How To Increase Lead Conversion Rate

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So, what is lead conversion anyway? Lead conversion is the process of turning your leads, preferably of your target audience, into actual consumers of your products or services. But where do you start?

A simple jumping-off point is exploring the importance of pushing your target audience through the Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action (AIDA) lead funnel. 

There are several aspects to this funnel, and you can get creative with your brand’s message. You may be looking for the perfect Contact Us form, the best online form builder, or even how you can create a web form to collect data

For now, let’s take a closer look at the AIDA lead funnel and what it all means. 


A Is For Awareness

The awareness stage is just how it sounds—the time frame where you want individuals to become more aware of your brand. You can build brand awareness by bringing customer awareness to the products or services you may offer. You want as many leads as possible to get more active consumers during your awareness stage.

I Is For Interest

It’s crucial to get people talking! Promoting the main benefits of your product can generate interest in your brand. And if you play your cards right, the customers will further research what your business is selling. 

D Is For Desire

Find a way to develop an emotional connection between your product and the consumers. Make sure that your product is likable and worthy of being purchased. The more potential customers desire your product, the better off you will be!

A Is For Action

Encourage the consumers to interact with your company by downloading brochures, making phone calls, participating in live chats, and more. Social media is a great way to get people involved! 

The Value Of Having More Leads 

Filling the top of your funnel with as many leads as possible is highly crucial to the success of your business—especially if you’re selling high-value products or your transactions usually are business-to-business. Having a large number of sales from an even larger pool of leads is essential in increasing your lead conversion rate.

Suppose you lack potential customers entering your funnel and struggle to fix your conversion rate. In that case, you're probably not focusing on the critical activities that attract leads, such as prospecting and running ads. Don’t waste time on other business aspects if you lack leads because lead building is vital to success. 

So, having a large target audience and adjusting your conversion rate from there should be an excellent starting point. 


How To Improve Your Lead Conversion Rate 

Calculate Your Conversion Rate

The number of sales calls, website visits, et cetera, must be divided by the number of people converted into actual paying customers. For instance, if two thousand people visited your landing page and two hundred purchased a product, your conversion rate is ten percent.

Using the proper lead generation technique and directing your services or products to your consumers' pain points will highly increase your lead conversion rate. 

The client has to feel like you’re speaking personally to them, explaining why your item is the solution to their problem. We can achieve this goal by understanding a customer’s journey to purchasing a particular product.

Understand The Clients’ Journey

Customers entering your funnel aren’t going to purchase products just because you ask them to, even if you are confident in the quality of your product.

That’s why you need to do your market research. Doing this will assist you in understanding how consumers buy, why they buy, their points of concern, and even the way they talk.

Your product must inspire the consumers. If customers can relate to what you are selling, they are more likely to trust your company entirely. You can utilize forum posts, Yelp reviews, social media platforms, surveys, and customer feedback to understand your leads' interests, allowing your conversion rates to soar.


Make An Excellent Offer

Optimizing a promotional offer to your customers can convert more leads into buyers. But your audience is more likely to ignore your promo if presented in a mediocre way. Remember, your competition may have already advertised their products with a better offer, pushing consumers to opt for their business instead. 

Figuring out what intrigues your audience is a great way to create compelling offers. To do so, you'll need to have a clear understanding of your client's interests, attitudes, and preferences.

Utilize Clear Calls To Action

Confusion may arise among your leads if they can make too many choices about many things. Pages with a single, clear call-to-action page are more effective and can acquire a three percent higher conversion rate than pages with five or more CTAs.

Include Testimonials

The reviews that consumers leave online significantly impact your sales growth and brand recognition. Positive client testimonials help to enhance your company's trustworthiness and reliability. And don’t worry—while negative reviews can discourage leads from purchasing at the moment, they allow for an opportunity to demonstrate how well you can correct bad situations to your target consumers.

An excellent way to better understand your clients is by placing a web form to collect testimonials from your customers. 

Final Thoughts

More leads mean more clients—which means more profit! Take advantage of the lead conversion tips we shared with you today to build your brand and spread the word about your business!

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