Master eCommerce Shipping with PayPal & ShipStation

Published: | By Chad Jensen

With any eCommerce business, shipping stands as the pivotal factor in determining overall success. It is the final stage of the customer journey—a moment when products transition from seller to buyer.

To elevate this process and enhance your eCommerce endeavors, the dynamic partnership between PayPal and ShipStation emerges as a game-changing solution.



This comprehensive guide delves into the intricacies, highlights the benefits, and offers insights into utilizing this powerful alliance to revolutionize your shipping strategy.

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What is PayPal Shipping? 

PayPal Shipping is a robust shipping solution seamlessly integrated with ShipStation, a prominent fulfillment and shipping service provider. 

Its purpose is to simplify the shipping process for merchants like you. 



The integration facilitates creating and printing shipping labels, selecting optimal shipping services from various carriers, and constantly tracking shipments—all seamlessly executed through this powerful alliance.

ShipStation: Your Fulfillment Partner 

What role does ShipStation play in this partnership? ShipStation is more than a name—it serves as your fulfillment partner. It acts as the driving force behind PayPal Shipping.

Imagine a centralized hub where you can access discounted rates, enjoy streamlined order management, and offer your customers a seamless shipping experience. 

This partnership is akin to a symphony, with PayPal Shipping as the melody and ShipStation as the harmonious accompaniment.

The outcome? A seamless shipping experience that saves time reduces costs, and fosters customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

The Power of Collaboration 



So, what makes the collaboration between PayPal Shipping and ShipStation so compelling? 

  • Discounted Rates: Bid farewell to retail shipping costs. Through this partnership, you can access discounted shipping rates for USPS labels. It translates to substantial savings, mainly if you frequently utilize USPS services.
  • Unmatched Convenience: Imagine the ability to create and print shipping labels directly from your PayPal account. There is no need for additional software or intricate platforms. This seamless integration significantly simplifies the life of eCommerce merchants.
  • Diverse Carrier Options: Flexibility is paramount in the shipping realm. With PayPal Shipping and ShipStation, you can choose from a range of shipping carriers, including USPS and UPS. It empowers you to tailor your shipping preferences to specific domestic or international needs.
  • Effortless Notifications: Upon generating a shipping label, PayPal notifies your customer. They receive a confirmation email complete with tracking numbers and essential details. This level of transparency builds trust with your customers.
  • Comprehensive Tracking: Tracking numbers allow you and your customers to monitor package progress. The tracking information is automatically updated within your PayPal account, ensuring constant awareness.
  • Simplified Returns: Returns and exchanges are integral to eCommerce. With PayPal Shipping, managing returns becomes straightforward. Creating return shipping labels streamlines the process for you and your customers, enhancing the overall shopping and holiday shopping experience.

Integrating ShipStation with PayPal 

Now, let's delve into integrating ShipStation with your PayPal account. The procedure is remarkably straightforward:

  1. Sign in to ShipStation: If you don’t have a ShipStation account, quickly sign up for one.
  2. Access Account Settings: Upon logging in, locate your account name in the top-right corner. Click on it and choose "Account Settings" from the dropdown menu.
  3. Selling Channels: In the Account Settings menu, find "Selling Channels" within the left sidebar. Click on it.
  4. PayPal Integration: Spot the PayPal integration option. Enter your PayPal login credentials and follow the instructions to grant ShipStation access.
  5. Billing Preferences: Set up billing preferences after successfully linking your PayPal account. Head to the "Billing" tab in PayPal integration settings. Choose your preferred payment method—PayPal balance, credit card, or bank account.
  6. Understanding Costs: Take a moment to understand the cost structure and associated fees. Familiarize yourself with ShipStation pricing plans and potential additional charges for specific features or services.
  7. Save Your Settings: Once satisfied with your billing preferences, click "Save" or "Apply." Congratulations, you've successfully integrated PayPal with ShipStation, streamlining your shipping process effectively.

Shipping Label Creation 



Now that integration is complete, let's explore the creation of shipping labels using ShipStation through PayPal. 

  1. Access the PayPal Shipping Center: Your journey starts within the dedicated PayPal Shipping Center.
  2. Navigate to "Ready to Ship": Within this section, find the "Ready to Ship" tab on the Orders page. Click on the order number you're preparing to ship.
  3. Select Origin and Destination: Choose the appropriate Ship From address. The Ship To address is automatically populated based on order details.
  4. Provide Shipment Details: Enter necessary shipment information, including package type, dimensions, weight, delivery confirmation, and optional insured value.
  5. Calculate Rates: Click the "Calculate Rates" button to explore available shipping service options.
  6. Choose Your Service: Select the shipping service that aligns best with your needs.
  7. Purchase Label: Seal the deal by clicking "Purchase Label," officially obtaining your shipping label.
  8. Review and Print: Head to the Order Summary page to review all details. If satisfied, click "Print Label" to preview it in your browser.
  9. Convert to Tangible Label: The preview becomes a tangible label. Print it using your browser's print icon or download it as a PDF using the browser's download icon.

Embarking on Shipping Avenues 

With a grasp of label creation, let's explore the diverse shipping options offered by PayPal Shipping through ShipStation. The array of choices empowers you to tailor your shipping approach to your needs.

  • USPS offers a spectrum of services. For domestic shipments, options include First Class Mail, Priority Mail, and the expedited Priority Mail Express. Consider First Class Mail International, Priority Mail International, and Priority Mail Express International for international destinations.
  • UPS is a dependable partner for your shipping requirements. Domestically, utilize UPS Ground for comprehensive coverage immediacy with UPS Next Day Air, or extend your reach globally with UPS Worldwide Express.

Deciphering the Importance of Packaging 



Packaging is an art—a decision that holds the key to costs and the success of your shipping endeavor. 

Consider utilizing USPS Flat Rate boxes—a fixed-rate haven regardless of weight or destination. This choice can significantly impact the efficiency of your shipping strategy.

  • Precise shipping cost calculations

Uncover is a valuable tool that empowers you to determine shipping costs accurately before your package embarks on its journey. 

ShipStation introduces this feature, allowing you to plan effectively.

  1. Dimensions and weight: Initiate the process by providing package dimensions and weight—foundational details for accurate cost calculation.
  2. Service selection: Navigate through tailored service options to align with your specific needs, ensuring flexibility in your shipping approach.
  3. Cost revelation: Observe as algorithms and calculations converge to reveal the cost of the journey. Armed with this information, you can make informed decisions that balance costs and purpose effectively. Make sure to always check if you should charge sales tax on shipping charges when making a sale.


In eCommerce shipping, the collaboration between PayPal and ShipStation emerges as an invaluable asset.

With streamlined processes, discounted rates, and enhanced customer experiences, this partnership transforms your shipping strategy.

Following the steps outlined in this guide lets you master eCommerce shipping and propel your business toward success.

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