Top 5 Online Halloween Marketing Ideas for Your eCommerce Business

Published: | By Gaukhar Murzagaliyeva

Did you know that Halloween is the fourth most popular holiday in America? The top three are Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. This means there’s a lot of potential for skyrocketing your online sales during the spooky season. And yet, only a few eCommerce businesses put in the time and effort to create a Halloween-themed holiday marketing campaign. We hope you’re already taking advantage of this holiday and running your campaign. If not, don’t worry -- take a look at these 5 Halloween marketing ideas to boost sales for your business this spooky time of year.


Give Your Website and Social Media Accounts a Halloween-Inspired Look


Studies show that people tend to buy 2x their needs if they’re in a good mood or satisfied with the look of the website. Hence, decorating your website can help you grow your sales. Go freaky with your Halloween creatives and get the spooky look running throughout your site for Halloween. This holiday calls for crazy creative decisions and you can go all out with your Halloween designs. Changing your social media profile and cover images will further alert your customers to the fact that you have the holiday spirit and make them see how they can benefit from supporting you. An updated cover image will help customers discover your brand and encourage them to explore your feed further to see what holiday deals you have available.


Optimize Your Halloween Website for Mobile Version

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Research keeps indicating the growing preference for mobile devices by shoppers. Take note of this by optimizing your website for mobile. Design and organize your Halloween webpages to be mobile-responsive, place your most important content in the middle of the screen, add Halloween popups and stickers, and don’t forget website loading speed for maximum engagement. If you have a mobile app, Halloween is a good opportunity to add some holiday season elements to it. A small change to your app icon can help it stand out on mobile devices and promote your website as shoppers will be eager to visit it to see what else is new.


Launch a Halloween-Themed Social Media Campaign

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Last year Halloween made waves on social media despite the outburst of COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns around the world. Over 963.7K posts featured the hashtag #Halloween2020, resulting in 5.5 billion impressions in October. While this success is hard to replicate, you can look at it as a chance to take your bite of the huge Halloween consumer spending pie. As a small online business, having one or two Halloween posts per week is a great idea. See how you can tie in your product with Halloween and look at your competitors for inspiration. If you have any Halloween promotions running, they should also be promoted on social media through a combination of regular social media posts and paid social advertising.


Run a Halloween-Themed Email Marketing Campaign

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If you have some experience with email marketing, you must know that even small-themed changes to your email campaign can boost sales and drive brand awareness. So, consider updating your email template and sprucing it up with spooky designs connected to your product. You may also share valuable content - with a Halloween theme - with your audience in your emails. For example, if you sell makeup, you can share tutorials on how to create a perfect Halloween look. Make sure to include branding in those emails by telling which of your products are most suited for a certain look. And if you want to do more than promote brand awareness, add an exclusive discount offer for your product. It will motivate your customers to engage with your brand and contemplate a purchase.


Offer Halloween-Themed Promotional Gifts

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Promotional gifts can encourage and reward purchases. These can be gift cards for your store or items that shoppers are looking for in the lead-up for Halloween (i.e. themed accessories). Free items can bring some great online interaction too in the form of user-generated content. Guinness Shadow Coasters, for instance, created buzz from drinkers who proceeded to share pictures of coasters across social media and increased company sales. Another treat that you can provide is cheap or free-themed product packaging. Package revamps might help capture the attention of shoppers, promoting impulse purchases within limited seasonal timeframes. Adopt this strategy for your business too, to add a final touch to your Halloween marketing campaign and maximize the chance of a few last-minute sales.

We hope these ideas will help you create a successful Halloween campaign. Start by adding an image slider to your website. If you need more guidance on how to build a powerful holiday marketing campaign for your eCommerce business, check out POWR’s free eBook: eCommerce 101: Tips For Using Holiday Deals to Increase Sales and Revenue. It has many useful tips and tricks.

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