6 Social Media Lead Generation Strategies To Implement in 2024

Published: | By Gaurav Sharma

Were you struggling to generate new leads for your business in the past year? Now is the perfect time to get into new avenues, like social media platforms.

Look, people spent 151 minutes per day on social media in 2023. 

So, it’s obvious that these platforms present a unique opportunity to reach your target audience, and the right social media lead-generation strategies can help.

It goes beyond just generating leads, though. You must know how to motivate these leads to go down the sales funnel.

With that in mind, are you ready to use social media marketing to generate quality leads? Let’s look at six strategies that can help you with that.

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  1. Optimizing your online profile
  2. Creating captivating, clickable content
  3. Using influencer marketing
  4. Offering incentives
  5. Sharing customer testimonials
  6. Hosting livestream events


Social Media Lead Generation Strategies

You can generate leads via social media in multiple ways. So there’s no point limiting yourself to just one.

The best part is that you can use multiple strategies simultaneously with enough time, resources, and proper planning. 

Here are six social media lead-generation strategies you should try in 2024 and beyond.

1. Optimizing your online profile

You want your online profile to be a one-stop shop for social media users to learn about what you offer.

That’s why you need to ensure everything is in place before even thinking about making a custom social media strategy.

By optimizing your social media pages, you provide a means for your customers or potential customers to learn more about your business and its products or services. How do you do that?

Start by filling out the accurate contact details on your social media pages.

These include relevant information like: 

  • Your business’s email
  • Your phone number
  • Your address
  • A link to your website or landing page

Take the POWR Facebook page, for example, which has all the relevant information.


Image via Facebook

Another good thing is that some social media platforms allow you to add a visible call to action.

While this is valuable as a social media lead-generation strategy, you must, however, ensure that your call-to-action aligns with your overall brand goal or the objective of your campaign.

It could be as simple as “Visit our website” or “Book a call.”

2. Creating captivating, clickable content

One of the best ways to attract new leads is to offer something of value. But, with social media, this means posting exciting and clickable content that can engage users.

To do this, you can:

  • Create hilarious or ASMR videos related to your products and services
  • Add thought-provoking captions to your posts
  • Design aesthetically pleasing infographics

Also, with high competition for engagement online, you need to be more than good—you have to be unique.

Consider using a social media caption generator to help your posts shine.

I mean; don’t you just want to watch this video by Rachel Saunders Ceramics repeatedly and buy one of their terrific mugs?


Image via Instagram

If you want to generate sales leads, though, you should probe for more than just views. You want more click-throughs, comments, shares, and even new followers.

These metrics give you all the information you need to use social media to target your audience for lead nurturing, which is the second phase of your social selling process.

For even better results, share comparison posts like Zendesk vs Salesforce that compare your product with your competitor.

Use engaging captions and relevant hashtags to attract potential customers who are actively researching their options. This strategy can help you generate more qualified leads directly interested in your product. 

3. Using influencer marketing

One of the best social media lead generation strategies is having influencers endorse your products and services. This is an excellent strategy to help improve demand and exposure for your business.

Look for influencers that create and post social media content related to your brand’s niche.

Then, reach out to them about a collaboration. With the right social media influencer, your brand can discover new streams of leads and followers.

They can browse your online profiles and, ultimately, your website. There are different ways in which influencers can promote your brand and help with social media lead generation.

They could:

  • Tag your brand in their posts
  • Use sponsored tutorials
  • Review your product
  • Offer discount codes to their followers

Need more ideas? You can read an expert Attrock guide on different creative influencer marketing campaigns to learn more about the practical aspects of influencer marketing. 

Here’s an example of La Roche-Posay's collaboration with different influencers, like Jae Gurley, for brand activation.


Image via TikTok

Think about it: 31% of social media users prefer finding new products on social media through influencers.

Clearly, influencer marketing is a smart social lead-generation strategy. Plus, if you want to make sales via social media, it makes sense to leverage those who already have an online presence, reach, and following.

4. Offering incentives

Why should anyone give you any information for free, especially when it’s valuable? However, offering a trade is a whole different ball game.

What does this mean for you?

You can offer incentives to people to share their contact details with you. In no time, you’ll find yourself swamped with tons of email addresses of potential leads.

This is a typical “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours” scenario.

You can start with referral campaigns. Here, you can encourage your current customers to refer your brand to people in return for coupons or discounts.

That’s not all! There are other ways of offering incentives in exchange for potential clients’ contact information. You can:

  • Host social media contests
  • Offer gated content like McKinsey’s report below:


Image via Instagram

  • Host webinars
  • Special offers
  • Create research documents
  • Share newsletters like WealthSimple does here:


Image via Instagram

Also, you can perform a social media competitor analysis to see what other brands in your niche are offering as incentives. This gives you insights into what your target audience responds to better.

5. Sharing customer testimonials

Intriguing potential customers with testimonials from existing customers is one of the best social media lead-generation strategies you can implement in 2024. 

Start by sharing real-life case studies, user-generated content, and client testimonials in different formats.

This way, you offer social proof that your brand is legit and worth patronizing. Seeing someone, even if it’s a stranger, happily wearing a product makes it a bit more appealing, doesn’t it?

For instance, here’s a customer wearing a Franc workout wear:


Image via Instagram

6. Hosting livestream events

Livestream events is a social media lead-generation strategy that is not only engaging but also cost-effective.

You don’t need any expensive venue to connect with your audience. It could be a masterclass, a behind-the-scenes tour of your store, or a Q&A session.

Whatever the event, you can use it to engage, entertain, and educate your audience. What’s more? During the live stream, plug in your products and services.

Plus, you can use POWR Form Builder to create and add a form so your viewers can sign up and follow you online.

Even more, you can offer a recorded and edited version of the live event in exchange for people’s details.

You don’t have to worry about editing the video if that’s not your forte, though. You can outsource video editing to a professional so they can add your branding and spruce up your videos.

To Wrap It Up

Implementing social media lead-generation strategies takes planning and time. Besides, every social media platform comes with its specific requirements.

So, you may have to experiment to find what works for your brand. You need to know your audience and be up-to-date with social media trends.

This includes creating relevant content and improving your online presence on different platforms, especially new ones. That said, we hope these strategies help generate leads for your brand.

Let us know which one you try out and share the results in the comments section.

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