Best Digital Marketing Tools You Need to Grow Your Business

Published: | By Angela Besser

Digital marketing is a set of strategies to promote businesses and their products via digital platforms, like websites, social media, email, and more.

It's not a 'nice to have' anymore - it's a 'must-have' in your business arsenal.

Why? Because it enables your business to reach a broader, more targeted audience in real time.

It helps craft a personalized customer journey, fosters more robust relationships, and drives growth and profitability. 

But to successfully navigate this digital terrain, businesses need the correct set of tools - digital marketing tools. 

Charting your path in the digital marketing landscape can feel like a daunting task. So, we've compiled a list of digital marketing tools tailored to assist you, regardless of your targets. 

Best of all, we've included free and freemium tools for those mindful of budget constraints.

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Best SEO Tools 

SEO tools help you understand what people are searching for online, how to structure your website for search engine bots, and much more. 

A good SEO tool can increase your visibility on the web, attract more visitors, and convert those visitors into customers. Here are some great options for SEO tools: 

SEMrush is a robust digital marketing tool that elevates your SEO game.

It's your go-to resource for keyword research, backlink analysis, position tracking, and more, making it a vital ally in crafting digital growth strategies.


Why Semrush?

  • Conduct keyword research, backlink analysis, SEO audits, and tracking SERP rankings.
  • Discover new topics, create SEO-friendly content, and monitor brand mentions.
  • Identify keyword and backlink gaps, and keep tabs on your competitors' SEO performance.
  • Understand search intent, select the proper blog post format, and conduct topic research, content outline building, and keyword research.
  • Manage PPC campaigns, monitor competitors' ad copies, and optimize ads.
  • Schedule content and analyze performance metrics.

Price: 7-day free trial. Offers several plans depending on your needs. 

Ahrefs is a comprehensive SEO suite that facilitates link building, competitor analysis, site audits, website optimization, and keyword research. 

It is renowned for its extensive data index, setting it apart as a premier digital marketing tool.


Ahrefs serves a broad audience, including SEO professionals, bloggers, content marketers, eCommerce sites, content marketing agencies, SaaS companies, and more. 

Why Ahrefs?

  • Optimize your website and conduct site audits.
  • Analyze competitors and gain insights into their strategies.
  • Conduct comprehensive keyword research.
  • Discover industry-specific content ideas.
  • Track your website's rankings.

Price: 7-day trial for $7 to test out the tool. After that, it offers four pricing tiers to choose from. 

Google Analytics serves as a guiding light for businesses seeking data-backed marketing decisions. 

This tool provides a wealth of data insights, simplifying website traffic tracking. It enables marketers to evaluate their marketing activities, track goals, and gain insights into user traffic, engagement trends, and patterns.

Google Analytics is a free tool available to all Google account holders. For newcomers, Google offers a free course to understand how to use this tool and accelerate business growth. 

Why Google Analytics?

  • Automated data collection.
  • Customized report generation.
  • Seamless integration with Google AdWords.
  • In-depth site search capabilities.
  • Review of bounce rates.
  • Understanding your audience demographics and behaviors.
  • Determine the most beneficial social media platform for your business.

Price: Google Analytics is a free tool.

Best Social Media Management Tools 

Mastering the art of social media management is a crucial aspect of digital marketing, and having the right tools can make this task much more manageable. 

Here, we explore essential social media management tools and discover what makes each unique.

SocialPilot is an AI-powered social media management tool with a rapidly growing user base of over 12,000 customers.

It provides a comprehensive solution—from AI-assisted post creation to seamless scheduling, streamlining your social media strategy.


Why SocialPilot?

  • AI Assistant for instant generation of diverse post ideas and translations into multiple languages.
  • Efficiently manage and schedule posts across multiple social media accounts.
  • Watermark images for brand identity.
  • Seamlessly integrate with popular third-party tools like Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more.
  • Access detailed analytics with advanced reports.
  • Navigate and manage social media activities with ease.
  • Directly publish and schedule content for Instagram Creator Accounts.
  • Collaborate efficiently with team members and clients through streamlined features.

Price: Paid plans start at $30 per month, with a 14-day free trial (including 500 AI credits).

Hootsuite is one of the largest social media management platforms, trusted by over 18 million users, including numerous Fortune 1000 companies. 


Why Hootsuite?

  • Monitor and manage your social media presence across multiple accounts and keywords.
  • Connect with over 35 social media networks.
  • Schedule social media posts in bulk.
  • Curate and schedule content
  • Track your social metrics
  • Run social media ads 

Price: Paid plans start at $99 monthly, with a 30-day free trial.

