12 Clever Hacks to Use Facebook Ads Effectively for eCommerce

Published: | By Roman Shvidun

Running ads that convert on Facebook isn’t as easy as it used to be. The iOS 14 update limited Facebook’s targeting power, and the social media giant’s options grew a bit more expensive as demand increased. 

However, Facebook ads still have enormous potential when you craft your strategy correctly.

12 Facebook Ads Hacks To Try

  1. Craft an irresistible offer
  2. Compile a targeted lookalike audience
  3. Retargeting
  4. Referral programs
  5. Custom audiences
  6. Integrating video ads
  7. Compose high-quality copy
  8. Linking to other articles
  9. Hi-resolution images
  10. Put customer testimonials to work
  11. Create a Facebook product catalog
  12. Plan giveaways

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Why Are Facebook Ads Important for eCommerce?

Facebook Ads are a powerful tool to get more people to purchase from you, enroll in your email list, or increase brand awareness

They have detailed targeting options, allowing you to reach people by location, demographics, purchasing habits, marital status, etc. 

This article will discuss how you can improve your Facebook advertising campaigns using 12 practical approaches. 

12 Facebook Ads Tips for Converting eCommerce Campaigns

The first rule of thumb is identifying your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile). Sales intelligence tools can help you in this process. 

After you clearly know your ideal customers, targeting them through Facebook campaigns becomes easier.

Every campaign has individual ads aiming to maximize their potential.

Implementing the following ad strategies and the best Facebook campaign types will increase your marketing results, regardless of the products you sell in your e-commerce store.

1. Craft an irresistible offer

Your offer must be so enticing that it encourages even viewers not interested in buying to follow your brand. 

You can use different essential elements in your request, like discounts, giveaways, customer reviews, etc. 

indestructible shoes fb ad

Source: Indestructible Shoes

Once you’ve passed the testing phase and know what your customers like and what they don’t, it becomes easier to create viable ads. 

You can even combine offers for better results. For instance, this ad from Indestructible Shoes focuses on discounts. 

2. Compile a targeted lookalike audience 

Facebook offers an impressive feature to create a lookalike audience, allowing you to target potential buyers like your current customers. 

This strategy is excellent when you start with Facebook advertising and haven’t saved audiences from previous campaigns. 

Build your lookalike audience by importing contacts from your email list, past buyers, or even a list of blog commenters. 

You can add this Custom Audience by selecting App Activity as an option since the Facebook blog comments plugin is considered an app.  

3. Retargeting 

You’ve not lost the war against low conversion rates. Statistics show that the average abandonment rate for 2022 is about 70%.

It results from distractions, a lack of coupon codes, or high shipping costs. 

But retargeting shoppers who didn't complete their purchase can still be closed through the use of retargeting ads.

Marketoonist Source: Marketoonist 

You can achieve this through a campaign that targets users who abandon their carts.

One powerful suggestion is to distribute a discount code to entice them to finalize their purchases.

ThriveCart and CartFlows are two of the best online marketing tools you should consider adding to your efforts for more control over your e-commerce store and to manage your cart activities easily.  

4. Build and promote a referral program 

Referral programs are a fantastic way to encourage your current supporters to share your products and bring you more customers. 

You're systematically increasing your sales by running Facebook ads to attract brand ambassadors.

It’s a win-win strategy since those who join your referral program are rewarded based on each sale they drive. 

You’re also pushing them to produce user-generated content (UGC), which helps you build a more efficient marketing strategy.

5. Use a custom audience with product page viewers

A Custom Audience is quite similar to a lookalike audience, but instead of reaching people who resemble your uploaded audience list, you're targeting those on the list directly. 

These could be app users, past buyers, or page viewers.

The last category is instrumental since these people have already shown interest in learning more about your products.

For this strategy, ensure you have the Meta Pixel on your website.

Otherwise, you can’t track and retarget customers.

Add the ‘View Content’ event code to your pixel code. In this way, you’ll track product views. 

6. Integrate engaging video ads  

52% of marketers who participated in a survey favored video over images for their Facebook ads.

Using videos in your Facebook advertising introduces your brand to prospects seamlessly and engagingly, encouraging them to check out your products.

The Colorado store

Source: Colorado Store

Have a look at this video ad produced by The Colorado Store. It’s a great example of showing that your videos don’t have to be complicated. 

A short but eye-catching video is enough, and Facebook offers the option to include more than one in a single ad using carousels.

7. Compose high-quality copy

Every single word in your Facebook ad copy matters when it comes to Facebook ads. If you’re writing it yourself, you should A/B test multiple versions until you find out what works. 

Keep in mind these two simple tips throughout the process:

  • Use powerful words like free, only, limited, now, instantly, hilarious, bonus, etc. 
  • Go with vivid imagery through emotionally charged words (glittering, jaw-dropping, bulky, etc.).  

Pro Tip: Good copy works wonders but takes time to produce — especially when writing emails. This free email generator produces copy for multiple situations in an instant.

8. Link to other published articles 

Moving traffic from Google to your blog content is hard when starting out.

One great way to generate traffic and interest is by running Facebook ads to promote your blog. 

Coles Fine Flooring

Source: Coles Fine Flooring

A blog article gives you more space to position your brand as reputable and persuade your potential customers to purchase.

Above, you’ll find an excellent example from Coles Fine Flooring.

They encourage viewers to read their blog for detailed information on ceramic tiles.

9. Use high-resolution images 

Video content might perform better than images, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use images at all.

Their quality should be high, but that is not everything. 

Here are some other characteristics of highly converting images: 

  • Include real people rather than generic stock elements
  • Fits perfectly into the ad format and is not cropped when displayed
  • Branded with your company’s colors and logo 

10. Put customer testimonials to work 

Who doesn’t love proof?

Knowing the opinion of a previous buyer is hugely influential when we’re in the middle of a decision. That’s what makes testimonials so powerful. 

Here’s an example by JetASAP:


Source: JetASAP

However, you don’t have to make the entire ad about the testimonial in all cases.

You can display a short testimonial and then introduce a discount code or elaborate on your product’s benefits. 

11. Create a Facebook product catalog  

Dynamic ads are a retargeting type that allows you to reach customers who’ve abandoned their carts or visited your product pages. 

You should first build a product catalog via Facebook’s Commerce Manager on your Business Manager account to activate them. 


Source: Cyberclick

Once you’ve set up a product catalog, you can retarget abandoned-cart potential customers and integrate multi-product ads, allowing you to advertise three products via a single ad unit. 

In addition, you can include products from the catalog in collection ads and page shops.

You can also pull those items to display them on Instagram Shopping. 

12. Plan exciting giveaways  

Who doesn’t love free stuff? By promising a prize, people will be immensely inclined to follow your brand, engage with your content, and then purchase from your online store. 

DC Shoes

Source: DC Shoes 

By crafting a meaningful giveaway to your ideal customers, you can pique their interest immediately. 

To maximize your reach if you’re not targeting current customers but a cold audience, select Reach as your Facebook ad campaign objective. 

Final Thoughts 

By integrating Facebook advertising into your e-commerce marketing, you’ll be able to reach particular audiences across various stages of your sales funnel

Targeting your Facebook ads is a decisive move to help you advertise to an audience interested in buying, seeing, or engaging with your brand’s products. 

Running efficient Facebook ads starts with installing the Meta Pixel, which allows you to retarget users who abandon their carts or view your site. 

Using powerful copy alongside other social media strategies we mentioned will increase your e-commerce store sales. 

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