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A random picker spin wheel application allows any e-commerce shop owner to create custom Wheel of Fortune-type games to boost sales. Users can add customized labels and enable websites to gain more customizability in their randomization. 

E-commerce websites can leverage the power of a spin wheel app in numerous ways–but not all spin wheel creation methods are equal. Today, we will review the random picker app for a spinning wheel and compare it to POWRs capability.

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The Importance of a Spin Wheel App

Numerous businesses and business models can leverage the power of a spin-wheel application. For those with an e-commerce platform, a spin wheel can introduce a discount-related popup, where each user can spin the wheel to get a discount or other incentive.

Spin Wheels introduce gamification popups, and their interactiveness can contribute towards increased customer retention and a better user experience.

When creating customer interaction efforts, the possibilities are endless when using a spin wheel app–because of this, they have spiked in popularity.

Advantages POWR Has Over the Random Picker Spin Wheel App

POWR features a custom-made Spin to Win application that aims to engage website visitors with the opportunity to win discounts, and there are a few ways in which it is superior to the Spin Wheel app.


1. POWRs simple implementation

POWR features a Spin Wheel plugin that’s simple to implement. To get started, users must create a new POWR Spin to Win plugin, change or remove the button text, and insert any Win Label or Loss Label inputs, which will show up directly on the wheel.

The main way POWR's solution stands out when compared to other spin wheel apps is its use of Win Label, Coupon Code, Loss Label, and Gravity.

Gravity is the likelihood that a wheel can land on a specific spot. The Gravity Input impacts the probability that the wheel can land on a specific winning or losing option, specified by a percentage. 

Numerous design settings, such as the button's font, background color, flapper color, and wheel color, can be modified.

2. Customer retention through advanced customization

Gamification plugins such as Spin to Win can drive higher sales and help retain customer attention. 

The best plugins out there typically bring interactive promotions and tap into the customers' needs. This can lead to an increase in the engagement and loyalty of the audience.

POWR features flexible positioning and the ability to collect email addresses. It can help users generate more clicks through these elements.

3. Driving sales 

Throughout marketing efforts, the introduction of gamification engagement will play a huge role in any customer’s interaction with e-commerce websites.

When a specific purchase offers an incentive, such as social rewards, vouchers, or coupons, these small games incentivize buyers to complete a purchase and look for other products featured on the website to utilize the discount or coupon to its fullest. This mainly aims to boost sales and drive the store’s revenue. 

4. Positive emotions

Customers will likely respond positively and create an emotional connection with the experience of spinning the wheel. This can lead to a stronger brand relationship and loyalty. 

How often do customers interact with a spin wheel on a website? The chances are that it's not a very common occurrence for all shoppers, and it will be something they will remember and associate with their experience on the platform.

And, who doesn’t get excited about the chance to win a discount code, buy-one-get-one offer, or other incentives to improve their shopping experience?

Moving Forward with POWR

POWR provides a free, simple spin-wheel application that can be integrated across any e-commerce website and is superior to random wheel spinners. It’s the superior choice for sellers looking to drive sales, recover a higher percentage of abandoned carts, and get far more conversions.

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