How to Design a Poll Widget

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A poll widget is a simple and effective way to improve interactions with customers on your website. It allows you to engage customers and potential leads as you collect valuable feedback and information from them about your business. Even as you implement other marketing strategies, don’t forget the importance of including a poll widget for website interactions.

Many website development platforms like WordPress offer simple tools for configuring poll widgets. Most of these platforms configure poll widgets automatically as shared assets and are easily findable with a simple search. However, not all web-building platforms have ready-to-use poll widgets. In this case, you need to install plugins that help you design your poll widgets.

Fortunately you can now get plugins specifically for designing poll widgets for your website. With a reputable software development company like POWR, you have access to the web-building plugins you need, including a full suite of plugins meant to improve your interactions with your existing customers and new site visitors. These plugins are designed to give you more conversions and followers, and allow you to gather important data from your customers.

With these plugins, you’ll create the best WordPress poll widget for your website. For your poll widget to be effective and give you its full benefits, it has to be well-designed. A good poll widget should allow your customers and anyone who visits your site to participate in your polls. It should also limit the number of times your users can vote on a particular poll and let users view voting results. 

What Is a Poll Widget?

In web development, a poll widget is a program or a component of a web interface designed to allow web users to take part in online polls and vote on a particular issue. As a website owner, you can use this widget to interact with your users by asking them questions about your brand or a particular product or service.

There are three main options for submitting polls: unrestricted, session, and cookie. The unrestricted option lets users vote on a poll more than once, while the session option limits the user to one vote per visit to your website.

The cookie submission option limits the user to one vote per poll. However, if the user clears cookies or accesses the poll anonymously, they’ll be able to vote again on the same poll. The user’s autonomy on the polling page depends on the configuration of your poll widget. With POWR plugins, you can customize your poll widgets to make them more accommodating or restricting, depending on your preferences.

Once polling is complete, your web administrator can download the results as a CVS file for analysis or to include in a presentation. 

Setting Up a Poll Widget

Start setting up a poll widget by making sure you have the right plugins. You have to choose your web-building plugins carefully for the best results. With plugins from POWR, you’ll be given full control of your poll information and your users will enjoy a positive interface experience. 

These plugins allow you to create polls using a drag-and-drop approach, which speeds up the process without affecting the quality and effectiveness of the poll. They also allow you to display your polls anywhere on the site for greater visibility. If you’re creating a poll widget on your WordPress website, here are simple steps to follow.

Install the Plugin

The first step is to install the plugin you want to use to create the poll widget. This plugin will allow you to add additional features to your site like poll forms, contact forms, etc. If you’re using a WordPress site, you can find your preferred plugins in the WordPress plugin directory. However, the plugins in this directory might limit your widget design efforts.

Consider installing more advanced plugins from external sources like POWR. If you’re using the WPForms plugin, go to Add-ons and click ‘Survey’ and ‘Polls’ to install. Once it’s installed, click ‘Activate’ to start using it.

Create a Poll

Open the plugin and click ‘Add New Page’ to create a new poll form. You will see a drag-and-drop form builder interface. Enter your poll title to generate a poll template, and then edit the fields to match your preferred poll choices.

Add the Poll Widget to Your Site

Go to the page or post where you want to display the poll widget and click the ‘Add Form’ button. A popup will appear where you can choose the poll form you’ve just created. Click the ‘Insert Form button’ and save the poll. Publish the page or post with the poll and wait for the results.

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