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    5 Tips for Providing the Best Customer Service During Holiday Season

    The holidays can be a stressful time of the year, but they are also a great opportunity to stand out from the competition and solidify your customer base. Use that opportunity and make the right first impression with your customers.

    After all,

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    7 Tips To Handle Customer Complaints Effectively

    Are you tired of receiving complaints? When left unattended, they lead to long negative reviews impacting your future sales. Hence, it’s crucial to keep your current customer base content along with landing new customers. 

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    5 Lead Generation Metrics in a Digital World

    Your marketing and sales teams are most likely driven by the data collected from potential leads, building your database on the research and feedback you’ve painstakingly collected over the years.

    The data collection and review process has...

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    The Most Important Things in Customer Service During the Holidays

    The holidays are not just times to watch movies, shop for perfect gifts, and enjoy quality time with your loved ones. Holidays are important periods for businesses because sales surge for several weeks as many people get to shop.

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    How To Create A Holiday Marketing Plan For Your eCommerce Business

    The holiday season is coming up, which means that it’s time to think about planning your holiday marketing campaign. This is the time of great opportunity to increase your sales and build customer loyalty so you absolutely need to run holiday...

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    POWR Social Feed Makes Connecting to Instagram A Breeze

    POWR Social Feed now has an easier option for connecting to your business’s Instagram account! The additional option for connecting to Instagram uses Instagram’s Basic Display API - meaning that you can connect any personal or business account...

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    How to Sell More on Shopify With the POWR Product Reviews App

    I recently bought a pair of shoes online, and remember being struck by how opposite the top two reviews were. The first was 5 stars and titled ‘Beautiful’. The second was 1 star and titled ‘Buyer Beware’.

    However, there were 374 other...

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    10 Quick Tips to Prepare Your eCommerce Site for the Holiday Season

    The holidays are a time for family, friends, and festivities. 

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    7 Strategies To Grow Your Email Marketing List

    Business owners and marketers are always looking for ways to build an email list.

    That isn’t surprising knowing that nearly 80% of marketing professionals in 2020 said they’ve seen an increase in email engagement over the last 12 months.


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    15 Ways to Inspire Trust from eCommerce Customers

    Online shoppers are wary of eCommerce sites and the products sold there. They want to know they can trust you, but how?

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    7 Customer Acquisition Metrics You Should be Tracking in Your Business

    Many business owners believe thatcustomer acquisition metrics are an intimidating topic and that it requires the knowledge of experts. So they steer clear from it.

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    SEO Cheat Sheet: What SEO Is and How To Do It

    SEO - we all hear about it, but what is it? How do you actually do SEO for your website? And why? I'll admit when I first started learning about it, I went deep down the rabbit hole. Here are some important things I've learned along the way.

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    7 Customer Acquisition Management Strategies

    While most businesses have shifted their focus to customer retention and loyalty — and for good reason — that doesn’t mean we can ignore customer acquisition if we truly want our business to grow.

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    POWR Is Acquired by Pluribus Technologies

    Today is an exciting day for us all at POWR!  

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    Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment With a Countdown Timer for Shopify

    We’ve all been there, browsing an online store on our phone and thinking, “Wow, this shirt would be perfect for next weekend.”

    We’ll add it to our shopping cart and then sit on it. In 85% of cases, we don’t complete our purchase. 

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