How Do I Create A Website For A Job Application?

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If you are looking to hire new personnel for your team, you may well have found that it is a time-consuming, energy-sapping task. Trying to extract key pieces of information from resumes to ascertain whether an applicant is suitable for a vacant position is difficult. Plus, sifting through many different cover letters takes a great deal of patience. 

Increasingly, businesses are turning to technology to help streamline the process. Many companies are now moving job applications online as a useful way to add efficiency to targeting new hires. But, to move your hiring process online, you need to know how to create a good application form first. In some instances, it may be suitable to use one of the many free job application forms already available on the internet, or you may find it more appropriate to use your own. 

In this article, we’ll investigate the idea of creating a website for a job application, so that you can see if shifting the process online is a good idea for you and your business. 



How Do I Make A Website For A Job Application?

To get the most from a job application website, you need to include clear instructions on how to apply for any open jobs, along with what each role entails. A job application website will also need to outline your company’s purpose and why working for your company is a great experience. It’s important to mention the financial details, such as salary and PTO, along with the fringe benefits you offer, but it is also useful to include less tangible benefits too. For example, be sure to highlight if your firm has a great company culture or a supportive network for its employees. 

Once your website is up and running, one of the best things you can do to create a job application form is to use one of our plugins. Our form builder plugin is a great tool to help optimize your job application form website. It will guide you through the entire form generation process, ensuring that you include all the information or fields you need, while also making certain that the data you collect is of high quality. Using our plugin also helps ensure that the information shared with you is in the format that you need. 

But before you start using our plugin, spend some time thinking about what information you want from prospective applicants first. For example, do you want to know what their educational background is or do you simply want to know what relevant professional qualifications they have? Our form builder will include the questions you want it to, but it's important to remember to keep applications as concise as possible. If a form is too difficult or long-winded to complete, you run the risk that some applicants won’t finish their submission. 

Advantages To Creating A Website For A Job Application

Using online job applications has transformed the world of HR. By asking applicants to complete their applications online, so much of the process is simplified. Information is input directly into a system so that you can filter applicants quickly, without having to resort to far more laborious ways of sifting through data.

With the use of online forms, the quality of the data submitted is often better organized, as properly designed job application forms can help applicants stay on topic with any predefined questions you may be asking them.

Plus, after you have found your new hire, having already gathered their initial information in a digital job application, completing any further employment contracts becomes a far speedier process. As you will have much of the necessary information for a contract already on hand, the process of contract generation, which is often a cumbersome task, will be more automated.

Finally, having a website for job applications is increasingly expected by job hunters. As a result, by moving your application process online you look far more professional and capable. That’s hugely beneficial to your company’s reputation and helps ensure you attract the best candidates for the position. Additionally, a job application website can act as a fantastic resource of information for applicants, minimizing the need for them to ask questions directly to your team; allowing your time to be better spent adding value elsewhere. 



Having A Website For Job Applications

Having a website for job applications is one of the best things you can do to revolutionize your hiring process. Moving it online simplifies the entire process by automating as much of it as possible. Plus, it makes sorting through the data provided by candidates far more legible, accurate, and usable. If you’re considering creating a website for your next job application, don’t hesitate to install our form builder plug-in, so you can streamline the process even further.

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