What Is A Nurturing Strategy?

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A nurturing strategy uses lead nurturing content to help you increase your overall number of leads, improve customer loyalty, and develop great relationships with your prospects at every step in your sales funnel!

The idea is that you focus all your marketing and communication efforts on understanding your customer's needs and proactively supply them with all the information and answers they require.

Outcomes include boosted brand awareness, trust, and essential dialogue so your customer will come to you first when they're ready to make a purchase.

Do I Need a Nurturing Strategy?

If you're using outreach content such as blog posts, downloadable guides, or a contact form to collate sign-ups, you definitely need a nurturing strategy!

What is a nurturing strategy exactly, and why is it important?

About half of all your leads, dotted across your funnel, won't be ready to buy yet or aren't in a position to make a second purchase - whether that's an add-on or a secondary service.

Something like 80% of new leads never make it past the finish line!

Therefore, nurturing those relationships with a defined strategy is vital to identify whether you need to lengthen your sales funnel to have more time to establish yourself as the go-to solution.

What Problems Can a Nurturing Strategy Solve?

Let's think about the big problems marketers face and how they can meet those challenges head-on with a strategic approach to lead nurturing.

Excessive Dormant Leads

If you have a huge database of leads that aren't going anywhere, nurturing those prospects can reignite your sales capacity!

The objective is to engage, maintain a relationship, and keep your customer on the cusp of a sales cycle whenever they want to move forward.

Lengthy Sales Cycles

A long sales cycle can be a headache, but it's also important to give buyers space and time to explore options and make informed purchasing decisions.

Nurturing active leads and keeping that pace of regular communication can shorten the sales cycle but - more importantly - convert a higher proportion of prospects into buyers.

Poor Engagement Results

Businesses that have a lead nurture strategy, which isn't getting great results, have an opportunity to revisit their approach.

It's all about demonstrating value through gold-standard content and creating genuinely helpful information to engage a buyer effectively!

A Lack of Metrics to Measure Performance

Developing and refining your nurturing strategy will evolve as you see what works best and what doesn't.

Great strategies include tools to monitor results and measure the outcomes of your efforts.

If you're not sure how to track your nurturing strategy, start by thinking about:

  • How many leads do you expect to generate?
  • What products or services are you offering?
  • Which specific audience do you want to engage with?

Once you have some goals in mind, it becomes easier to pinpoint the performance figures you need.

Technological Lead Nurture Requirements

Finally, consider the likely outcomes if you don't have the time or resources to pour into a manual nurturing program - and the ongoing implementation work.

There are thousands of options to automate your campaigns, track lead scoring, maintain lifecycle management, and leverage the power of personalization to make your mark.

We'd recommend you test out lead nurturing software for a seamless opportunity to receive detailed analytics - without the leg work!

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