How to Create A Lead Magnet - Convert More Visitors Into Leads

Published: | By Sophie Spivack

Acquiring traffic and gaining customers can be a time-consuming and fiscally strenuous task when it comes to your online business. That’s why finding a technique that can capture your visitors' information and give you a way to consistently build up your business’ value and promote your products and services is vital. This is where a lead magnet comes in.


What is a Lead Magnet in Marketing? 

A lead magnet is essentially an offer that you can advertise to your online visitors in exchange for their personal information such as their email or phone number. When consumers give you their information, it in turn gives you access to promote your business directly to the individual. However, individuals will hardly ever give their information away for free unless they receive something in return.

For instance eBooks, templates, or blog subscriptions are great long-form resources that customers can always return to in exchange for their contact information. These resources have been proven to work time and time again- and if you don’t believe us check out our free eBook which has been carefully curated to generate our leads.

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​​What makes a good lead magnet?

There are a couple of qualities to keep in mind when it comes to building a good lead magnet such as having a comprehensible and easy-to-digest offer. But the most important elements when generating leads are:

High Perceived Value:

Your audience will only be attracted to your lead magnet if they perceive the deal as valuable enough to exchange their information for. Whether your lead magnet is something that is perceived as highly valuable in terms of free learning assets or a lead magnet that is high in actual value like an added discount, there needs to be a heavy draw to persuade your visitors to engage in this exchange. 


In order for your visitors to really consume your lead magnet, they need to be convinced they are making the right choice to buy from you rather than your competitors. 

Instant Gratification:

If your lead magnet can serve as a solution to their problem almost immediately, you will have almost no issue building out a good list of contact information. Here it is important to find the gaps in the market that can really pull your customers over. 

Why Do You Need Lead Magnets?

Lead magnets are the perfect connecting link between gathering information from prospective customers that have never heard of your business to give you their contact information in return for something valuable. On top of that, by asking them for a small commitment, you can actually qualify your prospective customers, especially if you can convince them to fill out a form that requires more information than just their email address.

Check out our POWR Form Builder to learn how to get more information out of your consumers using a form.


How to Create an Awesome Lead Magnet That Will Work For You

After understanding the importance of generating leads, it is essential to create a magnet that will work for both you and your ideal customer. The most effective lead magnets often contain a great headline, followed by a compelling offer, and an attractive visual.

Being specific and reminding your customer how your offer will answer their problem will associate your business as a resource. Though it is also important to approach this in a unique way to truly capture their attention.

Advertising an irresistible offer using original content will set your business apart from all of the others. Make sure you are also being efficient by repurposing old content like old written emails or blog posts, and being authoritative and demonstrating your expertise will only enhance your lead magnet.

You can easily repurpose your content into high quality ebooks using an ebook creation software like Kotobee and publish them in any format you want.

How to Promote Your Lead Magnet That Works For Generating Leads in Your Online Business

Last but definitely not least, you need to promote your lead magnet to ensure it’s reaching the most amount of people possible. Including your offer on your homepage by using a popup or in the footer can increase traffic. Also advertising it on your blog index page, podcast landing page, resource page, or even a thank you page are fantastic places to promote offers. 

Using social media to promote your lead magnet is also extremely important due to the significance of having an online presence to promote your website in today's modern digital era. Using status updates, social groups, or social ads can all be great places to showcase your lead magnet. 

Content hubs also serve as a great space for advertising since people already go there to find information on different topics in these places. Forums, aggregator sites, Q&A sites, webinars, and podcasts are also great places to promote your lead magnets. 


Wrap Up

Overall, pouring significant resources into acquiring traffic to your eCommerce website can all go to waste if not done properly. It’s important to really hone the science of generating leads by building a successful lead magnet in order to start building your contact lists.

After all, taking the content of your lead magnet and where you place your magnet into consideration can truly make or break customer value and conversion rates

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