What is POWR One?

Published: | By Mick Essex

There are a million and one ways to build a website, so how do you know where to build it and what to use to make it the way you want? 

It’s a question as old as, well, 1991 when the first website was ever built.

And while it depends on the main purpose of your website, if you need it to sell your product or service, you should have a look at POWR One.

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POWR One is an all-in-one suite of over 60 powerful marketing and conversion tools, like Forms, Popups, Media Gallery, Reviews, and others in one app. 

You can choose apps based on your company goals, by industry, or simply by app type.


Because this suite of tools are all in one app, your website is assured to maintain a quick loading speed and provide a top-notch user experience. 

The expectation is that with POWR One, you will see an increase in leads that will produce new sales and referrals.

"Our goal with POWR One is to simplify and supercharge eCommerce stores and websites," said Josh May, CEO of POWR. "We're eliminating the hassle of juggling multiple apps and providers so small business owners can increase their conversions, optimize their website, and not spend a fortune to get it done."

POWR One has an extensive library of professionally designed pre-built templates for all apps, ensuring you can easily customize your marketing campaigns to align with your brand identity.

Who is POWR One For?

Do you have a live website? Then POWR One is for you! All joking aside, there is no one kind of website that it wouldn’t work for, but there are some that it makes the most sense to use, like:

  • eCommerce stores

A large portion of POWR users are ecommerce store owners. It’s where we got our start, and how we built our name worldwide. 

To date, there are over a half million business owners who use a POWR app on their website or in their online store.

Our largest customer base is on Wix with the Shopify marketplace being a strong #2. 

You can also find us on most popular website builders like BigCommerce, Squarespace, Wordpress, GoDaddy and others.

Most recently we’ve partnered with Stripe apps as they have built their own marketplace, naturally centered around payments enablement.

  • Startups

We have built a nice following of young startups that are bootstrapped and trying to make every dollar count.

Our traditional single apps are free to use as long as you want, then you can upgrade once you begin to scale and start generating revenue. 

Because POWR apps do not require any coding knowledge, there’s no need to put up the money for a web developer or freelance engineer. 

Simply start with our pre-built templates to create an email signup form or payment button, and once you’re done, the code is written for you with instructions on how to embed on your website.

  • Small businesses

99.9% (33.2 million) of all US businesses are a small business. In fact, small businesses drive the entire global economy. Small businesses are what POWR is all about.

You all have one thing in common; you wear multiple hats each day, and are short on time to get everything done.

This is where POWR One really shines. It’s easy to create the apps that you need. It’s straightforward and doesn’t require a lot of hands-on management. And it keeps everything in one place for quick data audits, and live editing.

  • Agencies

If you’re a marketing agency that handles site design, marketing campaigns, social media management, etc., POWR One is the ticket for client management.

You can manage up to 50 client websites with a single POWR Teams account.

All our apps are equipped with custom CSS and JS so you can make your apps to match your client’s brand down to the finest detail. See down below for more details.

How can you use POWR One?


If you are unfamiliar with the customer purchase funnel, it is a visual representation of the journey every person takes to become one of your customers. 

  • Someone must become aware of who your company is before they can consider buying from you. 
  • They must have a need, or an intent, for our product or service before they will purchase from you. 
  • And they cannot be a loyal customer before all of the above. Simple, right?

While there are POWR apps to impact all of the funnel stages, POWR One is most effective from the middle to the bottom of the funnel.

If you have succeeded in making potential customers aware of your company, and they’re considering buying from you, POWR One helps you show buyer intent, make buying smooth and supporting them after they become a customer.

  • To generate more leads

In the intent funnel stage, your goal is to collect new leads. You want a site visitor to take an action that shows they know who you are and are interested in your product or service. In short, you want them to have an intention to buy from you. 

You can accomplish this by installing website apps like a popup or a contact form where you ask them to give you more information about themselves.


Let’s look at one example with the discount popup. Popups are a prime method of generating new leads. 

Certainly, you have clicked on a website before, and the screen goes grey, and then a small box pops up with a percent-off offer on your first purchase. Sound familiar?

It is a popular lead collection tool and often works brilliantly. They give you their email address, you give them a discount on their next purchase.


