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    How to Put an Instagram Feed in Your Website

    Social media has become an integral part of any successful business because it helps entrepreneurs to connect directly with their target customers.

    However, not all your target customers are aware of your social media pages like Instagram,...

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    5 Digital Marketing Techniques Every Business Should be Using in 2023

    If you want to make more sales this year, you must ensure that you have a great digital marketing strategy.

    There’s a lot that goes into marketing, including content, social media, and more. In this article, we will outline the top 5 digital...

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    Integrating Social Media Feeds On Your Website

    Social media has become an inexpensive way for business owners to promote their brands to a global audience. As a business owner, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on mainstream media advertisements. You just need to create...

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    eCommerce Marketing Myths, Debunked

    Starting an online business is not easy. There are plenty of tasks to be done in only so much time. On top of that, many tend to fall into the trap of finding shortcuts to success. This is often a result of misconceptions and myths floating in...

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    Social SEO: What Is It and How Search Boosts your Social Efforts

    Obviously, the term social media is not new to you, and more than likely, neither is SEO. But what about social SEO? What is it? How do I do it? Can social media impacted my SEO? And vice versa. 

    This article will answer all of the above, and...

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    How Is Social Media Changing the Packaging Design & Industry?

    An April 2023 market research study showed that over half the world, nearly 60%, use social media regularly. That's close to 5 billion people, which is a staggering number considering that around 20 years ago, it was less than 400 million.


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    6 Tips On How To Make a Custom Social Media Strategy

    The impact social media has had on the marketing world over the last decade is undeniable. It has proven time and time again as a powerful tool for connecting with your audience and spreading brand awareness.

    These are all things every...

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    How to Attract and Market to a Gen Z Audience

    Especially for older professionals, the behaviors and preferences of Generation Z may seem complex and unpredictable. This can make it challenging for marketers to tailor their campaigns to this demographic and attract customers in a digital...

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    Reaching Gen C: Marketing to a New Generation of Consumers

    Gen C has heightened smartphone, tablet, and computer use among their generation, their families, and are creating unique opportunities for digital marketers. So, who is Gen C and is marketing to them different? 

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    SMS Marketing vs. Social Media Ads: Which One Should You Choose?

    SMS marketing and Social media ads are great marketing channels to scale your business online and boost conversions.

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    7 Steps to Plan Your Instagram Holiday Marketing Strategy

    Instagram has been around for more than a decade now, and while the app is still meant for sharing photos, developers have since included new features that also make it a suitable platform for e-commerce business owners. Is Instagram...

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    POWR Social Feed Makes Connecting to Instagram A Breeze

    POWR Social Feed now has an easier option for connecting to your business’s Instagram account! The additional option for connecting to Instagram uses Instagram’s Basic Display API - meaning that you can connect any personal or business account...

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    8 Pinterest Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

    Many business owners have not considered Pinterest as a priority social media platform for their business before. In my opinion, if you want to build your brand effectively, it deserves more of your attention.

    It isn't as crowded as Facebook...

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    Ecommerce Websites: What is Visual Identity and Why Does it Matter?

    Choosing what to wear each day, or how we do our hair are all decisions that create your own unique look and affect the way in which others perceive you. The same simple concept goes for your eCommerce website.

    Building a brand that is...

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