15 Ways to Inspire Trust from eCommerce Customers

Online shoppers are wary of eCommerce sites and the products sold there. They want to know they can trust you, but how?

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7 Customer Acquisition Metrics You Should be Tracking in Your Business

Many business owners believe thatcustomer acquisition metrics are an intimidating topic and that it requires the knowledge of experts. So they steer clear from it.

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8 Pinterest Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Many business owners have not considered Pinterest as a priority social media platform for their business before. In my opinion, if you want to build your brand effectively, it deserves more of your attention.

It isn't as crowded as Facebook...

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SEO Cheat Sheet: What SEO Is and How To Do It

SEO - we all hear about it, but what is it? How do you actually do SEO for your website? And why? I'll admit when I first started learning about it, I went deep down the rabbit hole. Here are some important things I've learned along the way.

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How to Create A Lead Magnet - Convert More Visitors Into Leads

Acquiring traffic and gaining customers can be a time-consuming and fiscally strenuous task when it comes to your online business. That’s why finding a technique that can capture your visitors' information and give you a way to consistently...

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7 Customer Acquisition Management Strategies

While most businesses have shifted their focus to customer retention and loyalty — and for good reason — that doesn’t mean we can ignore customer acquisition if we truly want our business to grow.

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POWR Is Acquired by Pluribus Technologies

Today is an exciting day for us all at POWR!  

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How to Create a Referral Program for Your Online Business

It goes without saying that while the push to attract new customers is important, gaining your customer’s trust, and being able to convert those customers into tried and true, lifetime patrons is key to increasing sales. Yet, this mission is...

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Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment With a Countdown Timer for Shopify

We’ve all been there, browsing an online store on our phone and thinking, “Wow, this shirt would be perfect for next weekend.”

We’ll add it to our shopping cart and then sit on it. In 85% of cases, we don’t complete our purchase. 

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Ecommerce Websites: What is Visual Identity and Why Does it Matter?

Choosing what to wear each day, or how we do our hair are all decisions that create your own unique look and affect the way in which others perceive you. The same simple concept goes for your eCommerce website.

Building a brand that is...

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Top 5 E-commerce Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics

Is your eCommerce conversion rate dropping? Don’t worry; you’re not the only one! As per the most recent survey and studies in 2020, the average conversion rate of eCommerce websites is 2.86%. However, you should worry about the impact if your...

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Understanding the Buyers Cycle Will Help Your Online Business Grow

Now is the best time to start and grow your online business. But how do you attract and retain clients while beating the fierce competition?

The answer is simple - develop your sales funnel based on the buyer’s cycle. Whether you want people...

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3 Steps to Take When You Start an Online Business

Communication is key to any relationship, and that includes customer relationships.

Yet communication is one of the hardest skills to master because it requires you to think beyond yourself and begin to understand another person's perspective.

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Best 5 Apps for Your eCommerce Store

You’ve found a product you’re passionate about and want to get it out into the world. If you get things right it really pays off. That’s why it’s so important to get on the right track from the beginning and to make sure your store is set up...

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Why a Customer Loyalty Program Drives More Sales

It’s common knowledge among marketers and business owners that 80% of your company’s profits come from only 20% of customers. What this means is that customer loyalty goes a long way. If you can keep customers engaged with your brand, they’ll...

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