9 Essential POWR Apps to Grow Your Online Business in 2023

Published: | By Mick Essex

Online sales show no signs of slowing in 2023 or the years that follow. In fact, the global eCommerce market is set to make up 20% of global retail sales, or $5.9 trillion, this year. How much of that total do you intend to collect for your business?




While there are many things you need to do to grow your online business, one of those that doesn’t get talked about as much is which website apps help you grow your business online.

At POWR, we have dozens of various website apps that help you get more conversions, engage your visitors, grow your social followers, collect more detailed information, and support your customers.

In this article, let's go through the top POWR apps to improve your website and turn it into a money-making machine!

9 Essential POWR Apps to Help Your Business in 2023

  1. Form Builder
  2. Popup
  3. Live Chat
  4. Countdown Timer
  5. Photo Gallery
  6. Social Feed
  7. Social Media Icons
  8. Reviews & Ratings
  9. Payments Button

You can unlock them all (plus all premium features for every POWR app) with POWR One. Currently, there is a free trial available to gain instant access with no credit card required.

Let's look at more details and some specific use cases for each of these.

1. Form Builder


POWR Form Builder is an app that allows you to create custom forms to collect data, run registration processes, conduct surveys, control access to various resources, and more.

Using the Form Builder, you can capture leads, take payments, and collect customer feedback to understand what customers think about your product and how you can improve.

POWR forms integrate easily with Google Sheets, Mailchimp, and Zapier to help you back up your form data to an additional server, create email marketing campaigns, and automate marketing efforts.

For these reasons, Form Builder is hands down the number one most important app to have on your website.


2. Popup


powr-popup-appThe Popup app has a number of similar features and the same integrations as Form Builder but with a distinct advantage -- the dynamic nature and the positive disruption a popup can cause by being displayed to different users, at different times, in different ways, and for different purposes.

Along with an unlimited amount of design options, you can set your display schedule, choose your display frequency, and select various popup triggers.

Unlike Form Builder, however, you can also use a popup to run promotions and offer discounts on your site.

A great popup feature for promos specifically is the option to send a coupon code in an autoresponder email that you set up.

It gives your visitors a discount on their first purchase in your online store. You’ll need to create discounts directly in your store to make the most of this feature.

3. Live Chat


If there is one thing that is certain when it comes to running a successful business, it is that customers expect and require answers to their questions as quickly as possible.

While not as functional as some of the top AI chatbots on the market, it is also much cheaper and considerably easier to set up and use daily.

Live chat connects seamlessly with Facebook Messenger and is fully customizable, mobile-responsive, and cloud-synced, which means that you can style your chat to fit your website without any outside help from designers.

Ensure that it looks good and works well on mobile phones and tablets, and is accessible to you from any computer or device.

4. Countdown Timer


Countdown timer-1Source

Countdown timers come in handy when preparing your site for product launches, promotions, or holiday marketing campaigns.

It creates a sense of urgency that closes 4x more sales, reduces time to sale by 50%, and decreases the bounce rate by 20%.

In addition to counting down to a date, the Countdown Timer app allows you to count up from a number for social proof.

You could also use it as a count-up timer to make a lasting impression on potential customers, as they’ll see just how many of your site visitors ended up making a purchase.

The higher that number, the stronger the social proof, which means more sales.

5. Image Slider


Any online business that sells physical products has to have compelling visuals in its store. In addition to writing enticing product descriptions, using images or videos can make all the difference when customers browse through your site and consider a purchase.

If either one of those elements is missing or not well-executed, it can easily sway shoppers away from buying your product.

The Image Slider app displays product photos in a stunning Pinterest-style gallery and allows you to add titles, captions, and payment buttons. It also has the ability to add built-in links to share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more.

For greater effect, you can take photos of the products that are often purchased together, upload them to the slider, and sell them as gift bundles.

And when you have an important event, like a new product launch or a holiday, you can even create a separate page with just the slider on it. 

6. Social Media Feed


Social media is one of the first things that comes to mind when thinking of ways to promote a new eCommerce business. It is cost-effective as it gives you the option to both engage with your audience organically and make use of paid social advertising like Facebook Ads.

The Social Feed app accomplishes the organic piece beautifully. It lets you display social media content on your website to boost engagement and increase your social following.

You can combine posts from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to get 200% more views, boost conversions by 40%, and increase brand recognition.

The more your content is shared, the wider your audience and the higher your chances of converting your followers into loyal customers.

7. Social Media Icons



Simply having links to your social media channels on your website is a major driver for customer engagement. It increases customer trust and grows your social media following.

The animation and hover effects that you can add to your social media icons will grasp your visitors’ attention and entice them to click and go to your social media profiles.

Like all POWR apps, the Social Media Icons app is highly customizable and mobile responsive. You can completely match your brand's colors, fonts, and size, plus make it easy for users to follow you on social media from their mobile phones. 

8. Reviews & Star Ratings


When was the last time you made a purchase online without first looking at the reviews and star ratings? If you're like the 94% of people surveyed, the answer is never.

In fact, the same study shows that 6 in 10 online shoppers will not even consider purchasing if there are no reviews.

Providing reviews for interested buyers is so important because people will trust what others have to say and the experience they've already had with your company before they will trust the word of the seller. Call it human nature, but it is a fact. 

9. Payments Button

powr-payments-button-appAfter you’ve convinced your visitors to buy your product by using all or some of the above apps, the last thing you want to do is provide a secure payment gateway and a simple and seamless method for your customers to pay you on your website.

You can accomplish that with a CTA button to collect payments from Stripe or PayPal. Or enable both. Now with one-click checkout!

No coding or web developer is needed because there aren't any complex authentications or special language modeling needed. It provides secure and flexible payment options for accepting online or offline payments, mobile payments, and even wire transfers.

You can also set up instant email notifications to know immediately when a payment is made. Plus, you can set up to send your customers branded autoresponder emails letting them know that their payment was accepted.

The Bottom Line

Having a mix of these apps on your eCommerce website will allow you to stand out from the crowd, attract more visitors to your website, and, ultimately, grow your business.

If you need to find out more about your customers and tailor your promotions to them, or show social proof and provide a sense of urgency for site visitors when it comes to shopping on your website, we have an app for that.

If you want help selling your products or connecting your visitors from your social media community, we have apps for that, too.

At POWR, we are committed to helping small business grow their online revenue in as many ways as possible. If you ever have questions or need more clarification on anything, drop us an email at support@powr.io.


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