5 POWR Apps to Use For Marketing Your Holiday Deals This Season

Published: | By Gaukhar Murzagaliyeva

Previously we discussed how you can create a holiday marketing plan for your online business. In this week’s article, we’ll look at how you can complete your plan with some POWR apps to reap the benefits of the holiday season. The following apps will help you achieve your business goals for the year and build a good relationship with your existing and potential customers.

Countdown Timer

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The Countdown Timer app is a great tool to count down to an important event, create a sense of urgency before the end of sale, and count up from a number. Naturally, it is very fitting for a holiday marketing campaign as it helps drive urgency behind the time-sensitive holiday deals that you’re offering. You can include this timer in your holiday-themed landing page, for example, so every visitor that comes to that page knows about the time limits of your offers.

Email Countdown


If you want to add FOMO (or the Fear of Missing Out) to any deal that you send to your subscriber list, be sure to check out our Email Countdown app. A newer addition to our app library, Email Countdown is different from Countdown Timer in that it is specifically designed to be installed on your marketing platform emails like MailChimp, Omnisend, Klaviyo, etc. The purpose of this app is to remind your subscribers of the most important sales events (i.e. free shipping, Sales ends etc.). You can try using Countdown Timer and Email Countdown together for maximum effect. This can increase your conversion rate by 375% by adding a sense of urgency.


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Another app that is worth trying this holiday season is the Popup app. Popup app is a flexible tool that lets you capture emails, keep visitors on your site, get more followers, boost conversions, or post a survey. It is up to you to figure out how you want to use a popup, but in light of the holidays, it might be best to use the app to offer holiday discounts or free shipping. eCommerce orders can improve by as much as 90% with free shipping so having a little popup notification announcing free shipping might really help you generate more sales and get more customers interested in your holiday offers.

Image Slider

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People often find it hard to decide what, or how much to buy when purchasing a gift. So, if you offer gift bundles on your website, you can display them - the products that are often purchased together - through the Image Slider app (also called Photo & Video Slider app). You can also include explanations of the bundles in slider captions, further giving your customers ideas on what to purchase for their gifts. Crafting gift bundles that are specific for certain family members (i.e. gifts for dads, moms, grandparents, etc.) will diversify your holiday offers and create more opportunity to make use of the image slider.

Social Feed



Most of the apps we just discussed like Countdown Timer, Email Countdown, and Popup are good specifically for the holidays. However, Social Feed is the app that you can use year round. It is an easy way to automatically show posts from social media on your website. You can combine posts from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Vimeo, and more in a single gallery. The reason you should also use it during holidays is to display the holiday-themed content you create for your social media and spread some holiday cheer. If you want to engage with your audience more actively, you can try creating a hashtag and urging people to create posts with that hashtag. Then, the social feed installed on your webpage will show all that highly valuable UGC content that ensures conversion lift of 137% and revenue per visitor lift of 157%.

We hope that these apps will help you execute your holiday marketing strategy to the fullest capacity. If you’d like some guidance on how to create a powerful marketing campaign for your eCommerce business, be sure to check out POWR’s free eBook: eCommerce 101: Tips For Using Holiday Deals to Increase Sales and Revenue. It’s perfect for new business owners that don’t know where to start with their first holiday campaign.

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