5 Successful Shopify Stores You Should Copy

Published: | By Mariah Mateo

Independence is every business owner’s end goal when starting a venture. This is what inspired the owners of Shopify that previously was an online store selling snowboards. 

They later transitioned into a full-blown e-commerce company after realizing they could get more out of the business.

Below are some online stores using Shopify that you are a cut about the rest. Click below to skip ahead, keep reading for the fully story!

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  1. Bulletproof
  2. FashionNova
  3. Vibrant Health
  4. ColourPop Cosmetics
  5. Allbirds

Another of Shopify's goals is to help solopreneurs achieve the independence they desire, and the ability to enjoy what they do for a living everyday.

Today Shopify offers a platform to thousands of retail stores, online businesses, and more. This has helped them achieve their individual goal for the business while doing the same for the rest of the business world. 

If you're a startup or already running an online eCommerce business, you may benefit from some pointers on how to go about shifting your business operations in the right direction.

1. Bulletproof 

This is an online company that is focused on everything wellness and nutrition namely; supplements, workouts, and specialized coffee.


All this is aimed at helping people become their happiest, healthiest selves as they go about their lives.

The key things any business owner like you can learn from them include;

  • Authenticity

Bulletproof is not afraid to showcase the sources of where they get the raw materials to process the products.

They boast of clean ingredients with high uncompromised quality which helps them to establish credibility with the customers. 

  • Clear objectivity

The aim of their business is made very clear on their website, which is to work towards improving nutrition and wellness.

This helps them to keep a straight objective that guides their productivity. They continue to doctor new products with their purpose in mind earning the trust of the clients.

  • Thinking outside the norm

There are several companies providing something similar to what Bulletproof is offering but they have managed to stay relevant in that field.

This is achieved by using outside-the-box ideas to improve the products in their factory.

The scientific team has achieved the point where they examine the products and give out ones that suit clients' needs.

All of their goods are carefully analyzed and balanced by a team of scientists, making them extra safe for the customers.

  • Going that extra mile

Most people believe working that extra hour is cumbersome and with no returns but Bulletproof has been able to do this and it works for them.

The fact that they have hired professionals to handle the important part of production, shows they care about their customers’ well-being before anything else.

2. FashionNova 

FashionNova is one of the world's leading fashion brands working with Shopify.


They have a huge customer base that is mainly brought about by their outstanding designs. Their main aim is to make people look their best in what they wear, this pushes them to be efficient, reliable, and unique all around. 

Over the years the business has grown exponentially bringing in influencers to do their marketing and other strategies to get the word out.

Their designs attract overwhelmingly large numbers of renowned personalities in the entertainment industry. 

Fashion Nova's main attributes include:

  • Hard work

Hard work pays, is what people say and Fashion Nova doesn’t take this aspect for granted. 

They believe that working extra hard gets them to the ranks they are now and they are able to keep up with their client's orders plus all the new trends in the fashion industry.

This is one thing a business can emulate, invest your time fully in your work for good and lasting results.

  • Consistency

There is a need for every business owner to be consistent in everything they do because this helps to keep your customers hungry for your products.

Fashion Nova adds new arrivals to their website every week without fail, helping it maintain its big customer base.

Everything in life requires persistence in order to have something tangible to hold on to. 

  • Constant marketing

A steady marketing plan is crucial for any investment, this is what brings in new customers and keeps the existing ones at bay.

Marketing is a risk on its own but it never fails to bring back something substantial to the company. 

  • Productivity

Always keep adding new and innovative products to your store, because nobody likes a monotonous store that restocks the same things all the time.

Fashion Nova keeps fresh by adding new and better designs to their catalog. 

3. Vibrant Health 

Thirty years ago Vibrant Health was launched focusing purely on the health and wellness of people. Today the company has opened thousands of branches around the world, giving jobs to even more thousands.


The company is strongly guided by the passion for the wellness of people, which is a good enough push to continue expanding any business. 

Vibrant Health produces a range of carefully formulated supplements using natural ingredients available to them. They also pride themselves in providing their services for all audiences from the young to the elderly.

  • Principled

Vibrant Health clearly outlines the core values that guide them throughout every step of production.

They have been able to maintain the same principles they started working with over the years earning them even more credibility in that field.

It is easy to work according to some guidance along every milestone in any workplace. This provides clear objectives, targets, and natural self-drive among employees.

  • Passionate

This company has proven to be an integral part of the health and wellness industry by keeping each and every customer's interest at heart.

Their passion has automatically earned the trust of many clients which has become constant over the years.

It is important for clients to feel confident buying your products and this is achieved by thinking of them during production.

  • Determined and driven

A company becomes prestigious and well known through the determination and the drive of the employees doing the work to give top-notch results. All this is seen through the progress made by Vibrant Health over the years.

It is a challenge to become one of the best wellness companies despite all of the competition today. This is a reminder to put in all the work and it will shine through.

  • Committed to their goal

It is important to always go along with the original purpose of your business. The only thing you can do is keep improving the already existing products.

The goal of Vibrant Health has not changed for the thirty years they have been in this industry; doing this has been beneficial for them and their clientele. This may not be easy but sure enough, it will pay off because customers tend to lean into the relevance of a company.

4. ColourPop Cosmetics 

Established nine years ago, it is mind-blowing what ColourPop has accomplished in such a short time. They pride themselves in producing quality beauty products that are pocket-friendly for every person.


The company has created jobs for a lot of people while growing themselves in the process.

ColourPop has shown their drive and hard work through their products plus being one of the top ten stores on Shopify.

  • Precision

Precision during the production of any product helps the customers draft an idea of what works for them.

In the beauty industry, this is key because there are so many factors to be considered before drafting any product.

All business owners are required to do extensive research on the field they want to venture into.

  • Stability

It should be a goal to always work towards attaining stability in all areas of any business. 

ColourPop cosmetics have shown some level of stability in their routines; production, marketing, deliveries, and in all their stores.

  • Collaborations

Working with influencers, make-up artists, and other beauty brands is also good when you want to boost your company's credibility.

This applies to all businesses because not only does this give you some relevance, but it also helps in marketing. 

5. Allbirds 

Like many other shoe companies, Allbirds founders were inspired. They saw a resource that could be used going to waste and decided to build something out of it.


The company uses merino wool which was carefully crafted specifically for footwear. This resource is sustainable and suitable for their goal.

It should be noted that Allbirds has also been a loyal POWR user for many years! 

Allbirds has a very simple concept that guides their journey; simple designs, confidence, and comfort. Another thing is that they are not shy to try something that most people will not normally go for.

This works for them plus it reduces any strong competition while making the company all the more unique. 

Bottom Line

Shopify has been a home for these and more successful companies showing the dominance of e-commerce today and in the foreseeable future.  

Online business is something that has been here for a long time because it is a platform that creates jobs, boosts start-ups and it will continue growing into the future.

The companies above have a few things in common that you should copy; authenticity, consistency, hard work, determination, clear objectivity, and more.

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