How To Sell Digital Products On Wix

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The digital age has meant a new market in digital products has opened up to entrepreneurs. Free digital downloads and other digital products are fast becoming one of the most popular items to buy online. 

Digital sales can make a business person a great deal of money. But that does not mean it is easy. There are many potential pitfalls that digital product entrepreneurs commonly succumb to, which can materially affect their abilities to grow their fledgling business. 

One critical decision is what platform to advertise or sell your products on. Many options are available, and Wix, the website builder, is just one. It is also possible to sell digital products as an affiliate too, for example. 

Today, we investigate selling digital products with Wix, as it has long been a popular choice for digital entrepreneurs. Read on to find out how to sell digital products with the platform and Wix’s advantages and disadvantages.  

What Is A Digital Product? 

Before we investigate the idea of selling digital products on Wix, it is essential to underline what a digital product is in the first place. In short, a digital product is a product that you can sell online that does not take a tangible form at the point of sale. Good examples are ebooks, digital pictures, or software. A seller will send a customer a digital file to download whenever they want or need it. 



How To Sell Digital Products On Wix

Wix offers business owners the ability to sell physical and digital products online. What’s excellent (whichever you choose) is that the website builder company leads you through the process quickly and easily. 

The builder means it is challenging to get things wrong. It’s difficult to make mistakes because you have to complete each stage before moving on to the next. Simply read the site’s instructions, and you will be on to a winner's website. 

The basic steps are: 

  1. Upload your digital file.
  2. Enter the basic product info (i.e., name and description).
  3. Add a product image, GIF, or video. 
  4. Add informational sections, which is an optional choice. It can be a good idea to complete it depending on what you sell. 
  5. Add pricing information.
  6. Set inventory options.
  7. Save your changes (arguably the most crucial step). We’ve all been there—not saving changes and immediately regretting closing a window. 



Advantages Of Selling On Wix

Wix prides itself on offering entrepreneurs a highly flexible platform to sell products. While that is true, the company also has other advantages for its customers.

You don’t have to be an expert coder to use Wix, which will comfort many. Notably, the platform is intuitive to use and highly flexible. That is excellent news for those that may not be tech-savvy. 

Plus, Wix is quick to use in a couple of ways. First, it is fast by offering good site speeds, which is excellent news, as a high site speed helps reduce a website’s bounce rate. That’s important in our increasingly time-strapped world. 

Also, it is simply quick to set up a website using Wix and additional Wix plugins. The extensive template collection leads entrepreneurs through the process quickly, so designing a website is a creative task, not a laborious one. 

Disadvantages Of Selling On Wix

Of course, there will be disadvantages to using Wix in our incredibly digital world compared to other website builders or even to different modes of selling your goods (like as an affiliate, for example). 

Entrepreneurs that sign up for the free plans on Wix do not like that they cannot remove Wix branding. Many find it frustrating that free programs do not offer analytics or tracking. Such features can help you improve how you sell and the amount you sell. They can be a critical differentiator between average and great sales. 

Other drawbacks would be that templates are not interchangeable once chosen and set up. Plus, a Wix website is not transferable when completed.

Critical Takeaways For Selling On Wix

Wix is a website builder, which means if you plan to use it, you’ll need to build an actual website, rather than being able to just list a few products. That, however, can be a valuable thing to do—websites are enormous assets to a company and an opportunity to build a company brand.

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