The Growing Importance of Video Marketing on Social Media Platforms

Published: | By Renu Sharma

With over 91% of companies making video marketing a part of their marketing strategies and over 57% of consumers giving preference to video content from brands they support, the importance of video marketing cannot be overstated.

Video marketing relies on sight, sound, and motion to convey compelling narratives and captivate audiences in ways other mediums can’t match.

In the meantime, the growing popularity of social media as the hub of communication and interaction further increases the role of video marketing for the success of modern businesses.

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On social platforms, nearly 5 billion users share experiences, discover new content, and connect daily.

By embracing visuals on social media (SM) and using the unprecedented reach of social networks, businesses can break through the clutter of traditional ads, build authentic relations with consumers, and retain their loyalty in the long run.



Social Media Shift Toward Video Content Consumption

SM emerged as a communication means.

Yet, over time, social platforms grew into full-fledged marketing ecosystems.

Today, they offer sophisticated promotional capabilities, analytics tools, and influencer partnership opportunities. Brands use SM to enhance their messaging, cultivate customer loyalty, and drive traffic to their websites and storefronts.

With sponsored posts, targeted ads, influencer collabs, and viral campaigns, companies get more and more opportunities to connect with their target audiences in multiple meaningful ways.

Videos have become one of the most common and popular formats among the social media content types, outcompeting images and texts.

Video content is available in multiple forms, including short clips, live streams, long-form documentaries, and branded series.

Videos are a widely preferred medium for both consumers and marketers. They offer a dynamic and immersive experience that deeply resonates with audiences across demographics.



Today, vids reign supreme on social media, accounting for the lion's share of engagement and consumption across virtually every major platform.

Dynamic visuals win SM users’ attention, breaking linguistic barriers and cultural divides to connect people and keep them involved in ways words alone can’t.

Videos have reshaped how we communicate and consume content, and their impact will continue to grow. 

Benefits of Video Marketing on Social Media

While a welcoming space for brand promotions and marketing efforts, social platforms are a place with relentless competition.

In this realm, video marketing pops up as a helpful tool for brands that seek to forge meaningful connections, achieve tangible results, and gain a competitive edge.

The integration of videos in your SM strategy brings significant benefits. 

  • Engagement and reach amplification

The prime plus of video marketing is its ability to get SM audiences hooked and spark meaningful and resultative interactions. Unlike static images or text-based posts, visuals are dynamic and immersive.

They capture viewers and encourage them to linger longer on your content. Vids have the power to evoke emotions, provoke reactions, and foster deeper bonds with your target audience.

Videos on Facebook are shared nearly 90 times more than other types of content.

Over 91% of Instagram users watch videos on the platform every week. On X, videos result in 10 times more engagement than textual posts. In 2023, YouTube Shorts achieved over 70 billion views daily.



To add more to this, SM algorithms tend to favor video content. They prioritize it in users' feeds and reward posts that produce high levels of engagement.

Thus, extensive use of visuals will translate into greater visibility and reach for your brand. Your content will get a higher chance of being suggested to a larger audience and shared across social networks.

As a result, brands can cultivate a loyal community of followers who eagerly await their next video content.

  • More effective messaging

Under consistent informational overload, the ability to effectively convey complex messages is crucial for brands to get their audiences interested and make a lasting impression on them.

Text-based content requires readers to invest time and effort in grasping the meaning.

Meanwhile, video communicates ideas, concepts, and brand messages intuitively. So, it’s no wonder 98% of customers watch explainer videos to learn more about products or services.  

Using visual storytelling and dynamic narratives, videos break complex concepts into bite-sized chunks of info that viewers perceive and digest effortlessly.

They make it easy to explain a new product feature, demonstrate a how-to tutorial, or share customer testimonials.

You’ll be able to convey your messages in an engaging, memorable, and comprehensible manner to mitigate communication barriers and build deeper connections with your target audience.



  • Improved brand awareness and recognition

Bombarded by constant streams of advertising messages, many customers disregard or skip ads and promotions. This is where video marketing comes in as a powerful stimulator of brand differentiation. 

With compelling visuals and evocative messaging, videos contribute to strategic branding and enable brands to create a distinct identity that sets them apart from competitors and fosters recognition among their target audience.

By using brand colors and logos, incorporating brand ambassadors and spokespeople, or developing a signature visual style in videos, brands can reinforce their image and leave a lasting imprint on viewers' minds.

Moreover, on social platforms, users eagerly consume and share engaging and entertaining content.

Hence, SM is a fertile ground for brand discovery and exploration. Thus, over 90% of YouTube viewers discover new products or services via the platform.

By exploiting SM video content shareability, businesses can extend their reach, fortify their messaging, and hit new audiences who may not have been previously exposed to their brand.

