POWR Social Feed Makes Connecting to Instagram A Breeze

Published: | By Emilie Murphy

POWR Social Feed now has an easier option for connecting to your or your business’s Instagram account! The additional option for connecting to Instagram uses Instagram’s Basic Display API - meaning that you can connect any personal or business account in a snap to display content posted from that account! 

What’s New in POWR Social Feed?

In the POWR Editor, you’ll now see two options for connecting to Instagram:

To display posts from your Instagram account, select ‘Posts Only’. This is now a much simpler integration and only requires you to log in to your Instagram account (if you aren’t already logged in) and grant POWR permission to access your media. 

If you also need to display posts from other accounts using a particular hashtag, or only posts that are grouped under hashtags, then select ‘Posts or Hashtags’. This option requires an Instagram Creator or Business account. This Instagram Creator or Business account must also be connected to your Facebook Page for your business, which you should connect first in Facebook Business Manager. If you select this option, you’ll be directed to ‘Continue with Facebook’ and you’ll need to login to Facebook, select your Facebook Page, and then the associated Instagram account before granting POWR permission to access your media.

Why the Different Options?

The ‘Posts Only’ option uses the Facebook Basic Display API, and doesn’t require a complex authentication process.

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The ‘Posts or Hashtags’ option uses the Facebook Graph API, which requires logging in to Facebook and ensuring your Facebook Page and Instagram Creator or Business accounts are connected. The permissions granted to POWR to access your media also expire every 90 days. Simply put, this option gives you extra security.

We recognize that for most of you there’s no need to go through the complex setup for the Graph API. You just want to be able to display your Instagram posts quickly and easily in a live gallery on your site. It should take seconds to set up, without needing to read help articles or contact support.

That’s what you’ll find with POWR Social Feed: it’s now quicker and easier to connect to your Instagram account for displaying posts; you don’t need to renew permissions every 90 days, and you’ll have it set up within minutes.

You can now rest easy that your POWR Social Feed will update reliably on your website. It’s the perfect social proof that helps your business drive more sales, as well as driving more people to your Instagram account. ECommerce business, Rbia Shades, found that using POWR Social Feed on their website helped them grow their social following to over 13,000 followers. Read their story here. 

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