How Many Days Until Christmas Countdown Plugin

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Christmas is a season for showing love to the people that matter the most to you. As a business owner, your customers deserve the best token of appreciation to help them celebrate their Christmas holidays.

You can appreciate your customers' loyalty throughout the year by offering them unbeatable Christmas deals and discounts via a Christmas countdown plugin.

To ensure that every customer doesn’t miss out on your Christmas offers, deals, and discounts, you should add a Facebook countdown app to your website.

This widget will help your customers to track the ‘how many days until Christmas’ countdown and take advantage of the offers and discounts to do their holiday shopping.

One of the common questions asked by entrepreneurs planning to add countdown widgets to their websites is, Is there an app to count down days?

The answer is yes–there are countdown apps designed to help you count down days, months, weeks, years, hours, minutes, and seconds on your website.

You can even build your countdown app from scratch or install a ready-made one from a reliable source like POWR.

The benefit of installing a third-party countdown app is that it will save you the hassle and extra cost of developing one on your own.

If you’re not a professional software programmer, you’ll need to hire a qualified and experienced developer to develop the app, which is an additional expense.

What's more, most of the downloadable countdown apps are available for free and are fully customizable.

For instance, the POWR countdown plugin is available in various customizable templates to help you create a countdown timer that matches your website and business needs.

It also comes in many animation designs to create a unique experience for your website visitors and allows you to choose to show your countdown in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or even years.

Choosing the Right Countdown App for Your Christmas Offers

Although there are many countdown apps that you can add to your website to help your customers track the remaining time to your exciting Christmas offers, not all of them can meet your business needs.

Therefore, you need to review the various options available to determine which one serves you effectively.

No Coding

You have to check whether the installation process involves any coding.

If you don’t have any coding skills and don’t want to spend extra money hiring a coder to install your countdown timer app, you should go for the option that is simple to install and doesn’t require a code, such as POWR’s.


Additionally, your countdown timer app should feature a patented editor to allow you to make changes and customize it according to your business's and target customers' needs.

A good countdown app should allow you to make instantaneous changes on your live countdown widget to avoid complications and errors. 

That way, you can prolong or shorten the countdown without removing the countdown widget from your site or interfering with other areas of your website.

For instance, it should allow you to alter the colors, spacing, and fonts to ensure the widget reflects your brand’s image. This will make it easy for you to keep your designs consistent across the website. 


Your Christmas countdown app should be fully responsive, allowing your customers to view it on their mobile devices.

This is important because most people use mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops to browse the web and shop online.

Therefore, you must ensure that your Christmas countdown is fully visible on all devices.

Interesting Style

Choose a countdown plug-in that’s interesting to watch so that your customers spend more time on your site while checking out the timer–this will help to reduce your site’s bounce rate.

You should choose a countdown app that offers various captivating styles to pick a style that will catch the eye of everyone visiting your site.

Luckily, POWR’s countdown app features amazing animations that captivates your customers and motivate them to purchase your products or services before the Christmas offers run out. 

Easy to Embed

Embedding such a countdown app onto your website for Christmas deals and offers is simple because you can place it anywhere.

You can add it to your posts, sidebars, footers, Facebook pages, the home page, or anywhere else you prefer on your site–but you have to ensure that it matches your site’s colors, design, and style.

This is where POWR’s easy-to-use countdown app comes in!

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