All of this helps companies not only expand their presence and impact but also increase overall brand awareness.

  • Higher conversion rates and ROI

At the end of the day, any marketing effort is aimed at driving tangible results and delivering a positive ROI for your business.

Video marketing on social media boasts relay shines in this respect, with most marketers reporting ROI growth after inbuild videos in their strategies.

To maximize the impact of video marketing and further optimize ROI, you can explore adtech development to create targeted and data-driven advertising solutions.

It ensures your content reaches the right audience at the right time, enhancing overall marketing effectiveness.



Videos prove to noticeably drive conversion rates on SM and there few key reasons for that:

  • Video can draw viewers in on an emotional level. It can evoke strong feelings of trust, empathy, and affinity towards your brand.
  • Catchy imagery and sound create a rich and immersive experience that resonates with viewers and inspires them to take action. Over 84% of customers claim they made a purchase after watching a branded video.
  • This type of content is initially more convincing. It’s an ideal means to showcase products, demonstrate features, and highlight benefits to convert viewers and nudge them further down the sales funnel. YotPo’s study revealed that 30% of Instagram users proceed to buy a product they’ve discovered through video.
  • SM per se offers a wealth of targeting and retargeting options for brands to use their video content to reach specific audiences and extend beyond their habitual customer range. Companies can tailor their messages to address the unique needs and preferences of different consumer segments to maximize conversions and optimize ROI. 

Effective Video Marketing on Social Media: Strategies to Embrace

Mastering videos within social media marketing requires a strategic approach that combines creativity, insight, and data-driven decision-making. Let’s look into key strategies to succeed in this art. 

  • Know your target audience and platform demographics

Before you set off on your video marketing journey, take your time to conduct thorough research on your audience and the platforms they visit.

Analyze their age, gender, location, interests, and online behavior patterns.



What interests, drives, and motivates your audience?

Answer these questions to tailor your video content accordingly and make it resonate with their needs, preferences, and pain points.

Likewise, with the age and usage patterns of different SM platforms in mind, you can optimize your content for maximum impact and engagement across social platforms.

For example, TikTok and Snapchat are more popular among Gen Z users, and B2B professionals favor LinkedIn. 

According to new research from "TikTok, closely followed by Instagram, influences Gen-Z's buying choices significantly, with nearly 29% favoring TikTok as their top social media platform."

  • Create shareable content

To bring the desired marketing results, content should get viewers hooked and make them eager to share with their contacts.

To make your videos more engaging and visually appealing while providing value to your audience, you can mix in such elements as humor, storytelling, or educational insights. 

Strive to create video materials that spark conversation, promote reactions, and prompt viewers to take action.

Most social media subscribers tend to use smartphones and tablets to access platforms. 

Over 75% of videos are consumed via mobile devices.

So, optimize your visuals for mobile viewing. Keep them concise, with a clear message and strong visual appeal that grabs the viewer's attention from the very first frame.

Feel free to experiment with different formats and styles. Think outside the box to stand out from the competition.

  • Use storytelling and emotional appeal

Effective video marketing is not only about promotions. It's primarily about telling stories and establishing emotional connections with your prospects.

Emotions trigger memories and feelings. They can ignite consumers’ interest and enable brands to create content that resonates with viewers and fosters empathy which helps naturally build trust and loyalty.

Narrative arcs, character development, and visual metaphors in your visuals will amplify user experiences.

Let viewers sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes of your business. Use storytelling to disclose your brand’s best features and make it more authentic to your audience.

Refer to emotions to drive involvement and push your viewers to action. Powerful visuals, memorable music, and captivating storytelling will stimulate them to share your message with others.

  • Apply analytics for optimization

To succeed in SM marketing, it’s vital to regularly measure, track, and analyze the performance of your video content.

Use analytics to identify and understand your audience's preferences, behaviors, and engagement patterns.

This data will let you tailor your video marketing efforts for maximum impact and ROI.



You can use social media analytics tools to keep an eye on key metrics such as views, engagement, shares, and conversions.

For informed decision-making on your content generation and distribution strategy, identify trends and patterns in your audience's behavior, including peak viewing times, preferred content formats, and topics of interest.

Test different video lengths, formats, messaging, and calls to action. This will help you determine what brings the best results and streamline your future videos for better effectiveness. 

Top-notch analytics can help you stay ahead of the curve and achieve your digital marketing objectives with confidence and precision.

Is Video Marketing Worth the Effort?



To conclude, many trends in the digital environment come and go.

Yet, video marketing on social media is more than a passing trend. It’s rather a fundamental aspect of online promotional strategies.

Businesses should embrace it to elevate their social media presence, drive engagement, boost brand awareness, and increase conversions.

The possibilities it offers are endless for those bold enough to seize them.

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