How Catchy Web Designs Can Help Online Business Grow Faster than Ever

Published: | By Deep Moteria

Even you will read this entire blog due to its appealing design and presentation. Yes, because it takes one-tenth of a second to form the first impression about anything you see in the actual world.

Modern tech solutions and digitization have left no stone untouched in changing people's mindsets, and today they prefer to grasp content visually rather than reading or texting. 

The online business sector is rapidly growing each year, but that does not mean that all businesses enjoy success. Irrespective of the business's size or type, from a logo to website design to mobile app to social media images, all these materials help your business stand out from the competition.

So what makes your business unique from others? It is the "designs ."Hence, catchy designs or visual content play a huge role in today's competitive business world. 

Almost every organization recognizes the importance of graphic design. Yet, do we know how robust graphic design is to businesses? You won't be able to thrive without compelling communications for your business.

Whether you want to reach prospects or customers, you'll need to visually communicate the product's features, benefits, and differentiators.

Artkai is a world-class team of strategy, design, and product development experts. They turn raw concepts into predictably successful products and exceptional user experiences. 

infographic-visual-data-insights-1Source: Crazy Egg

The human brain carries 90% of all information visually, so your business needs a visual approach to communicate its purpose. With 65% of the people being visual learners,' your budget is well used for formulating a visual strategy to create a persona for your company.

Generally speaking, people prefer to absorb graphics and imagery over overwritten text due to their speed of absorption. A long text can have many problems and benefits due to this factor. 

This piece of content will dig deep into how catchy designs help online businesses boost turnover and sales over time.

But before that, let's look at some statistics and case studies to convince further why online business owners should embrace appealing designs when launching their businesses. 

The Facts and Statistics on Designs 

Are you someone who is motivated and understands numbers more than anything else? The first reason above is enough to convince you to introduce some design into your company because the design has fiscal benefits.

So, without further ado, let's look at some statistics demonstrating the power of good designs in online business. 

  1. Having entered the golden age of design, we can imagine how the many design elements that define a brand's identity, look and feel will significantly influence digital marketing.
  2. Along with good content, 80% of small and medium-scale business owners believe in the power of having strong visual content for their brand. 
  3. According to recent research, more than 94% of customers are unlikely to browse websites with poor graphic designs.
  4. Appealing visual graphics keeps visitors hooked and can help improve the attention span of web users by 50 milliseconds, more or less. 
  5. Visual information tends to be more effective than text alone for about 40% of learners. When individuals see a picture, they can visualize the experience.


Source: NFIB 

Here we are going to take an example of Lings Cars. The website is for used cars but deals with so many different elements.

From site navigation to content to logos and images, the designer has added too many details, making it challenging for users to understand the website's purpose and navigate the page. 

Instead of this, it is also possible to display the content without cluttering the page. Here you can consider how Amazon, Flipkart, AliExpress, etc., have designed its website, though all of these sites contain never-ending scrolls of products and services.

On the other hand, in the above image, you can see that apart from cluttered pages with a haphazard assortment of links, some links are cluttered with popups, floating ads, and auto-loading videos.

Therefore, it would be better to hire a skilled and creative graphic design company as they can associate with the brand's objective and help them plan and execute the branding strategies.

An even better solution for scaling your design demand indefinitely would be to use a creative as a service solution that can raise or lower your needed amount of graphics as your business demands fluctuate.

So, now that (hopefully) you are convinced that robust and creative design is vital to achieving business goals. So, without ado, let's understand how a good design adds value to your business. 

How Good Designs Result in Online Business Prosperity

The first half of the battle is won if you have a planned strategy and purpose-driven design in place. Nevertheless, it would help to examine certain design aspects to generate real impact closely. Here are specific ways your design adds value to your online business. 

  • Appealing design can change a customer's perception

We all have heard the well-known saying, "You eat with your eyes," which also applies to products. 

Let's take a relevant example to understand this point better—a cooking show.


Source: Packaging Of The World

If you have ever watched a recipe show, you might remember that chefs put much effort into presentations and video-making once the dish is ready. They might use the best AI presentation makers to demonstrate their work in the best light. Or take an example of a recipe blog.

Compared to steps described in a text manner, people like to view images because they know users will first eat with their eyes. If the images do not look, they won't try the dish. 

The same applies to the product packaging too. The package design depicts the buyer's perception of the product before they buy it.

Therefore, your product's colors, message, package design, etc., must be related to its message. For example, the package should communicate a sense of luxury if you are marketing a premium coffee. 

  • Good designs ensure maximum return on campaigns

Good design is not all about looks. But more on how it works and conveys the message effectively. Online businesses running online campaigns only work if the plan is appealing.


Source: Inkbot Design

A beautiful and thoughtful design is the only way to stand out from the rivals. It will also grab users' attention and help brands smoothly spread the information so the audience can relate to it.

In the above snap, you can see that visual content has more potential to deliver a 650% higher engagement than straight-text posts. 

  • Users stay hooked on catchy designs

According to a Microsoft study published in Time magazine, humans can pay attention for no more than eight seconds at a time. This means your website or app can only hold their attention for eight seconds. After that, they either leave or stay.

As such, users' decision to explore or abandon your website or mobile app is entirely determined by the UI/UX of your site. If the users like the UI/UX and can find what they are looking for, they may stay for a few minutes or even hours.

Hence, your online business should prioritize interactive user designs and quality content. 

  • Good design makes a good first impression

Consumers are confronted with hundreds upon thousands of brands, products, and businesses, all competing with each other to earn their attention and get you to buy their products.

So, what is the ideal way to make an excellent first impression? The simple answer is Good design. 

Visual impact is assessed within about 50 milliseconds. This means that designers have limited time to make a good impression.

In addition, we live in a world where almost every business has an online presence. For some people, a business website is their first contact point with them.

Therefore, because many businesses now are 100% online, the impression your website leaves is more important than earlier. And how can someone do this? Well, you know the answer, good designs. 

  • Good design makes your business unique from others

A good design is the face of your business in this digital world. Your website or business should have a catchy design that sets you apart from the competition to create an instant connection with a customer.


Source: Kinesis

Being able to show an aesthetic design helps create a good image for your brand. It automatically establishes a relationship that is palpable to the audience.

Effective design attracts more customers to the website, app, or store, increasing the chances of conversions and reducing the churn rate. 

This is even true for solopreneurs or those looking to make a site for their side hustle.

Even websites for therapists need to be well designed and unique, rather than feeling like they’re cut from the same cloth as every other mental health practitioner out there.

In short, there’s no enterprise that can skip over this element.

Let Designs Talk Through Creative Visuals

Spending hours researching, planning, and implementing does not always suffice. Creating a good design is always a lengthy process that requires the right people and the right resources.

Investing in a creative designer might be a good idea to raise your brand's appeal.

A business cannot function without graphics. It makes your brand unique in the market. This statement tells the audience what you are about and what they can expect from you.

You need to make a solid impression if you want your audience to remember you. What are some ways to accomplish this? Through your designs. Make your business look stunning with a catchy design.

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