Benefits of Having an Ecommerce Website

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There's zero doubt that having an eCommerce site opens up a world of opportunity, particularly for small businesses looking to grow their brand! Online shopping accounts for almost 20% of all retail sales in the US, so if you're not yet harnessing the benefits of eCommerce to sellers, you're missing out.

Wavering because you're not a tech pro, don't have a handy developer, or aren't sure where to start? It's easy to craft a site from a template platform service, integrate a simple checkout, and install whichever popup for your website that best fits your business.

The Advantages of Taking Your Sales Online

Let's look at the biggest benefits of having eCommerce website sales. It's also a useful recap if you're wondering about how to improve your eCommerce website and want to make some improvements to boost your profits! 

Reach More Customers

A brick-and-mortar store is an excellent way to advertise to local customers and put a face to the business name - but the caveat is that anybody that doesn't walk past may never find you. Selling online means you get a channel to engage with a vastly larger audience, reaching potential customers wherever they may be.

Sell Around the Clock

What’s the core resource business owners never have enough of? Time.

An eCommerce website takes the legwork out of sales as an always-open storefront that'll keep selling 24 hours a day. Making money while you sleep is the ultimate business goal!

Affordable Running Costs

Many small business owners assume a website will cost a fortune to set up, but with the right platform and some on-brand popups, you can be online in just a few clicks. The initial outlay of uploading product details is a valuable investment, and if you automate responses, it's like an extra team member who never needs a lunch break.

Manage Your Business From Anywhere

Can't remember the last time you took a holiday or found yourself spending 16-hour days in your store to try and avoid losing those last-minute sales? ECommerce makes the laptop lifestyle a reality, and you can respond to inquiries, manage sales, and keep your website up to date from any location you choose.

Monitor and Respond to Opportunities

Finally, let's talk about measuring statistics and performance indicators.

It's vital to know which products sell and which don't - and how your customers respond to launches to know the right ways to maximize demand. Digital sales come with a healthy dose of metrics so you can stay ahead of the curve. Adding in new products or services to match customer needs, tracking sales and feedback every week, day, or hour!

Setting up a New Ecommerce Store

Creating an eCommerce website is probably quicker and more straightforward than you think! If you're completely new to the world of ecommerce, we'd suggest going for a website-building platform for an uncomplicated starter site. 

If you pick a service with a domain name and hosting rolled into one package, you won't have multiple plates to spin. From there, it's a question of choosing colors and themes that match your brand, uploading your products and logos, and setting up payment and shipping rules.

Worried about payment security? Our PayPal button allows customers to pay instantly, from any device, so you've got all your bases covered!

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