How to Leverage Instagram to Build Your Brand on Social Media

Published: | By Divya Rajendran

Instagram is a massive marketplace for launching and growing a brand. Instagram allows users to transition from shopping accounts to other business accounts easily, making it a key element of any social media strategy.

As Statista says, 59.4% of Instagram users are under 34 years old. Each store has a unique selling point to encourage customers to purchase products. In this tutorial, you will learn how to improve your business on Instagram. 


Why Is Instagram the Best Platform To Run an Online Business?

Instagram is an intelligent platform for categorizing people based on their desires and what they are looking for that delights them—wondering how’s that possible? It is.

That’s where the Instagram algorithm comes in. It allocates the different content to the right audience with the help of their activity on the platform.

The Instagram algorithm examination allows store owners to understand the customer base and offer the necessary products on time. 

Hence, Instagram remains the top platform for establishing an online business. You're planning to launch your business. That’s great. Hitting a good spot on business land is quite tricky.

You should look into a few measures like optimization, proper strategy and execution, and more, or buy Instagram followers for quick growth and then convert them into organic followers.

Having a large list of followers and on the flip side, a short followings list makes an Instagram business profile more credible.

That's why you should only follow the relevant accounts and keep it shorter than your followers.

To manage your followings list, you can opt for safe and reliable tools like AiGrow that allow you to bulk unfollow on Instagram hassle-free.

Follow the instructions below to set up the business and drive organic traffic to your account. 

How To Optimize Instagram for Branding


Improper optimization will lose video engagement and cause fluctuations in the conversion rate. You must develop an excellent strategy to convert your followers into potential customers.

It’s simple. Set up a brand profile, gather audience information, and perform consistent follow-ups. 

At a glimpse:

Brand Profile: It’s a crucial step to launching your online business. Prepare a visually appealing profile to grab the user's attention at first sight.

A brand, like a bio, represents a logo, typography, layout, color and theme, graphics, and other elements. Implement a brand identity that resonates with your audience. 

Audience Information & Presence: Audiences are the future customers who will purchase your products. Collect the data to estimate their presence.

You can use Instagram analytics tools to watch over each activity to build a better strategy. 

Automated Posting Schedule: Scheduling your content for social media is an effective way to keep your followers enthralled.

Use social media automated scheduling tools to post regularly. Examples: Buffer, Hootsuite, and more. Consistently publishing content will help you gain more Instagram followers and better engagement.

Offer Exceptional Features: Keep your products up to date. People love to purchase trendy products on the market. Offering exclusive features will take your brand to the next level.

7 Ultimate Ways To Grow Your Brand on Instagram 

Building a potential online business requires regular posting and engaging with the audience. 

1. Stay Within Your Niche

neon sign-1Source

Discovering a niche for business is focusing on specific markets to potential outreach customers in a short time.

Answer the following question for business needs and find your place at ease. 

  • Who do you serve?
  • What problem do you solve?
  • What makes you unique from others?

A winning niche will let you be explicit in your specialization when you start. The clearer the target market, the greater the chances of expanding your business to the right audience in less time, so start your brainstorming there.

Use Google Trends to narrow down the niche for profitable sales and loyal target customers. 

For example, if you sell beauty products, be more specific with sectors such as skin care products for oily skin.

2. Determine Your Target Audience


Define the target audience based on age, gender, location, and more demographics. It helps to concentrate marketing on a specific group of people who want to buy your products.

Shorten the sales funnel strategy process and attain amazing, profitable deals throughout it. In this way, you can generate business leads efficiently and cost-effectively.

With shareable and common traits among people, it's even easier to launch products. Also, you gain much higher brand advocates for running a successful online business. 

Examine your customer base, industry trends, and market research; identify personas; constantly rework your market research; determine the channel to approach the audience; list the reasons why people will be drawn into your products; and more.

For instance, if you are running an athletic shop, then define the target gender as male or female and their age limit, like U.S. women's sport leather shoes for the age of 25–30 and attribute a small size. 

3. Build a Relevant Community

passion led us here phrase on the pavementSource

Multiple groups of people have different urges. One thing that binds them all is "passion." Classify the customer based on it. Identifying people will let you target them quickly and build potential customers effortlessly.

It'll also clearly show the path of pain points for customers and what they are looking for. As you are building communities for customers, they have different preferences.

What do they want? Will they purchase the same products? No, In this state, you can classify products based on attributes as per customers' needs.

The essential thing is to gather relevant people in one spot. Using a referral program, this hangout of similar-minded people drives multiple users into the marketing campaign prominently.

This approach creates one good opportunity to expand the branding on Instagram

4. Choose Your Theme

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Each Instagram account has a particular style. Choosing a color palette represents brand offerings.

Think of your brand's personality, pick a suitable theme, use the same filter on each post, and decide the layout to feature your products on Instagram.

It enhances the final aesthetic look of the Instagram shopper account. Also, it will leave a lasting and prominent impression on brand followers.

5. Consistent Posting

Instagram is a full-deal package on social media. To stay on top of the list, you need to keep consistent coverage. Make posting a daily habit, and you can schedule the content automatically using a specific automated tool.

Instead of simply posting, providing content your followers really want is crucial. Stats from Tailwind show that a 50% engagement rate increases when posting consistently on Instagram.

Incorporating strategies like consistent posting to increase engagement, and deciding to buy Instagram likes, can significantly boost your profile's visibility, making your brand more appealing to potential customers. 

You can also build your brand's credibility with a loyal customer base. A single post a day is sufficient to cope with your beginning level. 

Derek Bruce, the Operations Director of Skills Training Group, says, "The key thing you should focus on is creating and adhering to a regular posting schedule.

Make sure you stick to the themes and hours that your audience prefers. While you shouldn't overstuff your Instagram feed, you also shouldn't go too long without posting. The secret lies in striking the ideal balance between the two."

6. Include a Compelling CTA

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The call to action button should be captivating to grab attention at first sight. Try to build a custom-based CTA that reflects all around the corner on Instagram.

Followers turn into customers when pitches are clear about the brand's product. Add touches of humor, trendy tags, and an appealing caption that outlines the exact copy of the content to create an impulse to purchase via the call to action button.

For instance, if the store owner sells fruit and healthy drinks online at the point of CTA, you should add a little mix-up as "Treat your buddy" or offer a discount in the shop as "Claim your reward." 

7. Rewards and Discounts

discount post exampleSource

Customers love the reward system because it encourages them to shop more on Instagram or store websites.

Think from the side of the audience, seek what they are longing for, and understand their presence to deliver discounts at the right time.

It will also reinforce a promising referral program. Sharing offers like giving an extra 10% discount storewide for each referral. Audiences share your rewards with their followers & build powerful allies for branding on Instagram.

Don't push customers to purchase products, but instead offer products that are reasonably priced and attractive to the viewer.

You can provide discounts in multiple ways, such as BOGO-Buy One Get One, specific product discounts, and more. 

For instance, purchase Product A and get 50% off your first sign-up. 


Building a brand on Instagram is easier to implement, but it is harder to reach potential customers.

Using the proper strategy will allow the online store to deliver products to the right customers on time.

This intelligent method will enhance the strong brand on Instagram and retain long-term customers handily. 

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