How Subscription Model Helps Online Businesses Boost Client Retention

Each year, more and more purchases are being made through a subscription model. Research shows that 15% of online shoppers are paying for a subscription box product, while 59% are paying for a subscription service. Considering over 2.14...

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Why a Mobile App Is Important for Your E-Commerce Site

When it comes to building an e-commerce business, there is no limit to how creative or how involved people can get.

Throughout the past two decades, however, the use of smartphones and mobile devices as a whole has sky-rocketed, so the...

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Which Apps Are Used for eCommerce?

If you’ve ever tried to run an ecommerce business at scale, you’ve probably encountered time management issues. Setting up a store, handling products, and everything in between can seem endless. It’s nearly impossible for a single person to...

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6 Tactics To Leverage Facebook Marketing for Growth

If you're a small business owner, dedication and hard work are essential to finding success, regardless of your business type. You must take every advantage available to you, and that includes social media.

Unlike big companies, you may not...

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6 LinkedIn Content Marketing Tips for B2B Lead Generation

LinkedIn is the go-to channel for B2B content marketing and lead generation. As a business owner or a marketer, you can post LinkedIn content and build a solid personal brand. 

But, you must do it strategically to get the desired outcome from...

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Is E-Commerce a Web App?

Chances are high that everyone has, at some point in time, interacted with an e-commerce platform, but the specifics on the business side can be complicated.

You need to know which apps are used for e-commerce and how to create a free e-store...

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Scaling Strategies: Why Hire Remote Software Developers?

What do we mean when discussing scaling strategies for remote software development? Team scalability means establishing a process to increase revenue without raising your expenses. 

If you find new ways to grow by 25% in revenue with your...

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How to Set Up an Online Order Form

Order forms are used by businesses to collect buyer requests for products or services. They are submitted by buyers and contain the specific product(s), the number of each product required, a payment plan, and contact information.

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Is an Order Form a Contract?

Running a business often involves legal documents and contracts, each of which serves a different purpose. An order form is usually an inevitable document for businesses involved in procurement, sales, and large-scale purchases. Thankfully,...

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7 Ideas to Increase Your Visual Marketing ROI

With rapid technological change, there is a quick change in how people consume information, and there is a lot of competition vying for those viewers' attention.

As customers' attention spans continue to drop, online businesses increasingly...

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9 Ways to Sell More Products on Your eCommerce Store

Promote your online store using eCommerce marketing tools for your business or drive sales for specific products. We will discuss nine tips to sell more products on your eCommerce store.

A holistic approach to eCommerce marketing makes use of...

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What Is an Order Form?

Online order forms are vital to businesses because they help save time, reduce errors, and improve productivity.

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10 Tips To Help You Achieve Better Results On Social Media

Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter are no longer just for fun.

These social media platforms have turned into a gold mine for almost every business owner who knows how to use them.

Facebook alone has nearly 3 billion active users, and growing.


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7 Reasons eCommerce Sellers Need Inventory Management Software

7 Reasons eCommerce Sellers Need Inventory Management Software

eCommerce sales surpassed $4.2 trillion worldwide in 2020. The eCommerce industry is rising, and entrepreneurs stand to make significant profits in the coming years.

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Successfully Launch Your First Digital Product - 4 Tips

Do you want to learn how to launch your first digital product successfully? If so, great! You’re in the right place! Before we show you how to boost engagement and sales, let’s define digital products.

Image by Mohamed Hassan fromPixabay

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