. But a wide range of options makes it challenging to select the right builder. You need to ensure your tool has some core functionalities.

Must-have professional landing page builder functionalities are:

Drag-and-drop editor:

This feature is also known as "what you see is what you get." It allows you to create an eye-catching landing page without any knowledge of coding.

A/B testing function:

This feature lets you build and display different landing versions to different visitors. You can display the most effective page version to your visitors.

Customizable page templates:

It allows you to create versatile designs by using your creativity. You can build custom landing pages with custom templates easily without code.

Analytics dashboard:

You need to track page performance after making it live. This feature allows you to get an insight into page performance. You can also use Google Analytics to analyze page working.

5. Create punchy & relevant copy

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It is imperative to use relevant and punchy copy on your landing page.

A website landing page is a single page, so keep it simple yet precise. Don’t put irrelevant content on your landing page. Use original tone in content and copy similar to ad linking to the page.

As the landing page is an ad extension, it should look, feel and sound like it.

Use a punchy copy that reinforces the ad message and convinces visitors to click on your CTA. It is crucial to create a landing page website that converts visitors into your customers.

6. Use high-quality media

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An eye-catching landing page generates more CTAs.

You can make your landing page attractive with the use of visuals. These can be high-quality images supporting your ad’s message or short videos about your product or services.

You can enhance your image quality and make your visuals even more appealing by using a photo enhancer. This tool can help you refine the details and optimize the aesthetics of your images.

You can use images or videos according to your ad goal.

No matter what you choose, keep in mind your landing page displays your brand identity. Use high-quality media that support the main ad goal as well as represent your brand.

7. Make a simple form and link it to your social ads

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You can increase your conversion by making this process easier for your visitors.

Most customers prefer not to fill a long list of information to find a product. The most effective landing pages only have one field to fill out.

Try to create a simple form with fewer fields to fill out. Remember, the more fields you will add in the form, the less the visitors will be willing to fill it out. So, always create a simple and user-friendly landing page form.

After creating a landing page that complies with both Facebook and Google policies, the next step is to link it with your ad. You can connect your ad with the landing page by updating the ad's URL with the landing page address. Now, the visitor who clicks on an ad will automatically be redirected to your page.

You will find, edit or create adoption on Facebook in Facebook Ad Manager. In Google Ads, this option is located in your specific campaign. According to the platform you're using to display ads, you can edit your ad's URL.

Why is Landing Page Optimization Necessary?

A landing page is a part of having a successful campaign.

It is essential to check the working of your landing page by tracking its performance. There are many paid and free tools available for tracking page performance. Google Analytics is a popular activity tracking tool.

Like other marketing strategies, you need to track and optimize the landing page.

As soon as you publish your page, start monitoring its activity. The data and information that you will get from the analyzing tool will give you an insight into page performance and how you can improve its working.

Final Verdict

As you know, the main purpose of landing pages is to convert visitors into customers.

Advertisers can use landing pages to make their ad campaigns more effective. Usually, the general rule for landing pages is each ad campaign has its unique landing page.

When a user clicks on your ad, they will be redirected to your landing page, which helps them make a quick decision. The benefit of creating different landing pages for each ad is that the customer focuses on the required product, compels them to make a quick purchase decision.

Landing pages are single web pages where users land by following specific links.

As it is a single page, it should focus on a single goal to convince visitors to take action. The use of a landing page in a campaign visibly increases its conversion rate.

Landing pages are a necessary ad extension that helps you achieve your goal.

So, it is recommended to build an eye-catching landing page. All these steps to create a landing page website will help you make your ad campaign successful.

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