What Should Be Included on a Contact Us Page?

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A website’s Contact Us page can be more than just a digital business card. It’s another avenue for the brand to advertise its services, connect with potential partners and customers, and convert leads. But this extra value can only be achieved if you know how to properly optimize a Contact Us page—which starts with knowing what to put on it. A great Contact Us page must have the contact details of the company, a fillable contact form, social media links, and a call-to-action, all delivered through functional design and clear copy.

What’s a Contact Us Page For?

A Contact Us page is a way for leads to get in touch with your business. It includes information with which a potential customer or partner can reach you or a fillable form that people can fill out to be sent directly to your support teams.

What Should Be on a Contact Us Page?

Here are some key elements that you must include on a Contact Us page.

Contact Details

A Contact Us page primarily serves as a way for leads to communicate with you. Allow them to do so by providing all the relevant contact details: an e-mail address, a phone number, and a physical address.

If you operate from different stores or branches, you can even include the individual contact information of each one. And if you have separate support teams per concern, you can customize email addresses or phone numbers to redirect to the one that can best solve the issue.

Contact Form

A contact form is a set of fields that people can fill out with their details when they want to reach out. These usually ask for an e-mail address that you can reply to and a snippet of the feedback, concern, or question that they want to be addressed.

Links to Active Social Media Accounts

Some people turn to the Contact Us page to find more information about your business. Give them access to your active social media accounts by adding links on the page. This helps them stay updated with the latest news about your services.

Info about the Company

Your Contact Us page has a lot of great real estate that you can use to talk more about what you do. Take some snippets from your About Us and add them in a summarized form here. Remember to link it back to the main page in case people want to see the full text.


Keep your customers engaged by adding a compelling call-to-action (CTA) on your Contact Us page. You want something that’ll either keep them on your website or make them want to know more about your business.

Contact Us Page Best Practices

To help you build the best Contact Us page, here are some best practices to follow.

Keep The Page Simple

Avoid unnecessary text, including irrelevant questions. Keep everything simple so that your customers don’t have a hard time getting in touch with you. Use clear copy and design the page so that it’s easy to navigate.

Apply SEO

Your Contact Us page can boost your site’s overall search engine optimization (SEO) performance if you build it with SEO best practices in mind: add an optimized page title and a meta-description with keywords, add media, embed Google maps (if applicable), work in content, and add links.

Give Options

Don’t limit your contact channels; give people more options to talk to you—via email, on the phone, by mail, through your social media channels, or on your contact form.

Humanize Your Page

People often dismiss Contact Us pages as a one-way channel that won’t get their messages to the relevant people. By humanizing it, you build trust among your customers. Do this by adding a face or names to your customer service team, setting expectations (e.g. active times and how long customers can expect a reply), or being creative with your replies.

Make It Visible

Don’t make it difficult for people to find your Contact Us page. Display it conspicuously on your page, either on the main menu bar or on the footer section of your website.

More Ways to Get Conversions

Communication channels like Contact Us pages and comments sections—both of which you can build using Powr.io’s plug-ins even without any coding knowledge—are important to boost your site’s visibility, build trust among your customers, and generate conversions. Make them work for you by including all the necessary details and optimizing them using best practices.

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