Must-Have AI Marketing Tools For 2024

Published: | By Jason Lee

With 77% of marketers already using AI in 2023, now is the time to consider how to incorporate it into your company.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is widely used in digital marketing matrix regardless of company size, industry, or geographic location. 

Besides completely revolutionizing the marketing landscape, AI marketing tools offer several new ways to analyze data, automate mundane tasks, and improve overall customer experiences

This article will explore the importance of AI marketing tools for 2024 and some of the best ones you should research before the new year is here.

What is an AI Marketing Tool?

An AI marketing tool is a software or platform utilizing AI algorithms to assist businesses in automating decision-making.

These decisions are backed by data collected and analyzed with the market trend. 

AI tools can process massive amounts of information pulled from multiple sources such as email, text, and social media and help save organizations a great deal of time otherwise spent on mundane and time-consuming tasks. 

9 Best AI Marketing Tools for 2024

  1. JasperAI
  2. Scalenut
  3. Synthesia
  4. SurferSEO
  5. OtterAI
  6. Zapier
  7. Appy Pie Design
  8. AI Content Wizard

The key benefit of AI marketing tools is that they allow businesses to personalize their sales and digital marketing strategies easily. 

It provides deep insights into consumers' buying habits through predictive analytics, personalized recommendations, etc.  

There are several options available in the market for these AI marketing tools. So, let’s take a look at the six best options here.

1. Jasper AI


One of the most popular AI marketing tools, Jasper is an all-purpose AI writer for marketers. It leverages AI in multiple ways, making it an excellent option for varied marketing needs. 

The platform has over 50 AI content generation templates, including emails, marketing copy, blog posts, Facebook ad generator, meta titles, meta descriptions, and more.

Key Highlights

  • GPT 3 technology, along with a proprietary LLM specifically trained in live marketing and sales content
  • Over 11,000 free fonts and 2,500 different categories of writing styles
  • Intuitive interface 25+ languages
  • Long-form writing assistant
  • Jasper Art for creating images based on simple text prompts

Ideal for:

Jasper is an ideal tool for marketers, especially for content writers and other similar communication specialists with high writing assignments per week (4000+ words a week).

2. Scalenut


Scalenut is a robust marketing tool specifically designed to scale. 

The platform lets you quickly get the entire keyword plan for your niche and easily generate a content management strategy to dominate these terms. 

Key Highlights

  • It allows you to uncover deep insights and build a strategy using semantic key terms. 
  • Offers real-time feedback on where your content stands with a dynamic SEO score. 
  • It lets you write SEO content that ranks using the most advanced versions of NLP (Natural Language Processing) and NLU (Natural Language Understanding).
  • Allows you to write persuasive content for better conversions with 40+ AI copywriting templates such as website copy, product descriptions, and more. 

Ideal for:

Scalenut is a valuable tool for anyone or marketers looking to make their SEO and content marketing efforts better and stronger.

3. Synthesia


Synthesia is an excellent AI video generator that helps businesses generate audiovisual content. 

The platform allows marketers to take their content creation strategy a step higher by quickly and easily creating professional videos from simple text prompts.

Key Highlights

  • It helps you create high-quality videos within no time.
  • It is an excellent tool for creating convincing videos using an AI Avatar generator.
  • Creating a high-quality video does not require audio equipment or a studio.
  • It makes it easy to share your videos on social media platforms.

Ideal for:

Synthesia is ideal for marketers seeking a web-based video creation and video communication platform for audiences with AI avatars.

4. Surfer SEO


Surfer SEO is another well-known marketing AI tool that helps you with search engine optimization. 

This tool simplifies SEO for local businesses by auditing existing copy, comparing its competitors, and picking the right keywords. 

Key Highlights

  • The tool allows you to see and compare the most effective methods your competitors use and how you can apply them to your marketing strategy.
  • Surfer SEO can evaluate and score your content based on keyword density, length, readability, and other aspects that drive rankings.
  • Offer features such as AI-powered content outlining, editing, and website optimization to help businesses rank higher in search results.

Ideal for:

Surfer SEO is a perfect AI marketing tool for website managers and content editors looking to improve their content copy quality.

5. Otter AI


Otter AI is yet another advanced transcription service that uses artificial intelligence to offer businesses accurate transcriptions of live meetings.