Like Hootsuite, Sprout Social stands out by combining many social media tools under one umbrella. But it adds a unique twist with its CRM features:


Why Sprout Social?

  • Get a complete customer profile
  • Schedule and monitor social media
  • Top-notch analytics tools for better reporting.
  • Get ready-to-use reports

Price: Paid plans start at $89 per user per month, with a 30-day free trial.

Agora Pulse is an all-in-one platform with a unique value proposition at an affordable price. Here’s why you should give it a shot! 

Why Agora Pulse?

  • Competitor analysis and social listening
  • Standard scheduling, responding, and reporting
  • Gain valuable insights into your competitor's strategies

Price: Free. Paid plans start at $99 per month.

Sendible sets itself apart by catering specifically to agencies handling multiple clients. It offers customizable features to bolster your agency's branding and client appeal.

Why Sendible?

  • Design custom dashboards
  • Save time on repetitive tasks with automation features
  • Integrates with Canva graphics editor, royalty-free image search, and YouTube search

Price: Plans start at $29 monthly with a 14-day free trial.

  • Plann

Plann is the best option for social entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, influencers on social media, and business owners looking to improve their online visibility and brand recognition.

Plann's collaborative features and smooth integrations make it easy to work with, increase productivity, and make sure your content calendar is always full of interesting content.


Why Plann?

  • User-Friendly Interface: Plann offers an easy-to-use interface for effortless scheduling.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Customize your posting schedule to optimize engagement.

Visual Planning: Preview your posts visually for a cohesive feed aesthetic.

  • Content Calendar: Stay organized by planning posts weeks.
  • Hashtag Management: Manage and analyze hashtags for increased reach.
  • Analytics Tools: Gain insights to refine your social media strategy.
  • Team Collaboration: Collaborate seamlessly with team members.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Manage accounts on the go from any device.

Price:  Start your 7-day free trial, no credit card required - and yes, cancel anytime. Plans start $12.50.

Best Email Marketing Tools 

Email remains a powerful channel for reaching out to your customers and prospects. It's often the channel with the highest return on investment. 

However, managing an email list, segmenting it for targeted messages, and designing engaging email campaigns can be time-consuming.

Email marketing tools simplify these tasks and offer additional features like analytics and A/B testing that can help improve your campaigns.

Have a look at some of the best email marketing tools available online:

With a mission to make marketing more human, Hubspot has established itself as a versatile and robust tool that facilitates everything, including lead forms, email marketing, CRM, and social media management. 

Why Hubspot?

  • Offers a complete marketing suite, including CRM, social media, blogging, and email marketing.
  • An email health tab to monitor deliverability rates.
  • Pay only for the contacts you're actively marketing to.
  • Track leads throughout their purchasing journey.
  • Access to numerous online training resources.

Price: Free 14-day trial, then subscription plans start from $45 per month.

Moosend presents a more budget-friendly alternative to email marketing, making it a popular choice for small businesses and start-ups. It also comes with a plethora of integrations.


Why Moosend?

  • Provides one of the lowest-cost plans in the market.
  • Allows payment only when you send emails.
  • Easy-to-customize templates or options from their template library.

Price: Subscription plans start from $9 per month

Mailchimp's reputation as a user-friendly email marketing tool is well-deserved. It offers a broad array of features and integrations, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

Why Mailchimp?

  • Offers a free plan for up to 500 contacts.
  • Facilitates easy building and customizing of campaigns.
  • Provides transparent reporting to optimize future sends.
  • Integrates with hundreds of software platforms.

Price: Free plan available. Paid plans start from $13 per month.

Best Content Creation and Management Tools 

Content is the lifeblood of digital marketing strategies. It drives traffic to your site, keeps people engaged, and turns visitors into customers.

Additionally, leveraging visitor management software can enhance your ability to track and optimize visitor interactions for better conversions.

Therefore, content creation and management tools are crucial for your digital marketing success. Have a look at the best  content creation and management tools: is a powerful AI-driven tool designed to paraphrase or reword content, ensuring it's unique and free from plagiarism. 

It's a helpful tool for content creators who need to rephrase text in a more engaging, compelling, or SEO-friendly way. 

It comes with a plagiarism checker so that you can paraphrase text and check plagiarism at one platform.


