How Robert Is Here Got 20x More Contacts and Closed Sales 3x Faster

Published: | By Emilie Murphy

Robert is Here is a popular fruit stand and farm in Homestead, Florida specializing in rare and exotic fruits and vegetables. As a popular local business that’s featured in visitor guides (and known for their awesome milkshakes) it wasn’t long before it was time to find ways to expand.




“POWR has been such a tremendous asset on our website over the past year. It’s helped us respond to inquiries faster by reducing the time spent on follow up, so we can close sales 3x faster. POWR gives our business the ability to get all types of information from our customers without having to know tons of code. Their software is super simple to use and definitely worth every penny.”

Brandon Cepeda


Step 1: Taking the Business Online

Robert is Here took their popular business that relied heavily on word of mouth and foot traffic online. They built their site using Shopify (check it out at They began advertising their exotic produce in a tropical fruit guide on their website and selling their products online as well as in their physical location.


Robert is Here A Small Business with Big Dreams-4-min


Step 2: Finding a Way to Collect Information

Once their website was set up, they needed an effective way of collecting customer inquiries and quote requests for their tropical fruit. They needed more than a general contact page, and having customers write in by email wasn’t going to be manageable or time-effective as it requires too much manual back and forth. They also didn’t have a big team dedicated to managing the online business. It was all managed single-handedly by Brandon Cepeda.

Step 3: Getting Started with POWR

Brandon found POWR Form Builder, which stood out for being robust, super simple to set up and required no coding (perfect for a small team with no engineering resources). Form Builder gave them the flexibility to collect rich information from their customers, including dates, preferences, file uploads, tax exemptions (and much more!) and they get automatic notifications each time they get a new response.

Step 4: Scaling Up

After seeing the time savings offered by using Form Builder to collect tropical fruit orders, Robert is Here realized the opportunity could extend to other parts of the business. They now also use forms to:


  1. Collect field trip inquiries and set up autoresponders that get sent each time they receive a new inquiry to cut down on manual correspondence.
  2. Automate collecting job applications, and now receive almost 20x more applications than before. Keeping applications organized is easier than ever with the form response dashboard and file uploads to collect resumes.
  3. Collect signatures for a petition to protect valuable farmland from a high-rise development, with over 12,000 responses in less than 4 months!
application form


Robert is Here A Small Business with Big Dreams-min


Step 5: The Return

Robert is Here scaled from a fruit stand to a profitable online business making +$250K within their first year of using Shopify and POWR Form Builder. They now ship to all 50 states, and are zero waste (they feed any unsold fruit to their farm animals as part of the field trips they offer, pretty neat!).

Using POWR Form Builder to simplify their workflows and automate processes they:

  1. Respond to inquiries and close sales 3x faster
  2. Get 20x more job applications
  3. Organize field trips efficiently
  4. Easily manage 1000s of petition submissions daily.
Robert is Here A Small Business with Big Dreams-2-min


Our purpose at POWR is to help businesses of all sizes, like Robert is Here, achieve success online. We believe in the value and unique visions of small business owners and strive to provide only the best solutions to help them achieve their BIG dreams.

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