Top 7 Best UCaaS Tools to Improve Business Communications

Published: | By Irina Weber

As businesses increasingly recognize the importance of streamlined and integrated communication systems, unified communications as a service (UCaaS) tools have emerged as essential assets for growth and success. 

By harnessing the power of cloud technology, these tools consolidate various communication channels, such as voice calls, messaging, video conferencing, and team collaboration, into a unified platform

This consolidation simplifies communication and enhances productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

This article will examine the top seven UCaaS tools that have proven their value in empowering businesses to achieve greater heights. Let’s look at their standout features, pricing, and the unique value they bring. 

What is UCaaS?

Enterprise unified communications (UCaaS) consolidates various communication channels into a unified interface or platform, delivered via the cloud. The acronym stands for Unified Communications as a Service.

It connects all your communication channels together, like chat, call, file sharing, and video conferencing tools offering Unified Communications software more simply and actively. 

Typically, communication technologies are separate and disconnected. But with UC and UCaaS, all these technologies, like phone calls, messaging, meetings, and collaboration features, are brought together in a single tool.

Traditional UC software can be used on-site or in the cloud. However, UCaaS is always hosted in the cloud by the service provider, and customers can access and manage it through a web interface. 

Instead of customers handling maintenance and upgrades, the provider takes care of the technology infrastructure. People can use UCaaS on phones, computers, tablets, and meeting rooms. The vendor provides apps and interfaces that ensure a consistent user experience across devices.

Is UCaaS Right for Your Business?

If you’re looking for the right UCaas tool to take your business to the next level, there are a few factors to consider. They include your communication needs, scalability requirements, budget, remote work capabilities, integration with existing systems, support, and security UCaaS providers provide. 

Not only will using a UCaaS tool improve your internal communication, but it also has many benefits that can impact retention and customer loyalty.

Analyzing these aspects will help you decide which UCaaS can best aid your business objectives and effectively enhance your communication infrastructure and collaboration processes.

Top 7 Best UCaaS Tools For Growing Your Business

  1. White-Label Video Conferencing by Acrobits
  2. AI-Driven Customer Intelligence by Dialpad
  3. CloudTalk
  4. RingCentral
  5. Nextiva
  6. Microsoft Teams
  7. Webex Cloud Contact Center by Cisco

Let's uncover more about the best UCaaS tools to take your business into a future of enhanced communication and unlimited possibilities.

1. White-Label Video Conferencing by Acrobits


The White-Label Video Conferencing tool by Acrobits allows businesses to have their own branded video conferencing platform without the need to develop it from scratch. 

The service provides companies with the necessary infrastructure and technology to host and conduct video conferences with their employees, clients, or partners.

With the white-label solution, businesses can add their logo, colors, and other branding elements to the video conferencing platform, creating a seamless and consistent user experience. That helps companies to maintain their brand identity and enhance their professional image during video meetings.

Key Features of Acrobits:

  • Fully custom brandable conferencing.
  • High-quality audio and video.
  • Screen sharing.
  • Cross-platform compatibility.
  • Recording and playback.
  • Customizable meeting settings.


The pricing details are unavailable as they depend on different factors, such as businesses' specific needs and requirements, the implementation scale, and any additional services or customizations desired. You should contact the Sales team for more details. 

2. AI-Driven Customer Intelligence by Dialpad


The AI-Driven Customer Intelligence platform refers to a service offered by Dialpad, which specializes in communication and collaboration solutions. The tool utilizes artificial intelligence technology to provide businesses with valuable insights and analysis regarding their customer interactions.

Dialpad leverages AI algorithms and natural language processing to analyze customer conversations across various communication channels, such as phone calls, chat messages, and emails. AI-Driven Customer Intelligence aims to extract meaningful data and generate actionable business insights by analyzing these interactions.

Key Features of Dialpad:

  • Call transcription and analysis.
  • Real-time analytics.
  • Pre-built integrations.
  • Voice analytics.
  • Sentiment Analysis.


Dialpad offers a free trial version with limited access. The paid version starts at $15/month for the standard plan and $25/month for the pro plan.

