How to Optimize Your eCommerce Product Page for Better Conversions

Published: | By Riya Sander

The eCommerce industry has witnessed rampant growth in the past. Still, the industry is ever-growing.

That said, several brands find it difficult to boost their eCommerce conversions. Without proper strategies, it can be difficult to convince customers to visit their product pages and make purchases.

Fortunately, there are effective ways to improve product pages and boost conversions. Here are some of those:

Make it Easy to Navigate Your Page

Navigation on your product pages should be a walk in the park.

The ease or complexity of navigation on your site will dictate the overall experience.

Using simple templates with minimal clutter is a beautiful way to enhance navigation. Have the subcategories easy to find.

You could also offer a search option to help visitors explore and discover more products on your site, or you could install a scroll-to-top button for a full review of the product description.

Choose a font that is easy to read. The size should be clear and legible. 

Educational Content Needs On Your Site

Creating educational and aspirational content establishes your brand as a relevant thought leader in the industry while ensuring a consistent connection with potential customers.

With informative and aspirational content, your site can communicate how the brand wishes to be effective in people's lives. And the experiences it wishes to extend to its consumers. 

Here is an example from a product page of an eCommerce brand, Amerisleep.

The page is about king-size mattresses of different types. But it includes all important information about the brand and products and clearly displays its values.

Show Proof

Impact of Reviews On Purchase Decision Blog Post Image
No one wants to make the wrong choice when buying anything.

Customers want to purchase something that has a stamp of approval. People prefer to go with what they have seen work for others. Convince customers of the ingenuity of your products through reviews, trust signals, and user-generated content.

Customer reviews give potential buyers the feeling of evaluating a product before making a purchase. Reviews are effective confidence boosters and indicate that the product is tried and considered.

With user-generated content, you can show that you have the goodwill of loyal customers.

Display ratings to build trust, which will increase conversions. Have a system that makes it seamless for customers to leave reviews. You can send emails post-purchase to ask for reviews.

Make things easy, like giving a rating out of five. An additional benefit to asking for reviews is that you get to know what you can do better. You can understand what customers like and do not like about your products. You also get some much-needed insight into how you can improve customer experience. 

Offer Personalized Recommendations to Customers

With the help of algorithms and big data, it has become easy to channel personalized product recommendations. These recommendations make it easier to convert repeat visitors because they know you care to understand their individual preferences and tastes.

Use technology to analyze past behavior and preferences. That will help you create a sustainable connection with your customers.

Have recommendations for products that are complementary to one another. You could also show product options that enhance the user experience when integrated. 

Up Your SEO Game

8 Google SEO Tips for Page One ResultsSource

Product page SEO is essential for preferable search engine rankings. One way to boost your search engine rankings is to have well-written and unique titles and meta descriptions for your products.

Use keywords that are sales-oriented.

Test different landing pages to see which one works best for you. Search engine giants take security seriously and use it as a ranking signal. Buy and install the right SSL certificate to ensure your page is secure. This will provide a secure and encrypted exchange of in-transit information.

Suppose you must secure multiple level-one subdomains such as product pages, blogs, and payment pages under the main domain with a single certificate. In that case, we suggest that you buy a wildcard SSL certificate.

This will provide premium encryption to unlimited first-level subdomains under the main domain at no extra charge.

Google also gives preference to sites with HTTPS protocol enabled. Proper SEO strategies drive traffic to your website. And, in turn, increase the chances of making conversions. 

Ensure That Your Visual Game Is On Point

High-quality visuals are a simple yet effective way to optimize product pages and enhance conversions. Starting with the feature image, it should be clear and eye-level.

Use well-shot product photos to encourage your customers to form good first impressions. Use high-quality, well-lit product images to give potential customers a wholesome idea of the products.

A 360-degree view of the product makes it easier for a customer to inspect it from multiple angles before buying. Consider adding the zoom option in photos to help potential customers get a complete view of the product.

Go the extra mile and have teaser videos to help shoppers feel like they are experiencing the product in real life. You can make videos highlighting the product's usage to help customers gauge how well it will work for their needs. 

Have an FAQ Section

screenshot of thumbs up on a decisionSource

Offering engagement is an excellent strategy for making conversions. Encourage visitor engagement by having an FAQ section on the product page.

Systematically provide questions and answers about your products. Use easy-to-understand language to encourage shoppers to read without getting bored.

You could also opt for a live chat that allows your customers to talk to a live person and air any concerns they might have. That makes a world of difference. If you decide to have an initiative-taking live chat, you must ensure that it does not ruin customers' browsing. 

Optimize For Mobile Friendliness

Mobile eCommerce is the latest trend. More shoppers now prefer to make purchases using their mobile devices.

Having a site that is not mobile-friendly means locking out a significant percentage of your target audience and losing sales and revenue. Optimizing for mobile-friendliness is essential.

A mobile-optimized page will enhance customer experience, make it easy to buy from anywhere, and allow faster checkouts. Use a BigCommerce theme to design a mobile-optimized site.

You could also consider having a shopping app for an even better user experience. 

Have a Clear Call to Action

call to action button exampleSource

Ensure that your product pages have a clear and concise call to action.

If you want people to buy, tell them to buy. If you want them to subscribe, tell them so. Use phrases like buy now or add to cart to encourage visitors to your site to make purchases.

The CTA button should be easily visible. Use an easily noticeable color. Have a feature that allows customers to select and mark their favorite items. 


With all the tips above, you need to have a way to figure out what works best for you. Then, implement A/B testing to optimize your site and get the best results.

A/B testing can be a meaningful change by improving user experience, measuring the rate of improvement, and applying the learnings throughout the website to boost conversions and increase sales.

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