The platform will listen to your meetings, capture important slides, create meeting notes with time stamps, and show individual contributions. 

Key Highlights

  • The tool quickly picks up the voice in an audio feed and processes it through an AI algorithm.
  • If you manage audio or video files with voice, the platform allows you to upload them, and it'll start turning everything into text.
  • Features Otter Bot to join each call that automatically transcribes everything said in a meeting.

Ideal for:

Otter is best for business meetings, recording notes for online lectures, and transcribing pre-recorded video/audio content. 

6. Zapier


Zapier is a popular AI tool for marketers that helps build connections and marketing automation between multiple systems, thus saving time and promoting efficiency.

The best part is that it doesn’t require coding knowledge, and multiple templates are available to speed up the process. 

Key Highlights

  • Features automated text analysis to allow marketing teams to parse vast amounts of text and acquire valuable insights from customer feedback.
  • The tool can turn text-based inputs, including emails, Tweets, Slack messages, etc., into data and answer simple questions.
  • It helps you scale your business by automating time-intensive tasks such as sending contacts to email lists and kicking off essential workflows.

Ideal for:

Text parsing by connecting your apps to automated workflows, thus saving a lot of time. 

7. Appy Pie Design 


Appy Pie Design leverages AI to streamline the designing process. Through its intuitive platform, users can easily design interfaces, select templates, and customize elements with minimal effort. 

One of its versatile tools, the AI video generator assists in generating your ideas into captivating videos effortlessly.

The tool empowers you to transform your text into compelling videos, making the creation process seamless and straightforward. 

The platform's integration of AI simplifies the design journey, making it accessible and efficient for a diverse range of users.

Key Highlights

  • Appy Pie Design goes beyond simple templates, offering innovative AI features like an AI Text to Image Generator, AI Photo Enhancer, AI Video generator, and many more.
  • Extensive template library for all your design needs.
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to customize templates and create professional designs.
  • Affordable and accessible for all. The platform offers flexible pricing plans to suit every budget.

Ideal for:

Appy Pie Design is one of the best online graphic design tools for both professional and individual designers.

It caters to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and professionals who want to create visually appealing apps or websites without the need for extensive coding or graphic design expertise.

8. AI Content Wizard


The AI Content Wizard is an AI solution that helps marketers and entrepreneurs uncover content gaps and high-value keyword opportunities.

This tool gathers your website, audience, and competitors’ data to suggest themes for your blog and turn them into a ready-to-use content brief.

Key Highlights

  • It uses reliable data from SEMRush to find and suggest the most promising keywords and topics.
  • It creates a content brief that can be easily sent to its pool of freelance writers.
  • It saves valuable time in the content workflow and improves your SEO strategy.

Ideal for:

AI-driven keyword research and content brief development, saving time and uncovering content opportunities that would otherwise remain unseen.


predis-ai is an AI-powered content generator for stunning social media posts in seconds. generates ready-to-publish social media creatives, videos, carousels, memes, captions and hashtags - all from simple text input.

Through Predis, you can also carry out comprehensive competitor analysis to gauge the kind of content that performs well for them.

The detailed competitive analysis gives deeper insight into what works for your competitors.

Key Highlights 

  • Effortlessly transform ideas into engaging memes and create trending videos with ease.
  • Never be short of ideas with a built-in generator for creative content suggestions.
  • Seamlessly interact with an in-built AI chat system for convenience and support.
  • Establish and strengthen your brand's unique identity using's features.
  • Dive deep into competitor data for strategic decision-making.
  • Import existing designs, ensure post approval, and publish across all accounts effortlessly.

Ideal for: is ideal for Business owners, Solopreneurs, Content Creators, Graphic Designers and Social Media Managers.

In Conclusion

Artificial intelligence is becoming an integral part of the modern marketing mix. 

From predictive analytics tools to automated email campaigns, businesses can leverage AI technology to strengthen their marketing efforts in several ways. 

These top AI marketing tools offer you the ability to get comprehensive insights into your customer behavior and target potential customers more precisely than ever before. 

However, if you are a small business specifically looking to grow your business, POWR is an excellent choice. 

The platform offers you options for multiple plugins to help you get more conversions, better reach, and more resources to support your customers. Contact us to know more.

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