3. CloudTalk


CloudTalk is a contemporary cloud-based VoIP calling solution explicitly created to help present-day businesses increase calling efficiency and optimize performance. 

The dashboard gives an overview of all your communication channels, including chat statistics and real-time calls, to easily manage your customer service team’s workload. Its detailed analytics lets you track call volume, customer satisfaction metrics, and response time.

CloudTalk provides 160 international phone numbers, over 70 advanced features, and a diverse array of integrations, particularly with helpdesk and CRM systems. This is aimed at fulfilling your business requirements and elevating the overall user experience through seamless CRM data integration.

The tool works as the middleman between you and your clients. 

Key Features of CloudTalk:

  • Voice calls.
  • Interactive voice response (IVR).
  • Call monitoring and analysis.
  • Automatic call recording.
  • Power dialer.


CloudTalk provides the Starter plan for newbies, starting at $25 monthly. If you want more flexibility and additional features, you can use the Essential and Expert plans, ranging from $30 to $50 monthly. Moreover, you can always use its free 14-day trial to test all the best features.

4. RingCentral


RingCentral is a leading UCaaS solution that merges instant messaging, video conferencing, and telephony into a single platform. 

Gartner and UCToday have recognized it as a leading provider in the UCaaS market. The company offers phone services in over 40 countries, and its infrastructure supports various devices such as PCs, desktops, smartphones, and mobiles.

RingCentral boasts a cloud-based platform system that brings together voice, messaging, video, and collaboration tools. By leveraging the cloud, businesses can enhance communication capabilities, improve team collaboration, and provide better client experiences.

Key Features of RingCentral:


RingCentral offers different pricing plans to meet your business needs. The pricing ranges from $30 to $45 per user paid monthly. Contact the Sales team to fulfill your specific business requirements. 

5. Nextiva


Nextiva is a CRM and business communication platform that combines VoIP, CRM, SMS, and video calls. The company aims to provide a unified experience through its all-in-one solution and eliminate the need for external services. It also incorporates AI technologies to automate customer experience. 

The platform enables customers to monitor and analyze customer interactions, share data, initiate actions, and configure helpdesk and telephony settings. 

Nextiva supports video conferencing over VoIP in desktop and mobile apps, with no time restrictions, high-definition resolution, and the capacity for up to 200 participants.

Key Features of Nextiva:


Depending on the number of users, the Nexttiva pricing plans start at $19.95/per user if you pay monthly. 

6. Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams is a communication and collaboration platform developed by Microsoft. It is a helpful tool to facilitate teamwork, remote collaboration, and communication within businesses of all sizes worldwide. 

Teams boast multiple features and tools in a single integrated platform. That includes enabling users to chat, conduct meetings, share files and collaborate on projects in real-time.

Key features of Microsoft Teams:

  • Chat and instant messaging.
  • Team collaboration and channels.
  • Audio and video meetings.
  • File sharing.
  • Mobile and desktop apps.
  • Integration with Microsoft 365 and third-party apps.


Microsoft Teams offers two types of plans: for Home and Business. The Home version provides a free plan with limited capability, while the paid plan starts at $4.00/user per month. The Business version also costs $4.00/per user paid monthly. 

7. Webex Cloud Contact Center by Cisco


Cisco offers Webex Cloud Contact Center, a cloud-based contact center solution designed to assist businesses in providing exceptional customer service experiences.

It achieves this through advanced call routing algorithms that direct incoming customer calls to the most suitable agent or department based on skills, availability, and customer preferences. Optimizing call handling in this manner will result in customer satisfaction.

Key Features of Webex Cloud Contact Center:

  • Intelligent call routing.
  • Voice calls, email, chat, and social media.
  • Interactive voice response (IVR).
  • Real-time reporting and analytics.
  • CRM integration. 


Webex includes a free plan with limited functions; the paid version is $14.50 monthly.


UCaaS tools present great opportunities for businesses to elevate their communication and collaboration capabilities to the next level. Each mentioned UCaaS tool offers unique features and functionalities that cater to different business needs and requirements. 

Whether it's advanced communication systems, seamless team collaboration, or multi-channel support, these tools empower businesses, drive growth and optimize their communication processes.


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