Tweet Smarter: Productivity Hacks For Effective Twitter Marketing

Published: | By Gaukhar Murzagaliyeva

Having a business means you need to market wherever you can. Social media platforms are the best places for consumers to get noticed. Twitter is among the most engaging channels.

Social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can provide access to a broad audience base

You can also find potential users interested in your business through these platforms. 



Twitter is a fantastic platform to grow your business. Although this platform quickly changes, it can drive serious revenue if leveraged correctly. 

What is Twitter Marketing, and What are Its Benefits?

Twitter marketing is an approach to promote your brand using Twitter. It includes generating effective social media strategies. 

Moreover, you are also required to produce and publish content on the platform. 

Twitter marketing involves publishing the right tweets at the right time to engage the right audience. 

Businesses need to consider Twitter marketing to boost their business. Here are some benefits businesses get from marketing their products or services on Twitter. 

  • Direct messaging leads to genuine concerns 

Similar to other competitors, Twitter includes a direct messaging feature. Individuals or businesses can use this feature for private conversations between two users. 

However, the significant difference is that both accounts must mutually follow before contacting one another. 

If users have their inbox set to “open,” you can message them without even following. 

 It may be challenging for marketers who want to engage with influencers or other important industry players. 

But, if they reserve direct messaging for mutuals, it will ensure your conversations are worthwhile. They are also personalized, authentic, and captivating.

  • Multiple posts per day are normal and not annoying

Mark Valderrama, founder at Aquarium Store Depot, said, “Twitter is considered the only social platform where marketers can post up to 15 posts per day.” 

“Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is still heavily sequential.” 

“The tweets have a very short lifespan in the ongoing post feed. That is why providing regular updates with multiple posts is important to stay relevant.” 

He continues, “Marketers can take this opportunity to integrate a diverse mix of content. It will help entertain and educate their Twitter followers and keep them engaged. You can use texts, videos, images, polls, and live videos for your business. These features will encourage conversations in different ways.

  • Twitter displays your brand voice

If you have a robust posting schedule, Twitter will provide your brand with a network to develop its public personality and voice. 

The voice of the brand can change depending on its industry. 

Since Twitter has a wide range of people, your brand can find the right audience. Therefore, you can also target them easily with the best practices.

Strategies for Effective Twitter Marketing


There are plenty of effective Twitter strategies to optimize marketing. Here, we have included a few of the most incredible approaches to achieving your Twitter marketing goals.

  • Create and share curated lists

Eran Mizrahi, CEO of Ingredient Brothers, said, “Curated lists enable you to consider tweets from or send tweets to individuals within a specified list. 

You can categorize people you’re following and those you’re not following. List them into groups to see what they write about a certain topic. 

It is impressive if you have set up an event or wish to develop content for an article or blog post. You can also add and pull out yourself from lists as and when you ought to.

  • Drive engagement by utilizing visuals

If you want to do something different from the typical 140-character limit tweets, you also have the choice to incorporate images and video.

 Expert Twitter marketers say articles with visuals attract 94 percent more engagement than those without. 

A survey authorized by Twitter found that the content with video attracted 2.5 times more responses. It reveals that visuals work when tempting and engaging with viewers.

  • Connect with relevant people


Presenting your content to relevant people is crucial. It allows you to ripe the most of your Twitter marketing strategies. 

Hence, you can start developing vital business relationships. Targeting people with a stable and engaged audience will give you the best opportunity to increase your reach. 

Besides this, it will also help generate more leads. Discover the influencers and users with a firm hold on Twitter. 

It is best to develop strong connections with industry-relevant influencers.

  • Favorite good content and mentions

Engaging with your consumers and followers is an incredible way to engage with their work. Plus, acknowledge fascinating insights by mentioning them in posts. 

Share and retweet relevant posts in your feed, but don’t go overboard. 

Try to save or make every single tweet your favorite. But, be decisive and particular. If you give them any chance, they will take note of your steps and pay you back by sharing your content. 

It will increase your reach and engagement with your followers. Plus, it will lead to more potential consumers.

  • Share valuable content

The time of the salesman is long gone. People like high-quality, relevant knowledge to assist in solving their issues. 

That’s where curated content marketing comes to the rescue. Use Twitter to share content that your consumers cherish. 

In turn, you will place yourself as a power in your industry. You can lure people who are ready to buy your goods and services.

  • Be clever with hashtags and trends

Managing Lawyer of Substance Law, Harrison Jordan, said, “Hashtags are an easy way to tag and browse for social media updates and trends. Suppose you understand how creating buzz around new products can benefit you. 

It is very helpful in attracting potential customers. Don’t try to copy others. Instead, create your hashtags. 

You can use popular keywords and find other Twitter users pursuing similar trends. Several tools can assist you in keeping track of trending issues, events, and hashtags.

  • Link back to your website

Martin Seeley, CEO of Mattress Next Day, said, “The main purpose of marketing using Twitter and other social media platforms is obtaining traffic. 

You must drive traffic to your website or blog and convert visitors into paying consumers. To do this, you must incorporate links within your posts. 

These links direct traffic to your website. Include a tempting quote from a blog post or ask a query related to your topic. It will increase the reader’s interest and lure them to click the link.

  • Use Twitter analytics

Use Twitter analytics to measure the effectiveness of your Twitter engagement. With this tool, you can monitor interactions with other Twitter users. 



Furthermore, you can see the key metrics. These may include how many people saw your posts, the number of link clicks, and number of times users liked each tweet. 

It can also show you the top 10 interests of your followers. You can use all this information to create relevant decisions and strategies for the brand's success. 


Creating a good Twitter strategy can be a challenging task. You need to do a lot of work to create a short tweet. 

You also need to ensure that your tweet is engaging enough to attract an audience. 

However, following the proper steps and tips, you can optimize a Twitter marketing campaign to help you build your brand. 

These may include researching, creating targeted content, evaluating results, and updating strategies. 

Twitter is among the best platforms to increase brand visibility and generate new leads. Due to high competition, your strategy must be unique to stand out.

In my opinion, it is worth it if you want your business to grow your brand on social media.

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