Revenue Efficiency: Learn How to Streamline Payment Processes

    There are many elements that go into running a small business, some exciting and some challenging. One challenge every business has to face from the start is payment processing. There are two elements to streamlining your payment processes as...

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    5 Steps to Making Customer Testimonials More Effective

    Social proof is a well-known marketing strategy that is withstanding the test of time and is one of the staples of digital marketing too. Testimonials are an indispensable aspect of social proof, and adding them next to your products can ...

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    Digital Accessibility: Is Your Customer Support Accessible?

    No matter what industry or niche a business operates in, its reputation is only as good as the customer service it provides. Answering questions and providing after-sales service to buyers helps them be more confident when doing business with...

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    Automating Customer Service: The Right Way

    The quality of customer service is a good indicator of the general health of any organization.

    A brand is unlikely to be prosperous in the long run if it does not cherish its consumers and tries to learn what they are searching for.

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    Lead Generation Ideas for Small Business

    What is Small Business Lead Generation?

    Small business lead generation refers to the use of numerous tactics by a small business to generate interest in their product or service and attract people interested in the hopes that they will...

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    Estimate the Cost of Your eCommerce Business in 2023

    Some experts have asked whether or not eCommerce could continue to outpace traditional retail post-Covid. If you’re considering starting your eCommerce business in 2023, you’ll first need to consider the real costs. 

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    12 Skillful Tips to Use After Holiday Sales to Keep Customers Shopping

    A holiday sale can make a huge boost to a company’s bottom line. People are actively looking to shop during these holiday season. But once the holiday season ends, how do you keep customers shopping?

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    Growth Marketing: Is it Right for Your eCommerce Business?

    Deciding on a marketing strategy for long-term success is tough. But rather than finding a winning sequence of ads or emails and sticking with them forever, you might be better served by using growth marketing to help you adapt your strategies...

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    5 Reasons You Need to Display Customer Reviews on Your Website

    Collecting and displaying customer reviews on your website can have a huge range of benefits for your business! People like to see that others trust you and value your services. This makes reviews a great form of social proof for your...

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    How to Use Customer Feedback & Message Mining to Increase Sales

    Do you know86%of customers are willing to invest more for a better customer experience? 

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    15 Customer Touchpoints That Will Optimize Your Customer Loyalty

    Customer loyalty is the holy grail of business because nothing drives future investments like customers who are loyal to you. Loyal customers are less price-sensitive, spend more, and tell their friends about your business.

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    How to Choose the Right Website Builder for Your Business

    Hiring a professional website designer or developer is expensive. Upfront costs range between $5,000 and $30,000 (or more depending on the professional’s expertise and your requirements).

    Maintenance for the website costs at least an...

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    7 eCommerce Marketing Strategies to Boost Holiday Sales

    It's the most wonderful time of the year for eCommerce sellers. It’s almost Christmas, and much of the world is in shopping mode. Boosting sales during the holidays is essential, and holiday eCommerce sales are expected to increase by 14.4%...

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    The Customer Experience in 2022: 7 Trends You Need to Know

    2021 has seen a shift in customer service support toward digital channels.

    Businesses had to quickly develop new ways to deliver excellent client experience. Today, even those who were just considering the possibility of going digital have...

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    Capture More Leads and Increase Sales with the New POWR Popup

    Hey there POWR Heroes!We have some exciting news to share with you!

    Over the last six months, we’ve spent significant time bringing POWR Popup plugin into the future with beautifully designed features and updates that will help you get more...

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