  • Utilizes advanced AI algorithms
  • Plethora of writing and editing tools available
  • Rephrases entire sentences or paragraphs 
  • Makes sure the content is unique and plagiarism-free
  • Takes content in text, audio, image, and speech-to-text files
  • Offers various paraphrasing modes to choose from 
  • Direct web browser for quick research
  • Multilingual support

Price: Its paraphraser is free to use with limited features. The solo paraphrasing tool plan costs $7 per month. 

Powered by OpenAI, ChatGPT is an AI chatbot capable of generating human-like text. 

It can help with many aspects of the content creation process, from brainstorming blog post ideas to writing drafts and providing feedback on your writing.


Why ChatGPT?

  • Creates blog posts, social media updates, and more content. 
  • Assists with various content-related tasks
  • Produces content drafts
  • Provides feedback on your content.
  • Learn your brand's tone and style

Price: Free to use with a premium subscription currently priced at $20 monthly.

Grammarly goes beyond traditional spell-checking by offering advanced grammar correction, clarity improvements, tone adjustments, and more. 

It ensures your content reads well, is free from grammatical errors, and conveys your intended tone.

Why Grammarly?

  • Catch common grammar, spelling errors, and punctuation mistakes
  • Find content, stylistic issues
  • Suggest improvements for clarity
  • Improve conciseness and readability.
  • The tone detector makes the content align with the intended tone

Price: Free and paid plans.

Hemingway App is a readability assessment tool that ensures your content is easy to read and engaging. 

It's a valuable aid to make your content more accessible, enhancing reader engagement and potentially boosting SEO.


Why Hemingway App?

  • Scores your content based on readability
  • Offers actionable advice to simplify complex sentences
  • Helps in eliminating passive voice
  • Reduces adverb usage
  • Offers instant suggestions for improvement

Price: Free for the web app, paid for the desktop version.

Best Analytics and Reporting Tools 

Understanding the performance of your digital marketing efforts is essential. Analytics and reporting tools provide the data you need to assess your efforts, identify trends, and make informed decisions. 

Zoho Analytics is a self-service BI and data analytics software that lets you visually analyze your data, create stunning data visualizations, and discover hidden insights in just minutes. 

Why Zoho Analytics?

  • Supports 100+ connectors for popular business apps
  • Features an AI and ML-powered assistant
  • Offers a broad range of visualization options such as Charts, Pivot tables
  • Provides a comprehensive view of business performance
  • Offers white-label solutions for embedded analytics and BI/analytics portals

Price: 15-day free trial or starts from US$24/month. is a powerful platform that provides integrated marketing, sales, support, and developer solutions, helping businesses build comprehensive campaigns and strategies.


  • Combine all your marketing sources, such as social media data, analytics, and CRM data, for comprehensive analysis.
  • Provides thorough insights into your customer base.
  • Offers both low-code or no-code options
  • Supports different data processing strategies 

Price: It offers a free trial for seven days. Post-trial, you need to contact for specific pricing details. 


SureTriggers is a versatile automation platform that seamlessly integrates with various tools and platforms, empowering users to streamline tasks and boost efficiency.

From automating email marketing campaigns to enhancing project management and collaboration, SureTriggers simplifies processes, making it an invaluable resource for optimizing workflows and saving time.

Why SureTriggers?

  • Offers a wide array of integrations, allowing users to automate diverse email marketing tasks and processes across different platforms.
  • SMTP support and advanced features like delay and filtering ensure precise control over automated email tasks.
  • Suited for businesses of all sizes for automating any type of email.
  • Fosters improved communication, teamwork, and project management efficiency with the help of automation.

Price: It offers a free trial for a lifetime with various options for upgrades depending on the needs.

FineReport is a reporting software designed for enterprises to address complex reporting and dashboard requirements and gain insights into their business operations.

Why FineReport?

  • Supports multiple data source connections and data integration
  • Allows data input into databases via web forms
  • Provides access to reports on PCs, mobile devices, and large screens
  • Supports one-click report export in various formats
  • Offers a unified management platform for user management and authorization

Price: It offers a free version for personal use. For enterprises, the pricing is quote-based depending on the specific needs and scale of the business.


Leveraging the right digital marketing tools is critical to business growth in today's digital age. 

Implementing these tools into your strategies allows you to streamline your operations, understand your audience better, and significantly improve your online presence. 

As the digital landscape evolves, businesses must continue to adapt, learn, and utilize these tools to stay competitive and succeed. I hope this list of the best digital marketing tools is helpful for you!

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