Is Canva Good for Presentations?

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What can Canva be used for? It can help you make eye-catching and engaging decks that capture the attention of all audiences. And while Canva is one of the best sites to create slides in, its purpose goes beyond that. Canva lets you design almost any creative output: resumes, posters, decks, interactive flyers, posts, backgrounds–you name it. You can even use it to build a website fitted with the POWR Canva survey app hosted on the platform itself!

Why Use Canva for Presentations

Canva makes it easy for anyone to create impressive presentations. Here are some reasons why you should use it:

Customizable Templates

Every presentation should differ depending on the occasion, the audience, and the purpose. Canva’s library of beautifully and professionally designed templates allows you to choose a design that fits your presentation’s context while looking fabulous. The best part is that you can still customize it as you want, adding or changing elements as you go as you see fit.

Rich Visual Elements

Canva offers rich visual elements that can add pops of life to your presentation. Add images, icons, and other media for more visually appealing slides, or design better-looking (yet still functional) infographics such as charts, diagrams, and maps.

Powerful Features

Canva comes with features that can take your presentations up a notch. You can pre-record slideshows, add voice audio, and even use shortcuts for things like drum rolls and confetti. Canva Live also allows you to receive real-time feedback on your presentation through polls, questions, and reactions.

Convenient Platform

Canva is completely web-based, which means you don’t have to download or install anything to use it. You can simply log onto the platform online and start making your slides! It’s even available as an app on your mobile devices if you need to work on the go.

Easy Publishing

Present, publish, or share your Canva presentation in just a click! The platform makes it easy to switch to presentation mode, send your slides via a link or e-mail, or publish your presentation online or via the format you need (JPEG, PDF, PowerPoint, etc.).

What Else Is Canva Useful For?

Canva isn’t just limited to presentations–the design tool encompasses a wide range of publishable content; anything you can design, you can probably do on Canva. Here are some other things you can create on the platform:

Social Media Content

Create posts, stories, backgrounds, themes, and more for your social media accounts using Canva. It has various templates to suit different styles, plus the proper formats for whatever you’re posting.


Canva offers templates for flyers, posters, brochures, cards, and other infographic media. You can also use it to design books and even CD covers.

Business Collaterals

Many people use Canva to design their resumes before looking for a job. After they land it, they use the platform to create their business cards, decks, memos, and other professional materials. 

An Introduction to Canva Websites

One of the most popular uses of Canva is for websites. Business owners, freelancers, and other creatives use the design tool to build the websites they want. And with its recent Canva Websites update, the platform even enables users to host their websites right there and then!

Making Better Websites With Canva

Canva has website design down-pat. It also has several tools to help you build a basic website with all the usual functions. But here are some more tips to help you make your Canva website even better.

Exhaust Canva’s Tools

Aside from the features, you have at your reach in the website editor, explore the resources that Canva offers to get the most out of your website-building experience. Aside from tools, Canva has a trove of tips, how-to’s, and articles that can educate you on creating a high-performing site.

Don’t Be Afraid to Integrate

While Canva can give you a functional website, getting a boost from the outside doesn’t hurt. For example, POWR, one of the best free plug-in libraries out there, can give you a myriad of apps that you can integrate into your Canva website to increase leads, boost engagement, and improve customer experience.

Boost Your Canva Website With POWR

POWR can help turn your Canva website into one that delivers great results for your business. Explore the site’s library of functional plug-ins and apps, such as the POWR Canva survey, to make your Canva website even better!

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