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    7 Proven Tricks to Increase and Implement eCommerce Conversion Rate

    Cart abandonment is a major problem for eCommerce stores, with an estimated 68% of shoppers abandoning their carts before completing a purchase.

    There are many reasons why shoppers abandon their carts, but there are also many things that...

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    What Is A Pop-Up Form?

    A popup form is a small window that appears or pops up while browsing a website. Digital marketers frequently use popups for advertising and generating leads. But, are they effective?

    When designed well, it can enhance your audience’s page...

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    Creating A Popup Marketing Strategy

    Popup forms appear on websites striving to grab a visitor’s attention and push advertising content. An ad that opens a new window is a traditional popup.

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    Should I Focus On TikTok For My Ecommerce Brand?

    TikTok has become a worldwide sensation and has broken several records over the years. The app is on its way to becoming a big part of the $80 billion social commerce market, which exploded in popularity during the pandemic. 

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    Revenue Efficiency: Learn How to Streamline Payment Processes

    There are many elements that go into running a small business, some exciting and some challenging. One challenge every business has to face from the start is payment processing. There are two elements to streamlining your payment processes as...

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    5 Steps to Making Customer Testimonials More Effective

    Social proof is a well-known marketing strategy that is withstanding the test of time and is one of the staples of digital marketing too. Testimonials are an indispensable aspect of social proof, and adding them next to your products can ...

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    5 Digital Marketing Techniques Every Business Should be Using in 2023

    If you want to make more sales this year, you must ensure that you have a great digital marketing strategy.

    There’s a lot that goes into marketing, including content, social media, and more. In this article, we will outline the top 5 digital...

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    What Is High-Velocity Sales and Why Is It Important?

    One of the most common terms used in SaaS sales is the future of inside sales. Some of the largest companies are implementing high-velocity sales in their business processes to increase the productivity of their salespeople and accelerate...

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    12 Skillful Tips to Use After Holiday Sales to Keep Customers Shopping

    A holiday sale can make a huge boost to a company’s bottom line. People are actively looking to shop during these holiday season. But once the holiday season ends, how do you keep customers shopping?

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    6 Strategies to Help Small Business Owners Become More Successful

    Despite the struggles and changes in society, the world has adapted to new ways of living and working. So, as we look ahead to all the excitement and challenges in the years to come, there is no better time to adopt new small business...

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    How to Use Customer Feedback & Message Mining to Increase Sales

    Do you know86%of customers are willing to invest more for a better customer experience? 

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    Challenges to Manage a Remote Business and How to Overcome Them

    In today's corporate world, working from home has become very common, or you can say a new normal. Thanks to the recent epidemic, which completely upended the idea of the physical workplace. Before, companies were not required and barely...

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    How to Choose the Right Website Builder for Your Business

    Hiring a professional website designer or developer is expensive. Upfront costs range between $5,000 and $30,000 (or more depending on the professional’s expertise and your requirements).

    Maintenance for the website costs at least an...

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    7 eCommerce Marketing Strategies to Boost Holiday Sales

    It's the most wonderful time of the year for eCommerce sellers. It’s almost Christmas, and much of the world is in shopping mode. Boosting sales during the holidays is essential, and holiday eCommerce sales are expected to increase by 14.4%...

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    eCommerce Marketing Myths, Debunked

    Starting an online business is not easy. There are plenty of tasks to be done in only so much time. On top of that, many tend to fall into the trap of finding shortcuts to success. This is often a result of misconceptions and myths floating in...

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