10 Tips To Help You Achieve Better Results On Social Media

Published: | By Vibhu Dhariwal

Beyond just communicating, social media platforms have turned into a gold mine for almost every business owner and marketing brand. Facebook alone has about 2.9 billion active users, which is still growing. Of course, the competition for these users is incredibly high too. 

That's why we’ve compiled ten proven tips to help you stand out better and achieve great results on social media. Let's get right into it, shall we?

1. Be Audience Specific: That's Your GPS

Target audience illustration

You need to know your potential audiences to grow a quality fan or customer base. 

First off, you need to figure out who to target. Secondly, you're bound to produce improper content that doesn't align with your followers' pain points or needs.

Consider these 7 factors carefully:

  • Who are your clients or preferred audiences?
  • Are they already familiar with you?
  • What concerns them?
  • How do they see your social brand?
  • What information must they receive to think your goods or services are worthwhile?
  • What are their pain points?
  • What are their trigger topics and sensitive trends?

That's just the beginning. Make sure thorough audience research is a part of your social media marketing strategy

Demographics and a basic consumer profile are the surfaces for defining your target audience. Include why you are the ideal answer and their pain points, inspirations, and goals.

2. Be Consistently Active


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You must consistently use social media sites to their fullest potential. Even though you can publish a few things on social media, posting regularly and consistently will be beneficial and keep readers interested. 

The peak user activity periods on various social media platforms vary, so find out the best time to post on your chosen social media platform.

3. Communicate With Your Audience

Social networking is the primary purpose of social media platforms. You need to talk to people, engage with them, and network with them. Both making attention-grabbing pieces and connecting with your audience are equally crucial.

You will portray the image that you're not interested in your audience if you aren't engaging with them, and you don't want that. Making your audience feel special and demonstrating that you are aware of their demands can help you positively spread the word about yourself.

You can take things a step further by sliding into their post's comment section and dropping helpful opinions. Remember, no selling; contribute to their content.

If you want to bond with your audience on a higher level, Facebook groups would be a good option, as Brush Galaxy proved Facebook groups are a perfect medium for communicating with digital artists.

4. Create A Calendar For Your Social Media Posts


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Use social media marketing calendar tools to plan and publish your posts. Calendars are like location points on Google Maps. They give you an accurate view of your schedules for more efficient and well-timed action.

Additionally, content calendars facilitate efficient resource distribution, enhance teamwork, and provide a deeper understanding of what functions well and what doesn't. 

5. Explore The Most Recent Trends

Similarly, if you follow a relatable trend on social media, your business will be directly projected to millions of active users. That's similar to receiving free publicity for you or your business. It is always preferable to sail with the wind at your back.

But to have a great social media campaign, take your time joining any trendy topic. You need to consider how you can offer value, be unique, and publish something intriguing that will draw the genuine attention of your readers.

6. Take Customer Support Seriously


Customer service


Remember that your social media is primarily a platform for engaging with and providing for your customers. If you don't actively interact with your consumers, meet their needs, and resolve their problems, posting amusing quotes, images, or videos won't help your business. 

Statistics show that 71% of customers with a great social media experience with a brand are likely to tell their friends and family about it.

A social media channel is precisely that—a way to connect with your present audience and draw in new ones. Pay close attention to what your consumers say about your company, approach, and product and service on social media.

7. Don't Stop Promoting Your Social Media Pages

If no one knows about your social media handles, why were the accounts created in the first place? 

Promote your social media pages consistently to help more people find them. Encourage your loved ones to participate with and publicize your social media sites.

Doing this will broaden the visibility of your presence on social media even without using a paid campaign. If paid advertisements work better, feel free to do so to increase awareness of your social media accounts.

8. Employ The Right Tools

Large organizations can afford to staff their social media accounts with a large social media crew that manages their campaigns. It is challenging for smaller businesses or people who manage their accounts to maintain daily operations on their social media sites.

Thankfully, modern technology makes every task simpler. You can publish concurrently on several social media platforms using various methods. You can also prepare and plan your social media content when free.

9. When In Doubt, Use Multimedia

Multimedia illustrationSource

Photo and video material are now the new marketing norms. According to statistics, visual formats are 40 times more likely to be shared on social media platforms than other content types. 

Most marketers also reported a higher count of engagement when using videos compared to images. Additionally, pictures and videos receive far more views than text-based messages for people trying to gain more Twitter followers.

The best part is that going visual doesn't require expensive production equipment or a huge budget. Your team can produce something significant with one or two backgrounds with cool shades, a ring light, and possibly your phone camera. 

Thanks to the abundance of tools available for producing social photographs and videos, it's now easier to engage your audience visually.

10. Remember To Audit The Results

Your social media marketing outcome will only be effective if you are tracking and auditing. Analytics are required to determine what is performing well for your marketing and what isn't.

Use data to optimize the usage of both performing and underperforming assets. Moreover, analytics will improve your understanding of your audience and help you communicate with them efficiently.

Final Thoughts

An effective social media marketing plan must be a part of your overall marketing strategy. You can increase your outreach by interacting with your audience in unique ways.

Identify your target audience and how you can be of help to them. Follow up with relevant content and engage your followers on a personal level. Don't chase size; take your time to build a quality base.

Finally, use social media analytics tools to measure the success of your social media marketing strategies. 

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