Maximizing Conversion Rates With Coupon Best Practices

Published: | By Mick Essex

Are you looking to turn those 'just browsing' visitors into loyal customers?

The secret might just be strategically placed coupons throughout your website.

With the right approach, offering discounts can convert browsers into buyers and one-time purchasers into repeat customers. 

In this exploration, we'll dive into how these coupon best practices can significantly ramp up your conversion rates.

Get ready to unlock the potential of coupons and transform your online business with a strategic positioning that makes every visitor feel like they've struck gold.

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Do Coupons Improve Your Conversion Rates?



Coupons are a common sight in eCommerce.

A meal kit service like EveryPlate may offer new subscribers a dinner delivery promo code, whereas a fashion retailer like Zara may deliver a discount coupon to your email after purchase. 

But do they improve conversion rates?

Based on these statistics from Criteo, we believe that coupons do increase conversions: 

  • 93% of shoppers think discounts are important purchase decision-making factors.
  • 60% of shoppers will use a coupon if they know that one is available.
  • 51% of shoppers look for coupons online before making a purchase.

Statistica noted that 88-94% of shoppers, depending on the year, use coupons when shopping. 

However, even if coupons often do improve conversion rates, there’s widespread worry that they’ll affect the bottom line.

Coupons will inevitably affect your profits because you’re charging less for a given item.

As long as you don’t discount a product to the point that you’re losing money off of it, you still win in the end.

Also, coupons may convince others to buy products they otherwise wouldn’t have, meaning you could turn a window shopper into a loyal customer.

The Best Places to Put Your Coupons on Your Website



When you're strategizing about how to enhance your website's conversion rates, smart coupon placement is important. Where and how you place your coupons can make all the difference.

Here are some great places to put your coupons and some advice you can use:

  • Homepage Popup: When someone lands on your site, this is their first impression—make it count. Craft your intended message carefully to be both inviting and not too intrusive so users feel welcomed instead of bombarded.
  • Product Page: Placing coupons on product pages can be the gentle push customers need to convert. Showcase a "Save 10% now" coupon next to the price can highlight immediate savings. This strategy works best when you want to increase the perceived value of deals and ensure that potential customers feel they're getting exclusive offers.
  • Cart Page: Displaying coupons on the cart page targets shoppers who are moments away from checkout. It's about reducing cart abandonment by presenting last-second discounts or free shipping codes that remove any remaining hesitation. 

By engaging customers at these critical junctures with tailored discounts and offers, you're not just incentivizing purchases.

You're also crafting a more satisfying shopping experience that encourages repeat business and boosts your brand's value perception.

How to Boost Conversion Rates With Coupons

Unlock the potential of promotions with our expert insights on how to boost conversion rates using coupons. Discover actionable techniques that turn casual clicks into loyal customers.

1. Use an exit-intent popup with a teaser 



As your visitor moves their cursor toward closing the tab or navigating away, seize that crucial moment with an exit-intent popup featuring a teaser.

This technique is your digital safety net, designed to capture attention one last time by dangling an appealing deal.

Think of it as a persuasive parting whisper saying, "Stay a bit longer and look at this special offer just for you."

This strategy capitalizes on the natural human tendency to reconsider when presented with a potentially valuable opportunity, which can be the difference between losing a sale and getting it.

2. Provide relevant offers

The power of personalization in e-commerce can’t be overstated, and this holds especially true for coupon or discount offers.

Crafting deals that align with your customer’s interests and past interactions with your site can dramatically improve conversion rates with your demographic. 

By analyzing browsing patterns, purchase history, and cart contents, you can present shoppers with highly relevant offers that resonate.

This approach not only makes the customer feel valued but also increases the likelihood they'll use the discount code and complete their purchase.

3. Increase FOMO through seasonal campaigns



Capitalizing on the fear of missing out, or FOMO, through seasonal campaigns can create a buzz that drives conversions.

When limited-time offers are tied to specific seasons or holidays, they gain an urgency that everyday promotions lack.

Highlighting these exclusive deals taps into customers' desire to be a part of something special—be it a festive discount or a flash sale. 

Amplify this sense with countdown timers and glowing customer testimonials to make each offer feel like an event that is too good to miss, compelling shoppers to act fast before time runs out.

4. Use multi-step popups 

Multi-step popups are a clever tool in your conversion rate optimization arsenal.

They work by engaging website visitors through a series of interactions, building trust and interest incrementally.

You’ll often start by asking for an active email for a 10% off coupon, but you can then say something like “Provide Your Phone Number and Unlock 15% Instead!” 

This staged approach can effectively guide a visitor down the funnel, providing value at each step and culminating in an irresistible deal that nudges toward the final purchase decision.

5. Test each coupon-specific campaign



Optimizing coupon campaigns is not a set-it-and-forget-it affair.

It’s about meticulous testing, refining, and understanding what resonates with your audience. 

Running A/B tests across different coupon variables—like discount percentage, minimum purchase amount, or even the promotional language used—can reveal invaluable insights into consumer behavior. 

This data-driven approach allows you to fine-tune each campaign for maximum effectiveness.

At the heart of it all lies the goal to create offers that convert clicks into sustained sales growth.

6. Automatically generate your coupon codes

Streamlining the coupon code generation process ensures a seamless experience for both you and your customers.

By opting for an automated system, each customer can receive a unique discount code, reducing the risk of codes being shared or misused beyond their intended scope. 

This level of personalization enhances the customer's shopping experience, conveying exclusivity and value directly to their inboxes or at checkout.

Automated generation also simplifies tracking and analytics, allowing you to monitor your promotions fairly easily. 

7. Use an auto-redeem function



Incorporating an auto-redeem function (or using a service like Honey) for your coupons can improve your site’s conversion rates.

This feature applies discounts as customers shop, eliminating the need for them to manually input a code.

It's convenience at its finest—simplifying the path to purchase and reducing friction that might otherwise deter a shopper from buying. 

By integrating this redemption process, you encourage shoppers to proceed with confidence, knowing they're already getting the best deal available without any extra work on their part.

8. Have a follow-up campaign

Keeping the momentum going after a purchase is crucial, and that's where follow-up campaigns come into play.

After customers have completed their transactions, reaching out with a well-timed follow-up email can fortify customer relationships and pave the way for future sales.

This could involve sending them personalized thank-you messages, offering exclusive discounts on their next purchases, or informing them about new product launches that might pique their interest.

Such post-purchase engagement shows customers they're valued beyond just the sale and keeps your brand at the forefront of their minds when they're ready to shop again.

In Conclusion

Ready to take the leap and see your conversion rates soar?

Apply these dynamic strategies for coupons and watch as your website transforms into a conversion powerhouse.

Don't forget, each tweak you make brings you closer to the ultimate goal of turning visitors into devoted fans.

Start experimenting today—your next success story might just be a well-placed coupon away.

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