The 7 Best Shopify Themes for 2023

Published: | By Tina Stefanova

For Shopify sellers who want to give their eCommerce businesses an extra push to succeed, Shopify themes are an oft-looked but essential part of the formula. 

By selecting from the best Shopify themes, you can work towards increasing conversion rate and sales while focusing on creating a user-friendly and aesthetically-appealing shopping experience. 

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With thousands of Shopify themes to browse and choose from, it can take time to determine the best fit for your business. 

The good news is that if you find your competitors’ eCommerce stores inspiring and wish to find out the themes they are using, there are ways to find out. 

For example, tools and Google Chrome extensions like Koala Inspector provide you with functionality like a Shopify theme detector, so you’ll be able to find out what theme works to improve your conversion rates.  

The 7 Best Shopify Themes for 2023 

We've covered you if you’re keen to find your industry's most popular and functional themes.

  1. Combine by Krown Themes 

shopify-theme-combine-beauty-iconic-duo-kitSource: Shopify

Product bundles are excellent for increasing average order value (AOV). If increasing your Shopify store’s AOV is one of your priorities, Combine by Krown Themes may be the theme you need. 

Perfect for beauty brands and the luxury goods industry, Combine allows you to bundle products together and feature them in your hero images. Combine is an essential choice for running flash sales for a limited time to capture customers’ interest and engage them with irresistible promotions and deals. 

Cross-selling functionality, product review features, and a sticky header spotlighting your best-selling products will drive conversion rates. 

  • Spark by Fluorescent Design Inc. 

shopify-them-spark-falconette-signature-collectionSource: Shopify

Simplicity can be both understated and functional, and Spark by Fluorescent Design Inc. proves that minimal design is ideal for eCommerce store layouts. 

This luxurious theme aims to build trust and achieves this with its bold yet humble aesthetics. The theme's mobile-centric design keeps customers engaged even while they are on the go.

shopify-theme-origin-unfold-bag-exampleSource: Shopify

If you have an intricately-crafted and stellar product, you will want the best Shopify theme to give it the attention and treatment it deserves. Shopify’s native theme Origin accentuates the uniqueness of your product, giving you many customization choices to execute your design ideas. 

While similar themes may cost upwards of $200, Origin can be installed free, with free theme updates to help you stay abreast of design trends. 

shopify-theme-shapes-colorful-soda-canSource: Shopify

Give your eCommerce business the extra edge to stand out with Shapes by Switch, an energetic theme bound to catch the eye of curious customers. As the theme name suggests, sellers can use a selection of shapes to create standout visuals and differentiate themselves from other Shopify stores. 

Hence, this Shopify theme is easy to use and customize, helping you fulfill your theme vision faster. You can achieve your design goals by changing elements with the drag-and-drop feature and using different shapes to fit evolving design needs.

shopify-theme-andaman-artisanal-bread-makerSource: Shopify

Brand storytelling continues to be all the rage, especially in the age of digital marketing and reaching customers online. Set yourself apart from the dropshipping competition with a unique Shopify theme to tell your brand story. 

Andaman by Barracuda gives you the tools to communicate your unique proposition through visual narratives. Thanks to its no-frills layout, the theme is easy on the eyes and draws emphasis to messages in your store. 

shopify-theme-motion-for-the-explorersSource: Shopify

An inspiring Shopify theme can have a lasting impact on how customers perceive your products. Motion by Archetype Themes gives brands a sense of dynamism and movement by using animations that blend seamlessly with the design. 

Thus, you can showcase different product catalogs, exemplifying your Shopify store's diversity and versatility.

  • Grid by Pixel Union 

shopify-theme-grid-prism-cosmeticsSource: Shopify

Looking for the best Shopify theme to showcase all your business has to offer in just one glance? Grid by Pixel Union’s grid layout provides a compelling option for dropshippers like you who want to spotlight a range of products and highlight the variety available in their stores. 

The grid design allows you to choose between featuring products, customer testimonials, videos, and other media. 


Even if you have implemented the many ways to maximize eCommerce sales on your Shopify store, the importance of a reliable and chic Shopify theme cannot be understated. 

A well-selected theme can help you resonate with the right audiences, improve conversion rates with an enhanced shopping journey, and exude professionalism. 

There are near-endless themes from which to choose, no matter the size of your budget; free and paid options can elevate the look and feel of your store without requiring a coding background.

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