Best 5 Apps for Your eCommerce Store

Published: | By Emilie Murphy

Setting up your eCommerce business is a fun and exciting experience. You’ve found a product you’re passionate about getting out into the world, and if you get things right it really pays off. That’s why it’s so important to get on the right track from the beginning and to make sure your store is set up optimally to maximize onsite conversions. More conversions means more sales, which means you’ll be able to continue growing your business. As a store owner it can be difficult to know where to start, and sometimes it’s human nature to get excited about new things and this takes our attention away from what’s important. 

That’s why we’ve put together our top 5 apps you can start using on your eCommerce store today to turn more of your visitors into customers.

1. Popup

Popup two button use case

If you’re not using a popup already, start today! Popups are one of the most effective ways to curb cart abandonment on your store, all while helping you collect more leads. This is important so that you can make more sales while visitors are on your site, and it gives you the opportunity to follow up using email marketing if they didn’t buy. Not sure how? Create an email collection popup that offers an enticing discount if they sign up to your newsletter. Display the coupon once they’ve given you their email address, or send them the discount code in your autoresponder email. Make sure you display your Popup at the right time too. Show it after a delay if you’d like to show it to all your site visitors, or show it as visitors start to leave so that you can keep them on your site. 

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2. Form Builder

website-mock-quote-request-form As a store owner, it’s vital that you ensure your prospective customers can get all the information they need on your site to make an informed purchase. You’ll want to make sure you’re displaying shipping and returns information clearly, and perhaps most importantly you need to have an accessible contact page so that customers can easily contact you. Whether they have a pre-sales question, need support post-sale, want to register a product, or if they’re ready to buy and you need to collect their information and take a payment, set up a form. Forms are incredibly useful lead collection tools for your business, and can have multiple uses. At minimum have a simple contact form set up with an autoresponder. You can also set it up to take payments via PayPal or Stripe so that collecting order information and payments is straightforward for both you and your customer.

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3. Image Slider

POWR Image Slider

It’s no secret that your website should be visually appealing. Make sure your product pages include several product images taken from different angles, or showing different uses. Consider using images and videos across your website, especially to separate blocks of text on your homepage. A great tool for doing this is an image slider app, where you can create a hero banner for your homepage, a carousel of product images, or even a slider of customer testimonials or brands you’ve worked with. The latter is great social proof for your homepage, that helps establish your authority as a trusted brand.

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4. Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer

Assuming you’ve made accessible all the information a prospective customer might need to make an informed purchase, the truth is many of them still need an extra nudge to make their purchase. While the coupon popup mentioned above is one helpful method, you can also use customer psychology to your advantage by creating urgency or a fear of missing out with a countdown timer. If a customer sees that a deal is only available for a certain amount of time, it triggers an emotional response that drives them to take action - fast! Use a countdown timer in a banner on your homepage, or add it to customer carts so they know they only have X amount of time to check out before the offer expires. 

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5. Social Feed

If there’s a final piece of advice to share with eCommerce business owners, it’s to make sure you don’t limit yourself to one social platform. While Instagram and influencer marketing might work well for one store, Facebook and Facebook Ads might work well for another, or Pinterest could be a fantastic growth engine for another. If you use a combination, while being more work, it will give you a competitive advantage. What’s more, you can maximize your growth on social media by displaying a live stream of your social posts in a Social Feed on your site. This not only makes your site more visually appealing, and it also allows you to use user generated content as valuable social proof that helps you sell more products. Tags of your product on social act like a user review, giving your site visitors more information that helps them make the informed purchase we talked about earlier. Make sure all your posts are shareable, and if you’re on Shopify you can even make your feed Shoppable by tagging products in your images.

Try it now with POWR Social Feed.

Ultimately, it all comes down to taking action now. There can be a lot of uncertainty when launching or growing your eCommerce business. You’ll make some mistakes, of course, and the key is to learn from them quickly. The business success stories you read about could be you. Get ahead of your competitors and try these 5 apps on your eCommerce store today. You don’t need any expert knowledge or coding skills to use them, and you’ll be turning more of your site visitors into customers sooner than you think. 

Not sure what other apps you might need? Check out the POWR App Library here.

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