How Do I Optimize a Contact Us Page?

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Failing to optimize a Contact Us page is a common mistake people make when building a website. It’s often dismissed as a simple directory or another way for customers to reach the company. And while it does serve as a contact channel, a Contact Us page can bring much more value to your brand as another means to attract and convert leads, along with building better relationships with your customers.

What’s a Contact Us Page?

A Contact Us page is like a digital business card. Potential customers, partners, and collaborators can refer to it if they want to reach out to your business.

The following are typically included on a Contact Us page:

  • Business’s contact information (including email addresses, phone numbers, locations, etc.)
  • Contact form, i.e. fillable fields
  • Additional information about the company
  • Links to active social media accounts

How to Optimize a Contact Us Page

To make the most out of your Contact Us page, you must build it with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. Here are some Contact Us page tips to help you create a page that’s better than the competition’s. 

Write an Optimized Page Title and Meta-Description

Give your Contact Us page an optimized title—something that’ll encourage people to click on it. Then, write a helpful and informative meta-description that includes relevant keywords related to your business. This will help up your SEO game, increasing the chances of potential customers finding you when they Google your service.

Include All the Important Details

The most important information to put on your Contact Us page is your business’s name, address, and phone number. This informs both your customers and search engines, determining how relevant and trustworthy your site is. Make sure that these key data match everywhere it appears, most importantly on your Google My Business listing.

Aside from these, include other necessary details like your service locations and business hours. These will help boost your local SEO, helping people near your area find your business more easily.

Add Media

Adding photos is a great way to boost your site’s SEO since they come with additional information that search engines can crawl. Plus, they make your Contact Us page more visually appealing. Keep photos fresh and, if possible, change them every couple of months.

Adding a video can also provide more value to your brand in the same way a photo does. But it comes with the bonus of more interesting content and, if it’s embedded from YouTube, you give people more channels to interact with you.

Use a Contact Form

Make your Contact Us page more interactive by adding a contact form that people can fill out with details about their questions, feedback, or other concerns. This makes it convenient for customers to communicate with you since they won’t have to leave the site to do it.

Embed Google Maps

Google lets you add a map to your page pinpointing exactly where you’re located. Search engines love these features because they make it easier to connect you with people nearby or those searching for services around your location.

Reiterate Info from Your About Us Page

If you need to add more content to your page, take some information from your About Us page and summarize it here. This gives your customers a glance at what you do. Remember to add a link back to the full story so they can check it out if they want to know more.

Add Social Proof

Your Contact Us page is a great space to advertise your services through social proof. Add positive testimonials, reviews, or comments here for potential customers to see.

Include Links

Links help boost SEO because it builds trust between your site and search engines, as well as provides additional content for visitors. Wherever it’s relevant, link back to important pages on your site, as well as to external links, e.g. to your beneficiaries, partners, etc.

Don’t Forget the CTA

A compelling call-to-action (CTA) will keep customers on your site longer. Their prolonged activity shows that they want to do business with you, which is a good signal for search engines to boost your ranking.

Connect with Your Customers

All businesses should have a Contact Us page on their website. Not only does it help increase the visibility of your page online through SEO, but it also builds trust and promotes transparency between you and your customers. Add ways to connect with your customers with’s powerful plug-ins. You can build, customize, and embed them to your site even without any coding knowledge, optimizing all your pages to work for you!

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