POWR RoundUp: A Busy Summer of Integration and API Updates

    It’s officially fall here at our offices and with sweaters and spiced lattes also comes the focus on upcoming holiday events and parties. With consumers purchasing more online than ever before we are steadfast in our commitment to giving small...

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    5 Reasons Visitors Aren't Signing Up for Your Newsletter

    As a business owner, building an email list is incredibly important because it can help you collect more leads and it also allows you to build a better relationship with prospects and customers.

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    6 Ideas To Repurpose Your Email Marketing Campaign

    Email is one of the most widely used communication channels today by digital marketing agencies, but there are still plenty of opportunities to make it even more effective for your business.

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    9 Actionable Online Holiday Strategies for Your eCommerce Business

    Continuing our thread of holiday-centered blog posts, today we will look at how you can further prepare your online business for the holidays by utilizing these online holiday strategies and tactics.

    These ideas will help you generate sales,...

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    Why Aligning SEO and PPC Can Help You Increase Profit Rates

    Since the onset of the pandemic, businesses have been forced to rely on different methods and strategies to generate leads, increase traffic, and turn up conversions.

    But there seems to be a split in schools of thought when it comes to SEO...

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    SMS Marketing vs. Social Media Ads: Which One Should You Choose?

    SMS marketing and Social media ads are great marketing channels to scale your business online and boost conversions.

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    Top 5 Online Halloween Marketing Ideas for Your eCommerce Business

    Did you know that Halloween is the fourth most popular holiday in America? In fact, it is expected that ecommerce sales for Halloween will reach nearly $12 billion in 2023.

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    Leverage Coupon Marketing to Improve eCommerce Customer Referrals

    Today's customers are savvy, and they are very well aware of how to capitalize on offers and coupons provided by brands. 63% of online buyers say that they want coupons to be more accessible. Though it is more beneficial to customers,...

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    5 Tips for Providing the Best Customer Service During Holiday Season

    The holidays can be a stressful time of the year, but they are also a great opportunity to stand out from the competition and solidify your customer base. Use that opportunity and make the right first impression with your customers.

    After all,

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    7 Tips To Handle Customer Complaints Effectively

    Are you tired of receiving complaints? When left unattended, they lead to long negative reviews impacting your future sales. Hence, it’s crucial to keep your current customer base content along with landing new customers. 

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    5 POWR Apps to Use For Marketing Your Holiday Deals This Season

    The holiday season is so important for obvious reasons. You must create a solid holiday marketing strategy with goals, forecasts, special pricing, creative design, and content. But how do you effectively communicate your holiday deals to site...

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    17 Instant Message Marketing Tips to Boost Your Sales

    Most modern businesses focus on apps as their sole method of mobile marketing. Apps are an excellent mobile marketing channel because of the interactive experiences they offer customers, but they’re not always the quickest way to communicate...

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    5 Lead Generation Metrics in a Digital World

    Your marketing and sales teams are most likely driven by the data collected from potential leads, building your database on the research and feedback you’ve painstakingly collected over the years.

    The data collection and review process has...

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    Leverage Product Reviews To Improve Consumer Confidence

    One of the best things that consumers now have access to would be product reviews. Every consumer who has bought a product from a business can now review what they purchased.

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    7 Steps to Plan Your Instagram Holiday Marketing Strategy

    Instagram has been around for more than a decade now, and while the app is still meant for sharing photos, developers have since included new features that also make it a suitable platform for e-commerce business owners. Is Instagram...

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