6 Tips to Effectively Use Video Chat to Boost Online Customer Service

Published: | By Hazel Raoult

Let’s say, you want to offer a streamlined way for your customers to connect with your customer service team. You come across video chat and seem to be fascinated about how effortless it’ll be for your team to positively impact customer loyalty.

Video call sessions are an intuitive way to build relationships with your customers. Further, it offers a notch higher level of support for your high-value clients and helps strengthen your relationship with them.

Another reason to adopt video chat into your customer service solutions is that many of your competitors haven’t tapped into its potential.

User onboarding refers to the process of familiarizing new customers with your product or service. In today's remote culture, user onboarding tools such as interactive tutorials and online support chats can be helpful in guiding new users through the process and ensuring their success with your product or service.

Video chat support instantly establishes a personal connection with your customers and builds trust among them. It’s a next-gen digital channel that makes customer support more accessible.

Still, many businesses are reluctant to try it for themselves. But here’s why you should give it a try:

Why Use Video Chat for Better Online Customer Service?

An article by Wesley Clover finds that video chat usage skyrocketed by over 400%. Also, shoppers who used video chat were 4x more likely to make a purchase.

Another article on Userlike found that even though the agents on video chat can serve one customer at a particular time, it’s still more cost-efficient than text-based chat. The below image proves the same.

Userlike complexity of issue cost of resolving issue graphSource

Since typing is slower than speaking, chats with lots of text become inefficient. Video chats, on the other hand, allow sharing more information in a shorter duration, thus, reducing the resolution time for your customers.

The introduction and implementation of video chats for customer service have brought a digital revolution. They have become one of the mainstream digital ways to connect with your customers. Thanks to this digital transformation from text-based chats to video chats, customer satisfaction has significantly improved.

The same report by Wesley Clover also mentioned that 94% of respondents rated their video chat experience as positive. If anything, all credit goes to face-to-face interactions that make it easier to achieve meaningful communication.

6 Tips to Correctly Implement Video Chat to Boost Customer Service

  1. Know When to Use Video Chat for Support
  2. Train In-House Team to Offer Interactive Personalized Customer Service
  3. Maintain the Live Chat Etiquette to Enhance Customer Satisfaction
  4. Use Screen Share/Co-Browsing to Solve Technical Issues
  5. Customer Onboarding with Product Demos
  6. Invest in a Good Quality Audio/Video Equipment


1. Know When to Use Video Chat for Support 

Video chats are great for customer satisfaction, however, they are not great all the time. The best-case scenario to use video call is when you need to answer more complex queries and technical difficulties customers face, which can’t be resolved over email or chat.

Imagine one of your customers has an issue while configuring an electronic product they bought from your eCommerce store. Another customer couldn’t find the warranty details for the product they purchased last month.

In which of the scenarios would video chat fit perfectly? The former one, right? Offering video chat support to each of your customers is not always necessary. Precisely, it can come to your rescue in situations where you want to convey the information visually and add context to it.

Moreover, it's a great resource and must be utilized for high-end purchases more often or issues that need a hands-on approach.

2. Train In-House Team to Offer Interactive Personalized Customer Service 



For successful video interaction and customer satisfaction, your support team must be trained to offer effective and personalized customer service. They must possess technical capabilities and expert-level customer service skills.

Video chat would allow your customer support team to personalize the customer experience, which isn’t possible in other means of support.

Moreover, your team would work one-on-one with your customers to resolve their issues in real-time. So, they must maintain their confident posture and tone of speaking to make customers feel they are valued.

3. Maintain the Live Chat Etiquette to Enhance Customer Satisfaction 



The etiquette and mannerism of your support staff matter a lot when engaging with customers to capture their attention at the moment. This will not only improve customer satisfaction level but also help create a stronger bond and relationship with your customers. Here are some of the video chat etiquette tips for support teams to follow:

  • Listen more, talk less: Let your customers speak their minds first, then understand and offer a resolution. This will make your customers feel heard and set a positive tone for the rest of the video session.
  • Show Value: Straight away show gratitude to your customers for taking time to chat. Let them know how much you value them and do your best to resolve their issues.
  • One-contact Resolution: Your customers are impatient and won’t appreciate it if they are redirected to other team members for resolution. Offer them what they expect: one-contact resolution.
  • Feedback: Lastly, ask your customers to share their feedback. How was their experience with your executive? Was their query resolved? Customer testimonials will not only help improve customer service but also the products you offer.

4. Use Screen Share/Co-Browsing to Solve Technical Issues 


Up till now, we have discussed how you can improve customer services after they have purchased your products. But what about technical issues customers face while purchasing? Screen share or co-browsing is a way to offer real-time solutions to problems your customer may face during their buying journey.

Using screen sharing software or co-browsing during video chat, the support team can see the activities of customers and even take control of their screens to resolve the problems they are facing. This saves time in implementing the solutions customers are looking for and improves their experience in the process.

5. Customer Onboarding with Product Demos 

Remote culture is picking up the pace all thanks to the pandemic. Onboarding new customers in today's remote culture makes it challenging to sustain your business. However, video calls have come across as an effective way to acquire and retain new customers.

Through video chat, you can showcase products in all their glory, give demonstrations, and build solid relationships. Also, the video calls will be a preeminent onboarding tool to effortlessly onboard customers and quickly answer their questions.

You can do much more than that. Here’s a peek:

  • Offering a helping hand to new customers
  • Showcasing the product value
  • Answering the questions customers may have before they come onboard or buy your products

6. Invest in a Good Quality Audio/Video Equipment 

You must be wondering, does it matter to invest in good quality audio/video equipment? The answer is, absolutely yes! Audio/video equipment can make or break your business’s impression.

Even if you have highly trained professionals and experts, muffled sound and shadowy video seem a bit unprofessional.

Take care of audio with a high-quality headset that has a built-in microphone for clear communication and pair that with a webcam. In-built webcams will do the job pretty much, no need for developing a state-of-the-art facility.

The only thing to make sure of for good quality visuals during video chat is your internet connection. Often the internet speed diminishes your video quality. Thus, ensure you have a high-speed connection to maintain the video quality throughout the call.

Wrap Up

Live video chat has a significant untapped potential for small businesses that want to adapt to the transformed digital landscape.

More and more companies are joining the bandwagon to resolve customer problems in a more humanized way.

As we move toward the technology revolution, seeing a real person who is committed to resolving your issues makes customers feel connected with companies.

Consider scenarios where video chat is best to utilize.

Train your customer service team to offer an interactive and personalized experience, maintain the live chat etiquette, invest in good quality equipment, and follow other tips to offer an impeccable customer service experience. Video chats allow you to make every experience meaningful and memorable.

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