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Websites have used pop-ups for years, many of which have not had much interactivity or have been annoying to the general audience. However, there are alternative pop-ups that can actually drive e-commerce engagement through gamification–one of the most popular varieties of this is a spinning wheel application.

There’s a lot to consider when integrating this tool—you need to decide between the random picker Spin Wheel app versus POWR, and you need to know whether the Spin Wheel app can be rigged.

Today, we will be exploring everything you need to know surrounding a spinning wheel app, and how a spin-to-win wheel for websites works.

What Is a Spinning Wheel App Used For?

The spin-to-win wheel pops up on a website and allows visitors to play a game where they can spin the wheel and get a reward, such as a discount, buy-one-get-one offer, or other shopping incentives. 

When creating a customer base, all users need to remain as engaged with the website as possible, and the site itself needs to be memorable in some way. By implementing a spinning wheel app, e-commerce business owners can drive engagement.

The Importance of a Spinning Wheel

Engagement is important to any website, and the main way to drive engagement is to shift the way each visitor interacts with a specific online store. It is easy to get visitors, but getting them to interact with store elements can be difficult. 

If a visitor is interacting with a store, this means they are remaining on the website; the longer a user stays on a website, the more opportunity there is for them to consider buying something. By creating a spinning wheel pop-up, a business owner can incentivize users to remain on the website waiting for the wheel to spin so they can receive a reward. Users need to wait for a few seconds while the wheel spins. By then, it has fully grabbed their attention, and afterward, with a discount in hand, the likelihood of a user making a purchase is increased. 

Getting a Free Spin Wheel App

Gamification is the process of applying elements similar to playing a game in order to increase website interaction and engagement. These activities grab the attention of visitors by inducing fear-of-missing-out anxiety; they showcase rewards that users could win, but will lose if they do not interact with or win the pop-up game. 

Scarcity can be emphasized if the reward is unique and can only be achieved by using the spinning wheel in question. There are both paid and free spinning wheel popup options available. When a person is just starting out with their e-commerce business, funds can be scarce, so finding a free alternative is often important. POWR offers a free spinning wheel app suitable for any e-commerce platform. 

Why POWR Offers a Free Spin Wheel App

POWR offers a spin-to-win application that can be an amazing way through which e-commerce business owners can drive customer engagement and allow each visitor the chance to win discounts or rewards.

The main way through which the POWR spinning wheel app stands out is due to the fact that each win level can be accompanied by a custom coupon code input. A business owner can enter the coupon code exactly as it appears in their online store–when a visitor lands on the winning option, they can use the code to get a discount on a purchase from the online store, further driving engagement.

There’s also the introduction of Gravity, which allows the business owner to increase or decrease the likelihood of users winning certain awards on the wheel.

Moving Forward with Spinning Wheel Apps

A spinning wheel app allows visitors to play a pop-up game in which they have to spin the wheel to win a discount or other shopping incentive. The risk-reward factor can engage visitors, make the website more memorable, and help encourage users to complete their sales. Luckily, POWR offers a fantastic Spin Wheel app that is efficient, effective, and easy to use and customize!

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