Customizing your popup in the POWR Editor is very easy to do, and only takes a few minutes. You can set up instant email alerts so you know when a new lead has come in, and have an auto-response email sent to them as a thank you. 

It is just one method of identifying buyer intent using POWR One. The good news is that it is an all-in-one platform with access to all marketing and sales tools, not just the popup.

  • To improve conversion rates

The purchase stage is the most important of all! You won’t stay in business if you cannot convince people to buy your product or service, right?

People hate to be sold to but they love to buy. 

So, how do you sway someone to buy from you? By presenting your offerings and removing any barriers to completing a purchase.


POWR One has many apps that are shoppable like product image galleries and Instagram Feed, but let’s look specifically at the Payment Button as an example in the purchase stage. 

Once someone has decided to buy, the last thing they want to encounter is difficulty paying. In fact, evidence shows that more than 70% will abandon their shopping cart if checkout takes longer than 30 seconds. That’s it! 


It’s a must that you remove any barriers and provide the most straightforward checkout experience possible. 

But sometimes, it isn’t that easy. You may have a service business that requires more detail. In that case, use the Plan Comparison in POWR One to collect the additional information you need to fulfill their order.


Not only can you collect payments with a Plan Comparison, but you can also set up instant alert notifications and sync your contacts instantly with Google Sheets, Mailchimp and dozens of other integration and cool features (see below for more integrations details).

  • To build customer loyalty and referrals

Nothing is more important in business than build a loyal customer base. 9 out of 10 businesses fail because they were unable to crack this code.


There are many facets to the loyalty stage, and POWR One addresses them all by having many apps to choose from here. 

Two of the most important are the customer feedback survey and star rating reviews. How important, you ask?

Statistics show that 95% of online consumers will read reviews before buying a product.

This same study shows that displaying reviews increases conversions by 270%! 

Review management is a lot of work, but the payoff is enormous. Can you recall the last time you made an online purchase without checking reviews? Neither can I.


An actual review of POWR One on Shopify

People trust reviews because they represent a real-life experience with your product or service. Even negative reviews can have a positive impact if you approach it from a marketing point of view.

Paying close attention to the loyalty stage is vital in today’s online purchase experience. It isn’t a nice-to-have anymore. It’s a must-have to stay competitive and to stay in business in general.

What are the three options of POWR One?

We tried to take every use case into account when deciding our plan options, features and limitations, and we believe we got it right. POWR One can fit your budget and your needs.

  • POWR Up

POWR UP is best suited for the solopreneur, small business or startup founder who sees themselves as a DIY type of person. And no worries, we have live chat support and 24/7 email support.

It comes with premium access to every POWR app and a template library teaming with hundreds of pre-built templates from our design team so you don’t have to start from scratch. 

You can create unlimited apps, 10,000 form submissions & 50,000 contacts monthly, and all the integrations you can think of. 


POWR Up has a 14-day free trial and $99.99 per month with a discounted yearly subscription.

  • POWR Teams

POWR Teams is designed for boutique agencies who manage small businesses like we just mentioned, or medium-sized businesses who have an internal marketing and design team.  

Teams comes with everything mentioned above with higher limits across the board, like 50,000 form submissions & 80,000 contacts monthly.

You can manage up to 50 websites domains with 5 user logins available.

POWR Teams also has a free trial and is $299.99 monthly with a discount on a yearly subscription.

  • POWR Max

Every company has the cadillac of plan options and this one is ours. What if you are in a position where you want all of it done for you?

That is POWR Max. We’ll build the apps for you, put them on your website, and (here’s the best part) it includes a social media strategy component as well. 

You’ll get your very own social media strategist/content creator, social channel monitoring and engagement, plus a lot more. If you have an interest in POWR Max, please contact us for a strategy call


In a world where building a website can be as tricky as choosing the right pair of shoes, POWR One emerges as the ultimate solution for anyone looking to elevate their online presence. 

It's like having a Swiss Army knife for website management. 

Whether you're a seasoned eCommerce guru, a startup on a shoestring budget, or a busy small business owner wearing multiple hats, POWR One has your back. 

Your free trial awaits!

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