7 Easy Steps to Create a Content Marketing Strategy for Your Business

    If you own an online business, you simply cannot ignore the importance of content marketing. The claim "Content is King" is still valid in 2023 as it was back in 2013.

    To boost your business, nurture leads, and create and expand your digital...

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    Make Your Marketing Go Further than Social Media

    You’ve planned your social media calendar, thought of a punchy hashtag, creative assets are approved and everything has been scheduled. Now what? Amplify it! 

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    6 ECommerce Shopper Insights to Improve Your Brand Performance

    ECommerce shopper analytics helps brands track performance across digital channels and audience segments, with the goal of improving sales. In this sense, paying close attention to the trends in these data signals is an important aspect of an...

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    7 Proven Tricks to Increase and Implement eCommerce Conversion Rate

    Cart abandonment is a major problem for eCommerce stores, with an estimated 68% of shoppers abandoning their carts before completing a purchase.

    There are many reasons why shoppers abandon their carts, but there are also many things that...

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    How to Improve Customer Experience on an eCommerce Website?

    The global eCommerce industry is expected to demonstrate a CAGR of 22.9%, thereby reaching a market valuation of 39.51 trillion USD by 2026

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    6 Tips to Effectively Use Video Chat to Boost Online Customer Service

    Let’s say, you want to offer a streamlined way for your customers to connect with your customer service team. You come across video chat and seem to be fascinated about how effortless it’ll be for your team to positively impact customer...

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    What Is A Pop-Up Form?

    A popup form is a small window that appears or pops up while browsing a website. Digital marketers frequently use popups for advertising and generating leads. But, are they effective?

    When designed well, it can enhance your audience’s page...

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    How Live Chat Support Can Be Used For a Great Customer Experience

    In the current time, the success rate of a business depends on countless factors. One of those significant factors is customer experience. No matter what kind of business you are running, customer experience is a critical factor. Why? 

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    Creating A Popup Marketing Strategy

    Popup forms appear on websites striving to grab a visitor’s attention and push advertising content. An ad that opens a new window is a traditional popup.

    Hover ads open on the same site page, taking up the center of the page, and overlaying...

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    5 Ways to Boost Customers’ Loyalty with Post-Purchase Experiences

    1. What is the post-purchase experience?

    Post-purchase experience refers to customers’ behavior after they purchased the product. 

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    Should I Focus On TikTok For My Ecommerce Brand?

    TikTok has become a worldwide sensation and has broken several records over the years. The app is on its way to becoming a big part of the $80 billion social commerce market, which exploded in popularity during the pandemic. 

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    How Do I Get My Facebook Feed On My Website

    Facebook has become a powerful channel for both socializing and marketing purposes. Recent studies have shown that about 91% of B2B and 96% of B2C vendors are currently using Facebook for promoting and selling their products and services....

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    5 Steps to Making Customer Testimonials More Effective

    Social proof is a well-known marketing strategy that is withstanding the test of time and is one of the staples of digital marketing too. Testimonials are an indispensable aspect of social proof, and adding them next to your products can ...

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    How to Put an Instagram Feed in Your Website

    Social media has become an integral part of any successful business because it helps entrepreneurs to connect directly with their target customers.

    However, not all your target customers are aware of your social media pages like Instagram,...

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    Digital Accessibility: Is Your Customer Support Accessible?

    No matter what industry or niche a business operates in, its reputation is only as good as the customer service it provides. Answering questions and providing after-sales service to buyers helps them be more confident when doing business with...

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