7 Business Web Hosting Trends in 2024

Published: | By Gaukhar Murzagaliyeva

While some key concepts persist over the years, there is a constant flow of technological innovations that somehow affect the rules of the game in the area of web hosting.

If, in 2024, you are planning to start a web project and buy a VPS, it will be helpful for you to know some of the key trends prevailing in the market this year.

Keeping them in mind, you’ll have a valuable instrument that will help you find the optimal business web hosting solution this year.

1. Emphasis Shifts to Sustainability

The global awareness of environmental problems and the necessity to take steps to save this world have created a strong trend toward sustainability in the area of hosting as well.

For this reason, many web hosting providers nowadays undertake measures to minimize their carbon footprint.

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They are taking steps to achieve optimal levels of energy efficiency for their servers and are using renewable energy sources as much as possible.

They do it through their approach to choosing hardware and data centers and organizing their whole web hosting infrastructure.

If you are interested in providers focusing on green hosting, you must know what measures they take.

2. Integration of Edge Computing

While speed has always been one of the primary variables in technological advancements, physical distance has always been a significant obstacle to reaching the highest connection speed rates due to its latency.

Edge computing is one of the solutions to this problem that has started to spread recently.

This approach speeds up the computing process by locating the computing capacities closest to the client servers, thus reducing the latency to a minimum.

The technology is especially valuable for applications requiring real-time data processing, so if you are going to deploy something of this kind, look for providers offering edge computing services.

3. Expansion of Serverless Architecture

Servers have been the nods of the internet since its rise.

However, the tendency towards decentralized serverless architectures has arisen in recent years. 

The server is merely a source of resources that are then software-wise united to continuous pools of resources that you would then allocate to your users.

First, this makes scalability as natural and seamless as possible, so you don’t have to worry about immediately picking up the correct number of resources. 

Besides, such approaches often become more cost-efficient while year teams don’t have to handle server management tasks.

4. Adoption of Blockchain Hosting

Blockchain technology continues to expand, finding more and more realizations in different areas of the digital world.

In particular, blockchain's decentralized nature offers many benefits that are not present in the case of more traditional approaches.

In particular, cryptocurrency helps one stay more anonymous since personal data is not directly involved in creating crypto wallets.

The blockchain proves highly reliable and virtually impossible to tamper with, while the transactions are also processed at a high-speed rate.


You have equal access to cryptocurrency regardless of location, while the fees you pay are minimal compared to fiat currency payment gates.

Dozens of providers have started offering cryptocurrency as a payment option for their services. 

On the one hand, while, on the other hand, also find other beneficial ways of integrating blockchain into the services they offer.

5. Rise of Multi-Cloud Web Hosting Solutions

As discussed in the section on serverless hosting solutions, cloud hosting is one of the major trends in the modern web hosting industry.

It goes further with multi-cloud solutions becoming an extension of this trend.

Now, many businesses combine cloud services from different cloud hosting providers to run their applications. 

They achieve even more flexibility and benefit from the advantages of different providers in areas where they offer better performance.

6. Hosting Solutions for Augmented Reality

The efforts of creating an ultimate virtual reality immersion experience continue to remain in trend, and so does the demand for hosting services that focus on augmented reality applications.

It implies focusing on hardware optimization to provide the smoothest immersion experiences.

In 2024, we expect more and more augmented reality applications to spontaneously pop up, which means specialized web hosting services will also be in demand.


7. Elevated Priority on Security

Security never ceased to be an integral part of the management of any digital project, and with the evolution of ways of compromising it, its importance just continues to grow.

Regarding hosting providers, security measures often encompass DDoS protection, advanced encryption techniques, monitoring and detection measures, and others.

What’s especially worth noting is AI entering the increasing scene, which opens the doors for various ways to perform cyberattacks and various new ways to protect from them.

But as long as this area remains unexplored, significant development with many events is expected.



These are seven major web hosting trends to be aware of for 2024.

As you can see, many new things are occurring, so the general situation is always dynamic. 

Knowing the actual trends can be helpful for you to figure out what to look for and what to be aware of, so we hope that reading this article has been a fruitful activity for you.

Thank you for reading, and good luck!

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