Which Survey App Is Best?

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A survey app is a great addition to any website.

It’s an effective lead generator, and it efficiently collects quality user feedback in real-time so you can quickly get insights about your customer’s experiences to improve customer loyalty.

But which survey app can best integrate into your Canva site and serve your needs?

POWR’s Canva survey app is one of the best ones out there. It boasts advanced customization, dynamic notifications, and seamless integrations—all of which you get without writing a single line of code!

An Intro to Canva Website

When asked, “What can Canva be used for?” its website enthusiasts can add another point to its already long list of features: creating websites. Let’s be clear, you could already use the creative platform to draft website templates in the past.

But recently, Canva took that a step further by being its hosting service (though you can still use your preferred solution and simply connect your Canva website to your domain after designing).

Why Add a Survey App to Your Canva Website

Surveys are valuable tools that can help website owners generate leads, boost engagement, and collect feedback. Here are some reasons why you should add POWR’s Canva survey app to your site:

1. More Leads

Surveys are an effective means to collect information from your customers.

By placing them in key locations on your website and making them convenient to answer, you can easily get your users' email addresses or contact details.

You can also integrate it into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems for sales and marketing use.

2. Increased Engagement

Surveys keep customers on your website longer, which can spike your platform’s engagement stats.

By asking for their opinion on their experience on the website or anything related to your products, you are inviting them to be more active users who can participate in aspects related to the brand.

3. Better Feedback

Most survey tools are designed as feedback forms that gather information from website users about their post-purchase experiences.

You can get quality insights to better inform how you can improve your brand, products, or services, user interface (UI), and experience (UX). 

What Is a POWR Canva Survey?

Trusted in millions of websites around the globe, POWR offers a catalog of the best-rated apps and templates that make websites more powerful.

POWR Canva surveys, one of its newest updates, allows website owners to embed a customized survey on their Canva site with zero coding.

Benefits of Using a POWR Canva Survey

POWR Canva surveys enable you to create and customize well-designed and functional forms without writing a single line of code—but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Here are the benefits of using POWR Canva surveys.

1. Advanced Customization

A POWR Canva survey allows advanced customization.

You can build multi-page forms with rich elements like dropdowns, multiple-choice, file uploads, emoji feedback, star ratings, and more.

You can also apply conditional logic, which lets you show or hide questions and choices based on the user's previous answers.

POWR Canva surveys also come with post-submission options.

Choose to redirect your customers to a Thank You page, give them a custom message, display their survey results, or hide the form when they’re done.

2. Dynamic Notifications

With a POWR Canva survey, you’re always in the know when someone submits a completed form.

You get automatic email notifications, and you can set up branded and conditional autoresponder emails to send to customers once they submit their survey.

3. Powerful Integrations

A POWR Canva survey seamlessly integrates into your Canva website, and you don’t even have to know how to code to do it! 

Simply embed the site on your website through the POWR Editor or copy the embed link into your website.

It also works with various integrations such as MailChimp, Zapier, and Google Sheets, which makes it easier to manage collected data and merge it into the systems already in place in your organization.

4. Mobile Responsiveness

POWR Canva surveys are designed to function properly on all devices.

You can offer customers the same convenient experience answering your survey whether they’re on their laptops, tablets, or phones.

POWR Canva Surveys: The Best Survey App

POWR Canva’s surveys make it the best survey app for Canva websites, as it offers advanced customization, seamless integration, and mobile responsiveness, all of which contribute to an easy and convenient survey experience.

It can effectively boost leads, increase engagement, and draw better feedback, which can improve your company’s branding, products, and website. Try POWR Canva surveys today!

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